Oxyshred Fat Burner Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

Oxyshred: an overview

This is the world’s number one fat burner. Let’s hold it right there for a second. How many times have you come across such a statement when browsing the web for a weight loss product? My sentiments exactly.

The problem is that this phrase is so misused to the extent that even when the guys who actually have the best product use it, no one believes them.

oxyshred review

According to the manufacturer, Oxyshred is the world’s number one thermogenic fat burner. While it is easy to dismiss this claim as marketing jargon, it raises eyebrows when more than two million fitness enthusiasts in the world stand behind the claim.

So, here’s what we’re going to do. Together, we’ll look into every aspect of this thermogenic fat burner, including its mechanism of action, benefits, side effects, ingredients, etc. Eventually, we’ll determine whether it deserves the crown, or at least if it is the best one for your weight loss goals. Here we go.

What is Oxyshred?

Oxyshred is a thermogenic fat burner that is formulated to target your body’s fat receptor cell. Essentially, it stimulates these cells and boosts the body’s metabolism to encourage a higher level of burning fat, along with suppressing one’s appetite, restricting the absorption of calories, boosting immunity and providing a natural immunity boost.

If we were to delve into the technicalities, this product utilizes a process known as hyper-lipolysis; a complex process of rigorous subcutaneous break-down of fat cells, based on scientific ratios and concentration of the primary ingredients.

Unlike other thermogenic fat burners in the industry, Oxyshred is not laced heavily with stimulants. On the contrary, this product is engineered to turn off your body’s fat memory (alpha-2 receptors), and to stimulate your body’s fat-burning hormones (beta-adrenergic receptors). This process stimulates the body to rally up the stubborn fat cells, and the lipid molecules in the blood to the body’s combustion chamber (mitochondria) for conversion into natural energy (adenosine triphosphate).

The company behind this thermogenic fat burner is known as EHP Labs, and it began its operations in 2005. Apart from Oxyshred, EHP is known for introducing a host of dietary supplements into the fitness community. The impressive bit is that this company has gained massive popularity for developing products that work, eventually helping millions of fitness enthusiasts to realize their bodybuilding and weight loss objectives.


You must be wondering, what are the benefits of using Oxyshred anyway? There are several benefits associated with using this product, which will eventually help you on your fitness journey, and mainly assist you to realize your weight loss objectives. 

Here are the potential benefits of using this dietary supplement.

Higher Metabolism

This product boosts your metabolism through a process known as thermogenesis. In simpler terms, this means increased heat production. This procedure stimulates your body to use energy, boosting your metabolism in the process. As you may know, a higher metabolism equals more burnt calories, which generally sums up to weight loss.

To achieve this, this product uses a combination of ingredients, which we’ll get to later, but you should know that unlike other products, they do not rely on stimulants for this.

Burns Stubborn Fat

Some fats just won’t disappear despite how much workout and dieting you undergo. However, a thermogenic fat burner such as this one raises your adrenaline levels. On the other hand, the adrenaline stimulates your fat cells to release fatty acids into your bloodstream. As a result, they become accessible to be combusted into energy.

Provides Natural Energy

On most occasions, when one is trying to lose weight, they tend to reduce their calorie intake. Consequently, a calorific deficit may lead to a reduction in your overall energy, making it more challenging to carry on your day to day, not to mention your workouts. That is why this product emphasizes on boosting your energy levels, to ensure that you have enough fuel and that none of your endeavors stall just because you are trying to lose weight.

Reduces Appetite and Food Cravings

You may be willing to lose weight as much as possible. Ever heard of the saying that the spirit is willing, but the body is weak? Exactly. When losing weight, it is paramount that you adhere to a strict diet. However, doing so becomes difficult when cravings set in. Sometimes you may amass the willpower to overcome the cravings, while sometimes you may fail. But what if you could avoid these cravings altogether? That is why Oxyshred contains ingredients that suppress your appetite to ensure that you only eat at the right time, helping you attain your goals faster.

Enhances Cognitive Function

Losing weight is one of the most mentally demanding undertakings you will ever encounter. Or didn’t you know that cognition plays a considerable role in your weight loss journey? In case you did not, five mental aspects can tremendously affect your weight loss objectives. They include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Reduced focus
  • Poor memory
  • Fatigue
  • High stress and reduced mood

This product was designed with this in mind, which is why the ingredients contain nootropic supplements to boost your mental sharpness as you strive to lose weight.

Some added advantages of using Oxyshred include:

  • No jitteriness or anxiety
  • Limits absorption of calories by your body
  • Includes immune-boosting ingredients
  • Contains zero carbohydrates, sugars, fats and sodium

Side Effects

Wondering if there are any side effects relating to using Oxyshred? Well, while there aren’t any adverse effects, the following side effects have been reported:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach


It is not uncommon for a fitness enthusiast to inquire about the contents of their weight loss supplement or any other supplement for that matter. For that reason, we will answer a common question, what are the ingredients contained in Oxyshred?

Well, this thermogenic fat burner utilizes a combination of natural and clinically proven ingredients to ensure that you get an unparalleled advantage in your weight loss endeavor.

The first category of ingredients are the ones responsible for weight loss, well renowned as the hyper-lipolysis matrix. It comprises the following constituents.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

You probably do not know that this is a very unique ingredient, although supplement manufacturers don’t widely know its effects. Green Coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid as the active compound. This compound is widely used for its usefulness in the intestinal tract to hinder the uptake of calories in the stomach lining. Moreover, this constituent also reduces glucose levels and body fat in numerous ways.

Chromium Picolinate

This is a crucial ingredient that contributes to the restriction of glycogen tolerance and insulin resistance in the body. Research findings demonstrate that Chromium Picolinate also reduces food cravings, mainly carbohydrates. By ingesting fewer carbs, the body is automatically induced into ketosis, a state where it burns fat to fuel the body.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine acts as a ferry for the fatty acid to be transported to the mitochondria where they are rigorously combusted into energy. Ultimately, this means that less protein and carbohydrates, and more fat will be used as energy. Moreover, this compound helps with muscle recovery after strenuous workouts.


This component is a beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic agonist, which means that it triggers the nervous system to increase the metabolic rate, and encourage the subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat cells stored beneath the skin) to be broken down.

Moreover, Higenamine encourages the body to release triglycerides from the fatty cells. When combined with Acetyl L-Carnitine, they are transported for combustion.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA-10)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) blocks the primary enzymes that encourage fat cells to store extra fat and expand in size. CLA-10 also contributes to the metabolism of fat cells.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

This constituent enhances insulin sensitivity (opp of insulin resistance) and also provides an anti-obesity effect. It is also rich in polyphenolic compounds (anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin). Grapefruit Seed Extract also contains non-flavonoid polyphenols such as resveratrol, known for enhancing longevity.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones contain an ingredient, which is highly similar to synephrine, a compound known for:

  • Promoting energy production
  • Improving appetite
  • Increasing metabolism

Given the high functional similarities with synephrine, this constituent has the potential to support weight loss, without the adverse side effects caused by synthetic compounds.

Given that the body undergoes significant hormonal changes when it speeds up metabolism and oxidizes fat molecules, Oxyshred also features several immune boosters to ensure that your body functions optimally. They include:


As the most common amino acid in the muscle cells, L-Glutamine promotes optimal functioning of the immune system, boosts strength, recovery time, and stamina.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is crucial for immune system functioning, and although it is found in everyday foods, you can never have enough of it.


Taurine has been found to increase muscle endurance by up to 50%.

B complex Vitamins

These are essential for energy production, which comes in handy during weight loss.

Price & Purchase

So., how much does Oxyshred cost, you wonder? Well, this product is currently being sold at $69.95 on the product’s official website.


When it comes to how to take Oxyshred, you should mix one scoop of Oxyshred with at least 10oz (295ml) of cold water.

EPH Labs insists that you should take it immediately after waking up, on an empty stomach, and wait around 20 minutes before ingesting anything else. This will maximize absorption, which will facilitate fat burning throughout the day.

As a pre-workout, you should use it also 20 minutes before training for extra energy and focus.


So, what’s your take on Oxyshred? Do you think it deserves to be called the number one thermogenic fat burner on the planet? What did you think of the range of benefits and ingredients? Are they consistent with your weight loss objectives?

Well, this product is only as good as it gets, and despite talking big game, there is a chance that EPH Labs can actually back it up. Anyway given it has no adverse side effects, $69.95 is a small price to pay for a product that may give you the weight loss results you’ve always wanted.

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