Test X 180 Review: Is it the King of Testosterone Boosters?

Test X 180: an overview

It seems today’s generation of men isn’t particularly good at holding onto their testosterone.  Never have we seen this many men lose their most basic manly functions thanks to low testosterone.

In fact, the World Health Organization now recognizes testosterone supplements as a necessity. A huge number of men are now turning to all kinds of solutions, including steroids, to bring back their testosterone.

But is getting back that ripping, elegant physique throbbing with virility nothing but a dream?  Not if you asked Test X 180, a natural nutritional supplement that was made for boosting your testosterone and reigniting your manhood back to life.

But can Test X 180 really do this or is it just one more shout in the overcrowded market of testosterone boosters? In this article, we are about to discover if Test X 180 has any sparkle to its claims. 


Force Factor is the company that produces and markets Test X 180, but this is really just the barest of versions because Force Factor also markets supposedly weightier stuff in two other Test X180 versions: Test X 180 Alpha and Test X 180 Ignite. All these are testosterone boosters that pack greater power as we move down the list or so were are told.

At the core of each is Testogen, a proprietary ingredient which Force Factor is not too keen to reveal but says it can unleash your testosterone to soaring levels.

Natural testosterone boosters vs. steroids

So we all agree that testosterone levels aren’t always going to be where we want them to be as we age. But why choose natural testosterone boosters over anabolic steroids to get your testosterone back?

Anabolic steroids are a powerfully and effective way to boost your testosterone and transform your body in a really fast way. It is the main reason why many athletes are caught using them to enhance their performance and win competitions.

But steroids for all their power, also leave you scarred permanently with a bad liver, high blood pressure, men’s boobs and even losing your life. They weren’t worth the risk.

Natural supplements approach the problem in a different way. Unlike steroids which are synthetic testosterone meant to replace your lost natural testosterone, the natural supplements are not testosterone, but nutrients meant to stimulate your body to produce its own natural testosterone in a completely natural way.

This makes them much safer than steroids, although it is safe to say that you will not have the same dramatic results as steroids for most of them. (indeed it’s a tall order trying to replicate the power of steroids through a supplement)

What’s more, the industry is plagued with bogus products that are little more than a few nutrients thrown together without the testosterone boosting benefit they promise. So it is definitely a win that you are reading this to get to the bottom of one the supplements.


So, what are the benefits of Test X 180?  The benefits of Test X 180 are incredibly many, as claimed by the Force Factor.

The company bills Test X 180 as a testosterone booster that can bring back your manliness and literally make a hero out of you both inside the gym and outside. That power extends to the boardroom and even the bedroom because Force Factor claims that the product has super libido empowering abilities.

Here is a look at the benefits you get from Test X 180:

  • Maximize muscle mass
  • Boost sex drive
  • Enhance performance

Side effects

Even though the company says that there are no side effects to using its product, users have complained of the following:

  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • nervousness


The power behind the basic Test X 180 formula  is what the company calls the Growth Enhancement Matrix, a special mix of ingredients:

  • Testofen/fenugreek – this ingredient has been often cited as a libido enhancer for ages but can it boost your testosterone? Studies done to investigate this have found that this ingredient can boost libido but is inconclusive on testosterone. In fact, one study showed that fenugreek could reduce DHT, another hormone similar to testosterone.
  • Siberian ginseng – this can combat stress and improve vitality.
  • Panax ginseng – this can increase your testosterone as well improve libido
  • Cordyceps – has a function of keeping the balance of testosterone and estrogen at the optimum levels
  • Tribulus Terrestris –  this has also been linked to libido improvement

Force Fusion also throws in some vitamins.

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6 – Can also help you fight fatigue and stress
  • Vitamin B12

Beyond this basic Test X 180 formula, Force Factor goes further to formulate two other versions of the product.

  • Test X 180 Ignite – its combination of green tea leaf extract, white tea extract, and green coffee extract will shred off your fat
  • Test X 180 Alpha – you will see improved sexual performance and overall health benefits to your whole body from its special formula of ingredients

Let’s look in more detail at the ingredient list of the more advanced versions of Test X 180 to see what extras you get.

Test X 180 Ignite

This product seeks to achieve three basic aims: kill fat while building muscle, rev up your libido, and enhance performance. It does this through two special combinations of ingredients, the manliness ignition complex, and the fat incineration complex

  • Manliness ignition complex (400 mg)
  • Testofen/Fenugreek
  • Green Tea Leaf 
  • Avena Sativa
  • Horny Goat Weed

Fat Incineration Complex (400 mg)

  • Green Tea Leaf 
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • White Tea Extract

Other ingredients include Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C Red no40, FD&C Blue no1

The company says that what sets this product apart from the rest in the market is its inclusion of EGCG (green tea leaf extract) to power thermogenesis and burn away fat. But it is noteworthy that one study on rats showed that testosterone levels plunged by 70% from EGCG injections! So the key benefit of testosterone boosting appears lost here while seeking to burn fat.

Test X 180 Alpha

Force Factor bills this product as the ultimate answer to boosting your free testosterone as well as libido.  Here are the ingredients.

  • Testofen/fenugreek
  • DIM (diindolylmethane)
  • Chrysin
  • I-citrulline
  • Damina leaf
  • Muira puama bark
  • White mushroom
  • Stinging nettle
  • Zinc
  • B vitamins

You can see that Test X Alpha, going by sheer numbers, brings more active ingredients into the game with a count of 10 against 8 each for the other two previous products.  Force Factor, however, does not disclose the doses of these ingredients so we can’t really gauge the potency of the product in terms of adequate dosing.


Test X 180 is taken differently depending on whether it is a workout day or not.

2 pills with your breakfast and 2 pills about half an hour before the start of your workout

2 pills with your breakfast and 2 pills along with your lunch

Price and availability

You can buy the product straight from the company or from Amazon, GNC, or Drugstore.com.

  • Test X 180                  $69.99
  • Test X 180 Ignite        $79.99
  • Test X 180 Alpha       $139.99

Maybe you don’t want to go all the way and get yourself the full size of the product. The company has you covered: you can take the product on a 14-day trial. Just pay $ 4.99 for shipping and handling.

If you stay on trial beyond 18 days, you become eligible for the VIP membership so you will be supplied a bottle of the product every month and get charged $69.99 in addition to $ 4.99 (shipping & handling) on your credit card each time.

Force Factor offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all its products, but shipping and handling costs are deducted.


  • Force Factor boasts an A rating by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Product is naturally based
  • Some of the ingredients have some scientific support


  • Force Fusion gets poor customer ratings about products
  • No transparency in the formula, the company has a proprietary formula
  • No clinical or scientific backing for the product’s effectiveness
  • No FDA or GMA certification
  • The free trial program is a source of complaint by many customers


Force Factor has given three versions of Test X 180, all advertised as testosterone boosters. Looking under the hood; however, these products look more designed to give you sexual stamina and probably little in the way of actually boosting your testosterone (not necessarily a bad thing!)

Force Factor makes bold claims about its products being backed by substantial scientific research, but we couldn’t find reliable sources to the said trials. It’s a little frustrating that its formula is a proprietary blend, so we don’t get to see the dosages and determine its effectiveness.

Customer reviews, which is our next source of information, are mostly bad. My conclusion is that Force Fusion does not live up to its promise although one can get other benefits from TestX 180 other than a testosterone boost.

SARMs Vs. Steroids: A Complete Comparison

SARMs Vs. Steroids : Which is the strongest

Steroids are popular performance-enhancing drugs that were commonly used by bodybuilders and movies stars back in the 80s and 90s. Back then, steroids were pretty much the only substance that one could rely on to gain massive and well-defined muscles. A few years later, a new class of drugs was introduced, and this promised to deliver the same results as steroids without the life-threatening side effects of. These were known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs.

Ove the years, we’ve heard so many debates on SARMs vs. Steroids and today, we want to give you a thorough review on everything you need to know about these two compounds before making up your mind on which one is better suited for your bodybuilding goals.

Definition of Steroids

Steroids are a synthetic version of a hormone that is predominant in men known as testosterone. This simply means that they are man-made, and have been in use for a while now since they were first introduced in the markets in the early 60s. However, due to the numerous side effects that they are associated with, they are banned in most states and being caught in possession of any type of steroid can get you arrested for a felony, or cost you your career if you are a professional athlete or a bodybuilder.

Despite knowing the side effects associated with steroids, you will still find that abuse of the substance is very common, especially in the bodybuilding community. Overdosing on steroids does not offer faster or better results. Instead, it is a gateway to more severe side effects that sometimes leave irreversible damage even after the user has stopped the cycle.

What are the benefits of steroids?

Just because steroids are illegal and risky to an individual’s health does not mean that they do not come with their own set of benefits. However, you should keep in mind that each benefit comes at a cost. The main reason why the best market for steroids is among bodybuilders is that it is claimed that steroids are very effective in promoting muscle mass build up. This is true because testosterone is the main hormone responsible for the production of muscle enzymes. This explains why anabolic steroids are so popular. By simply going through a cycle of these steroids, one should expect impressive muscle mass buildup within a short time, even with little to no exercises involved. Other benefits include:

  • Improved body strength: After using this drug, bodybuilders get an amazing surge of power that allows them to lift extra heavy weights and participates in other hard workout practices. The drug also increases the endurance of the users so that a person can work out or race for a longer period without getting tired.
  • Lean muscle gains: this is another reason why bodybuilders and athletes purchase Steroids. It accelerates the formation of lean muscle mass and gives the user that ripped appearance. For better results, however, the manufacturer advised users to include regular workout sessions and a healthy diet as an accompaniment to taking the drugs. It would also be advisable to consult professional expertise on how to use the drug with a clear explanation of what you want to achieve at the end of your usage.
  • Provision of a sharp, clean and well-defined muscle tone: In addition to accelerating your muscle growth, the drug improves the sharpness of your muscle appearance as well as giving you that clean and well-toned ripped body. For professional bodybuilders, having a hard tight body is part of their professional goals, and this is exactly what is offered by Equipoise.
  • Helps the body to burn the stubborn fat deposits: Trying to get rid of excess body fat is a problem facing not only athletes and bodybuilders but other normal people as well. This drug encourages the body metabolism, which in turn converts the stored fat deposits into usable energy. However, this can only be achieved during exercises and workouts.
  • Improving blood circulation: The drugs stimulates the kidneys to produce more erythropoietin, a substance responsible for the production of red blood cells. Secondly, the drug encourages blood flow to your muscles so that your muscle tissues get a good supply of the nutrients needed for a steady and fast mass increment. It also accelerates the healing of the muscles after an injury acquired during a workout.
  • Help treat erectile dysfunction: The increased blood flow does not happen to the muscles only but to all the body parts. This will help treat some conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and lack of a sex drive.

The side effects

As I said before, with the impressive muscle mass, buildup also comes huge health responsibilities. Therefore if you are thinking of starting a cycle on steroids, this part is the most important to pay attention to because in the end, trust me, it is just not worth it.

Am going to start with the physical side effects since they usually show up first. If you are a man and you are using steroids, the first ugly side effect that you will notice is that you will develop breasts. This condition is referred to as gynecomastia and is irreversible unless through surgery. It is the first telltale sign that shows that someone is using steroids.

The second and most common side effect is shrunken testicle and in most cases, infertility. The prostate gland will also enlarge, another very common effect of using steroids

Women users, on the other hand, receive more damaging blows than men. The first obvious sign to tell if a woman is on steroids is that she starts to lose her feminity. They start by developing a deep manly voice and developing an abnormally large clitoris. Their hair starts to grow at an accelerated rate, and not only on the head, in places where only men are supposed to grow hair such as the chest, chin, arms, and legs.


Taking a break from steroids, let us look at their most viable counterparts, the SARMs. If you still desire all the benefits that come with steroids, but you are afraid of compromising on your health, then SARMs are the best choice to go for.

Let me begin by explaining what SARMs are and exactly what they do. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are performance and physical appearance enhancers that were developed to serve in many other enhancement areas. In the beginning, pharmaceuticals used SARMs to cure certain diseases. However, bodybuilders discovered that apart from curing some diseases, SARMs also had the potential to enhance muscle mass buildup and increase strength and endurance. They started seeking SARMs instead of steroids mainly because the later had started being outlawed in most states and were said to have a lot of irreversible side effects.

SARMs function differently from steroids. In the ’90s, SARMs were designed for combating some muscle wasting diseases, for example, osteoporosis. They worked by binding together with the body’s androgen receptors, especially those found inside the cells of the male reproductive tissues. This is what gives them the most vital property, especially muscle building. For this reason, SARMs are very popular among bodybuilders and athletes as a muscle enhancement and strength generator supplement. What drove bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts to purchase SARMs more was the fact that they were meant to treat some diseases that were seen to affect men in most cases.

Benefits of SARMs

  • Increases strength
  •  Promotes fat loss
  • Improves the overall mood of the user
  • Increases endurance during workout
  • Promotes muscle mass build up

Generally, SARMs presents all the benefits presented by steroids, minus the ridiculous side effects.

What makes SARMS better than steroids?

Although SARMs and steroids are classified as two different entities, their functionality is very similar because they both bind into the androgen receptors on the user’s body so that they can enhance muscle formation. However, a SARM is a tissue-selective compound, which means that it can select specific muscles and tissues with which to bind. Steroids, on the other hand, will bind in any androgen receptor in the body, including those in the prostate, liver, and even in the sebaceous glands. This is why most steroids are associated with some of the most severe side effects if they are abused or used for a prolonged period. These side effects include higher chances of prostate cancer, liver and kidney damage, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular complications. Steroids also interfere with the estrogen levels in the body, and this will lead to side effects such as acne, bloating, hair loss, and high blood pressure.

A drug that is classified under SERM will not exhibit these side effects because it only concentrates on the muscle tissue and does not interfere with the function of other vital organs in the body.


Although the best option to achieve a ripped look naturally would be to exercise a lot and eat healthily, this cannot be said to be the only option available. Therefore, if you still want to use performance enhancers and still maintain your good health, I would suggest that you go for SARMs instead of steroids. When taken in the right dosages and for a short period and with PCT, SARMs are practically harmless, with very few and mild side effects as compared to steroids.

Testx Core Review: The Ultimate Testosterone Booster?

Testx Core: an introduction

The testosterone levels in your body are vital in so many ways. But as age takes a toll on you, the body usually fails to produced enough testosterone leading to many uncomfortable things like reduced sex drive, wasting of muscle, reduced physical strength, and many others.

While seeking the answer to this problem, some innovative manufacturers came up with artificial testosterone substances such as anabolic steroids which are introduced into the body to replace natural testosterone. These steroids were fabulous at recharging your testosterone levels, and many people used them until they realized that they came with ugly side effects that were not worth the bargain.

They could leave you with a damaged liver, make you have joyless, painful erections, or even kill you.

So are men with nose-diving testosterone levels doomed to live with it?

Thankfully, products such as Testx Core have come up with natural solutions to restore your testosterone safely and effectively. But how good is Testx Core in doing this?


Phenom Health is the manufacturer and seller of Testx Core. They produce a wide variety of supplement products that cater to various categories that include weight loss, brain health, and muscle building.

It is sad that getting to their own devoted website can be almost impossible. As a result, information about Testx Core for the average searcher is sparse and spotty, mostly coming from non-company sources.

That said, Testx Core is a product that the company introduced in 2015, and it is one of their top selling products.

What are the benefits of Testx Core?

Testx Core has various benefits, but the main one is the company’s claim that it can stimulate your body to produce testosterone naturally. This, in turn, will trigger many other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of this product.

  • Kicks up your testosterone hormone production
  • Helps you gain muscle
  • Acts fast. The company claims you can add 8 kg in lean muscle in 8 weeks which amounts to 1 kg per week
  • Increases libido and sexual performance
  • Maximizes your strength and stamina
  • Cuts down your recovery time after workouts
  • Burns fat helping you to reduce weight
  • Improves mood and keeps you in high spirits

Side effects

Testx Core is billed as a product made wholly from natural ingredients.  Such products usually do not lead to side effects, or at least they are minimized. However, using Testx Core, some ingredients may cause the following side effects.

  • You could get acne breakouts
  • Some have also experienced apnea and sleep disorder
  • Long time use may be linked to kidney issues
  • Increased aggression and mood swings
  • Your short calls tend to be irregular
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach


The power of any product is always down to what is included in its formulation. So what are the ingredients of Testx Core? The ingredients of Testx Core include:

  • Saw palmetto –These extract which is got from a palm found in the southern United States has been linked to numerous health benefits including optimum prostate health, prevention of hair loss and energizing your sexual performance
  • Magnesium – this can incredibly improve many muscle functions. For example, it aids in muscle relaxation working together with calcium, which aids in muscle contraction. Its deficiency can cause you those dreadful spasms and cramps.

Magnesium also helps you build strong bones. Studies show it improves bone density and cures fractures.

  • Panax ginseng root extract – This is an American variety of a traditional Chinese medicinal herb known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Ginseng will improve your circulation by stimulating nitric acid production.

This has the effect of widening blood vessels. For this reason, ginseng will not only elevate your muscle energy (due to the increased blood supply to the muscle), but it can improve erection in men and transform their sexual performance.  Ginseng will also elevate your mental cognition and focus so vital in your workout as it makes you sharpen your focus

  • Tongkat oil – this powerful ingredient has been linked to its ability to stimulate testosterone production in your body, which leads to numerous other benefits. You will see your energy, stamina and endurance capacity go up and your mental focus sharpening
  • Zinc – this mineral is essential in any bodybuilding supplement, so it is no surprise that it manages to make it into the list of Testx Core’s ingredients.  Zinc is needed in the process of protein synthesis, which lies at the heart of any muscle building.
  • Vitamin B6 – this important vitamin is your weapon against hair loss and dry skin. Expect this nutrient also to stave off any muscle weakening that can derail your muscle building journey. This vitamin has also been linked to improving your mood, keeping you motivated to go through your exercise routine
  • Fenugreek – this famous Indian herb is your secret to bringing your diminishing testosterone levels back to life.  It is a long-cherished solution to revitalizing your libido and sexual energy. Athletes have also relied on it to improve performance. Fenugreek helps you to keep fat down by controlling how much sugar gets absorbed by your intestines into the blood. It will drive up your testosterone levels which have also been linked with improved libido
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Testx Core adds this to its list of libido and testosterone boosting ingredients.
  • L-arginine –this appears to be the heart of Testx Core’s efficacy. It boosts blood flow in the body, improving energy and stamina levels for the body as you work out. Studies show that L-arginine gets converted into nitric acid, which acts to widen blood vessels (vasodilation), thus increasing blood flow and the nutrients it carries.

It has been linked to insulin release among other useful substances and is also good for combating erectile dysfunction.

Some people are not able to acquire L-arginine from food, and supplementation becomes necessary.  For this reason, it’s a big win for Testx Core to include it.

  • Vitamins B1 and B12 – these have a role of also improving blood circulation and supplying energy needs of your muscles, but they also cut back on stress hormones. When you have reduced stress hormones, this has the effect of keeping down estrogen levels which is a good thing to have
  • All these ingredients plus additives like caffeine anhydrous and Yohimbe are meant to make you work harder and longer at your workouts with much more ease

Other ingredients include boron, taurine, lycopene, and Astaxanthin.


Testx Core is unlike many other testosterone boosters in that it is in powder form rather than a capsule.

You take it as a drink mixture every morning together with your breakfast. The drink is made by mixing the powder with water.

In addition, for every workout day, take one scoop after the workout. In a post testosterone cycle, you should take two scoops because of the increased estrogen that takes place during the cycle.

Price and availability

The price of Testx Core can range from $50 to $80 depending on if you buy from Phenom Health or other retail outlets.

Testx Core can be bought from online retailers Amazon or GNC.  You can also get it from an auction site like eBay although this carries the risk that it may be substandard. eBay sources, however, may offer you some of the best prices.

Who this product is for

This product is meant mainly for men who want to see their testosterone levels rise. It is unfit for women or children. Bodybuilding women, however, may benefit from it but they risk getting side effects like excess hair or sleep problems.


  • All natural formula which does not include steroids
  • Does not require a prescription


  • No dosage provided by the company for its ingredients
  • Little research to support product claims
  • Many negative customer reviews
  • Too expensive for a product with many negative reviews


Given that testosterone supplements have been rated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an essential medicine, it is no surprise that this sector receives a lot of attention. So does Testx Core give us a solution to this vexing man problem?

I like it that Testx Core is formulated from natural sources with no artificial ingredients. But there are some concerns that it may not work at all. For instance, you won’t find much research to base Testx Cores’s efficacy upon.

In the absence of research, one looks at customer reviews for clues and a lot of these, especially at Amazon, (its main purchase point), are less than complimentary. I think it is safe to say that Testx Core, while hitting good marks for a natural based product, falls short of efficacy as rated by users. I also believe that the product is overpriced for ingredients which you can find in other products at much lower prices.

Testo Max Review: Is This Legal Steroid the Best for your Testosterone?

A quick intro to Testo Max

One of a man’s best assets (as well as his best-kept secret) is the testosterone streaming through his blood. A man will feel like a million bucks when his testosterone is at a healthy peak, so it’s no surprise that every man should want to keep his testosterone at those high levels.

The truth, however, is that men can’t hang onto their testosterones forever. As they age, their bodies go creaky in some ways and can’t keep up the pace anymore. So expect your testosterone levels to dip as time goes by.

To keep their hold onto this precious hormone as long as possible, many men have turned to steroids—artificial chemical compounds meant to mimic testosterone and bring back the magic of natural testosterone.

It worked with superb results. Many saw their virility, masculine physique and sexual energy literally come back.  The catch? It left them nursing permanent liver damage, men’s boobs, painful erections, and some even dying. It quickly became clear that steroids weren’t really the answer.

But, can natural alternatives like Testo Max change the game and give you something better?


Coming up with an alternative product that has the same power as anabolic steroids without their nasty side effects is no mean feat. Yet it appears that goal has been achieved by Crazy Bulk, the manufacturer of Testo Max.

Crazy Bulks specializes in producing legal steroids—natural nutritional supplements that juice up your natural testosterone using legal, safe ingredients. Testo Max is Crazy Bulk’s alternative for Sustanon, a hard-hitting heavyweight steroid that can produce stunning results for users.

Crazy Bulk claims that Testo Max can produce the same results as Sustanon but without its side effects. To its credit, Testo Max earns top marks as a quality supplement; in 2016, it was rated among the top 5 testosterone boosters.

What are the benefits of Testo Max?

The benefits of Testo Max are actually quite numerous. Let’s take a look:

  • Helps you gain muscle; this product has the highest amino acid content compared with other testosterone boosters. This means extreme muscle gain
  • Can give you stunning strength
  • Will rev up your sex drive and libido
  • Makes you recover fast
  • Backed by solid science
  • Avoids the harmful health effects of steroids like liver failure, prostate enlargement,
  • both men and women can use it
  • No injections required. This makes Testo Max easy to use as it is in the form of capsules
  • Can help you to shred fat and control excess weight
  • With Testo Max, you can reverse hair loss, fatigue, and  low semen production
  • Is 100% legal

How Testo Max works

Testo Max is supposed to help you to restore healthy testosterone levels in your body. However, unlike anabolic steroids such as Sustanon, it is not testosterone itself. Sustanon is a synthetic testosterone compound meant to make up for the deficiency in your natural testosterone.

Sustanon can help you gain fantastic muscle mass and strength in a short time. One of the undesirable side effects of using steroids like Sustanon is that your body’s own natural testosterone is completely shut down. Once you come off the Sustanon, your body’s testosterone production will be zero because it has developed a dependency on the testosterone provided by the steroid.

You will need to go through a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), a costly and lengthy treatment meant to bring your body back into producing its own testosterone. 

Natural supplements like Testo Max avoids all that. It only stimulates your body to produce its own testosterone in a completely natural way.

Side effects

Testo Max has very few side effects, being formulated purely from natural ingredients. All its ingredients are legal and cleared for safety. A few side effects, however, have been noted

  • Frequency in erections.

This is the result of higher testosterone levels

  • The tendency to feel hungry.

This is linked to more fat burning of the product and may actually confirm its ability to make you shred off fat.


One of the neat things about Crazy Bulk is that it has a transparent formula of its products complete with the dosage so that you can see what and how much of a compound is going into your body.

So, what are the ingredients of Testo Max? The ingredients of Testo Max have been listed by the company as the following.

  • D-Aspartic Acid – the inclusion of this vital amino acid is an absolute win for Testo Max because this is one of the key nutrients that are behind testosterone production in your body. Providing it in a supplement is absolutely critical because your body does not produce it naturally.

The way D-Aspartic Acid triggers testosterone production is by activating the release of another hormone called the luteinizing hormone. It is this hormone that leads to testosterone production.

Studies show it can do this by a stunning 30 to 60% in 3 months. D-Aspartic Acid also activates another critical hormone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which will make you heal faster from disease or injury as well as promote rapid muscle growth.

  • Nettle Leaf extract –  this is key to keeping your testosterone levels as high as possible. Your circulating testosterone tends to bind to SHBG, which makes it reduces the amount of testosterone that your body can tap into.

The nettle leaf extract has a limiting effect on this, thus freeing more testosterone into your circulation.  It will also up your nitric oxide levels leading to wider blood vessels (vasodilation) and thus increase in stamina and endurance

  • Fenugreek extract – this also has potent testosterone boosting power. It is also a neat way of making your pill smaller and more compact.
  • Red Ginseng powder – this is a great ingredient for combating erectile dysfunction in men, a well-known secret for ages.  It can also make you recover fast from muscle injury during exercise.  Studies show that ginseng can also elevate your testosterone levels
  • Boron – another testosterone booster often disregarded by testosterone boosting products.
  • Vitamin B6 – it is linked to the building of muscle mass because it supports protein synthesis. This vitamin can also enhance your energy
  • Vitamin D3 – this vitamin is known for its role of strengthening bones, an important thing for your exercise and workouts. But it has also been linked to driving up your testosterone levels
  • Vitamin K1 – along with vitamin D3, this vitamin will also give you strong bones. It plays another role in testosterone production by preventing the rundown of existing testosterone. Even though it doesn’t stimulate testosterone production itself, it makes a perfect match in this role along with other testosterone boosting nutrients
  • Magnesium and Zinc are both well known for boosting testosterone in the body. However Crazy Bulk includes both of them here, unlike most other products that pick one or the other. These two have been found to work fantastically well in synergy together.

Magnesium will actually boost testosterone by 24% as studies show besides also revving up your strength and stamina. Zinc is known to promote the production of insulin-like factor, a great aid to your workouts and help you recover from muscle damage

  • Bioperine – this black pepper extract literally acts like the glue that brings all the action together for all the ingredients. Many supplements include it because its piperine alkaloid has been known to enhance the bioavailability of all the ingredients. Bioperine will also brighten up your mood, boost immunity and help you to keep cancer at bay

Other ingredients also included are gelatin, silica, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose.


Testo Max has an easy to use dosage. Each day you should take four pills at one go preferably some 20 minutes before breakfast. This applies both on days you are working out as well as rest days. A cycle on the product is best set to be two months after which it is recommended to take 1.5 weeks off.

This is all you need to know or remember concerning dosage!

You can also safely stack Testo Max with other Crazy Bulk products to get great results.

  • Cutting cycle

Winsol, Clenbuterol, and Anvarol

  • Bulking cycle

Anadrol, Decaduro, Trenorol, and D-Bal

Price and availability

You can’t buy Testo Max from anywhere else except the Crazy Bulk official website.

Each bottle comes with 120 pills. Here are how their prices look like.

  • One bottle is $59.99
  • Two bottles will get you an extra bottle free which will cost you a total of $119.98


  • Is legal
  • No painful injections as it comes in the form of pills
  • Customer reviews overwhelmingly positive
  • Supported by many before and after pictures to prove efficacy
  • Money back guarantee
  • No PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) needed, unlike the case with anabolic steroids


  • Compared to steroids, results may take longer (typically two months)


Once you have tried out Crazy Bulk’s Testo Max, you won’t have to look further for a product that fits your needs as a bodybuilder and fitness dude. Stacked up against anabolic steroids, Testo Max wins handily in very many departments. Not only will it get your testosterone levels where you need them to be, but it will do so without wreaking havoc with your health.

The most impressive thing about Testo Max is the solid science backing it and numerous customers who say they absolutely love it. Testo Max’s ranking of the second best testosterone booster in 2016 doesn’t hurt one bit and taken together with all other facts makes me recommend it as a good buy.

SARMs vs. Prohormones Comparison: Shocking results!

Why SARMs are superior to Prohormones

When it comes to the effectiveness of supplements, SARMs are often compared to prohormones. Customers are looking for the most effective performance enhancing supplement, and therefore, they need to know exactly what the difference is between the two.

Let me start by stating that prohormones are among the controlled substances in most states. Nevertheless, some of them are still in circulation, especially in the underground black markets, alongside the outlawed steroids. On the other hand, SARMs are still marketed and sold as research chemicals. There are a lot of legitimate SARMS vendors all over the world, although anti-doping agencies have a strict rule against the use of any form of enhancement drugs.

Definition of a Prohormone

Prohormone acts as a chemical precursor. They are more closely related to steroids, especially when it comes to the side effects caused, such as have due to suppression of the natural production of hormones in the body. Over a decade ago, prohormones had gained a lot of popularity among fitness enthusiasts. They were available as an over the counter drug in most enhancement supplements stores and were famed for exhibiting amazing results. The most famous prohormones were Superdrol and Epistane, which extremely strong compounds that helped users to pack on strength and size.

Prohormones are milder than steroids but exhibit more side effects than SARMs. They can also cause editions to the body’s natural hormonal composition and other body systems. The results of using prohormones are often immediate. Although there are fewer prohormones products in the market currently, the available ones have been refined and made safer. One of the most prominent side effects of prohormones is that they cause damage to the liver. That is why it is paramount that an individual is cautious when using prohormones.

 What are the benefits of prohormones?

The benefits of prohormones are very similar to those displayed in steroids and SARMs. They include:

  • They cause a notable increase in body strength
  • Reducing fat mass
  • Facilitate quick recovery
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase muscle mass.

The side effects of prohormones

The side effects of prohormones can be severe and often irreversible, just like in steroids. For instance, they cause swelling on the prostate. Issues with the prostate in men can often spell doom to their reproductive health and will often mushroom into other health problems such as cancer. Prohormones will later the appearance of a man. This is observed in the enlargement of breast tissue, a condition known as gynecomastia.

Water retention is another side effect of prohormones. However, recently, this side effect is being mistaken for muscle bulk. When the body retains the water, it means that there body the body waste that should perhaps be expelled from the body through sweating remains in the body which may affect body organs such as kidneys.

An individual may note that their hair starts to fall off or not grow at all with every cycle of prohormones resulting in baldness. The skin may also be affected. Acne develops on certain parts of the body, which is only a reaction to the prohormone that is being used. Another major side effect is that they affect the sex drive of an individual such that it is lowered. This may cause an individual to turn to substances that will restore their sexual health.


Also referred to as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, they were pretty much developed to treat muscle-related problems, but they have become very popular among bodybuilders. Their action in the body allows them to bind to the muscular androgen receptors selectively. Androgens are the main facilitators of muscle development. When making a selection of a better bodybuilding partner, perhaps SARMS are a better option. This is because their side effects are less adverse than those caused by steroids and prohormones.

The reason why most athletes choose to use SARMS as their main bodybuilding partner is that they activate fast muscle growth and development, boost endurance, and increases strength with very mild side effects. The switch from using prohormones and other bodybuilding agents was motivated by the fact that prohormones are becoming less and less popular, and also their availability in the market has become limited.

Bodybuilders identified that there is an added advantage to using SARMS as compared to prohormones, since SARMS also treat health problems that often affect men, you know, apart from the added value of their ability to facilitate the growth of muscle.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of SARMs, shall we?

The benefits that come from using SARM are in a way similar to those presented by prohormones except that their side effects are less adverse as I mentioned earlier.

For starters, SARMs are also mood enhancers. This means that that they provide the euphoric element in a user. This improves the mental and emotional health of an individual. In the past, it has been identified that the psychological status of an individual affects their attitude towards their appearance. Therefore, it is perhaps safe to say that SARMs provide an overall benefit to the general health of an individual.

For an individual who struggles with body fat related problems, SARMs provide a way out in that they promote fat loss. This may come from the fact that they cause an increase in metabolic activity, which has a direct effect on the amount of fat that surrounds the muscles. Increased metabolic activity parallels the burning of excess body fats. Their activity in promoting fat loss is less aggressive as compared to that of promotes.

During work out, it is always important that a fitness enthusiast can maintain a certain level of motivation and effort. SARMs ensure that the bodybuilder has the amount of strength that is necessary to enable them to endure intense work out sessions. The body can recover quickly as well between periods of working out.

Another primary benefit of SARMs is that they facilitate muscle mass build up to the desired levels. Their action from burning excess body fat gives room to muscle development; as a result of their interaction with androgen receptors in the body. These receptors are often found in the male reproductive tissues and, therefore, SARMs are perhaps just catalysts.

Why should a bodybuilder of opting for SARMs over Prohormones?

Well, there are few reasons why SARMs are a better and safer alternative to prohormones. This has to do with their overall effectiveness. There have been reports that there are almost no side effects experienced after using SARMs. However, this has not been the case with prohormones. With prohormones, they cause damage to organs such as the liver and causing other health problems, which led to it being classified as a controlled substance. In addition to this, prohormones are very mild in their action on the muscle. With SARMs, the desired results are guaranteed.

Unlike prohormones, it is possible to purchase SARMS legally. This provides grounds for access to a medical opinion on certain SARMS. For the few varieties of prohormones that are still available in the market; they are only available underground. This means that an individual will use them without the guidance of a medic which could be fatal. I cannot emphasize enough on the adverse effect that prohormones have on the liver, which is why they are not available in the market anymore.

After using body enhancing products, it is often required that the body goes through a detoxification process. SARMs have almost no toxic effect on the body. However, after using prohormones, it is required that an individual undergoes a process to cleanse the body. The type of therapy that is recommended is referred to as Post Cycle Therapy. It prevents prohormones from doing further damage to the body organs than they already have. SARMs only act on the muscle tissue without interfering with other biological processes.


There are certain groups of people who are advised against using any form of body enhancement product, for example, people with terminal illnesses, pregnant women, children, and teenagers. If an individual is allergic to certain substances, they should take note before engaging their bodies in these substances. In addition to using either SARMs or prohormones, other supplements such as vitamins and mineral salts should obviously be included since they provide all the required building blocks for the bulking up process.

Note that for you to attain the desired ripped look, there have to be some level of effort applied. It is impossible to gain muscle without exercising and following a particular diet. In addition to this, an individual has the responsibility to do the proper amount of research required before using any form of substance that is meant to alter their body’s chemical balance. The sources for these substances are also an important factor to consider since some of them have been classified as controlled substances.

Rev Boost Review: Can This Supplement Cure Your Testosterone Problem?

A short intro to Rev Boost

Are your testosterone levels really up to the task? This is a question which should concern most men, especially those aged 35 and above. 

The truth is that the impact of testosterone levels doesn’t hit most men until their testosterone starts running short, and their bodies begin to creak and show the signs. Testosterone is what gives you your masculine power, such as physical strength, sexual drive, and performance.

Your body is constantly producing it to maintain your masculine activities.

Unfortunately, those levels usually start to slip as you age giving rise to a wide range of nasty things, including hair loss, reduced libido, muscle waste, or weak bones.

Thankfully the market is filled with many products designed to help you tackle your testosterone shortage and restore them to optimum levels. While that’s a good thing for the customer from a rich choice perspective, it also means customers find it hard to know which product is really good for them.

The focus of this article is RevBoost, a natural supplement that has caused a stir in the usually vibrant testosterone booster market. Can RevBoost meet your need as a man to become the man you want to be?

In this article, I will help you know more about RevBoost and whether it can be helpful to your low testosterone predicament.


What is RevBoost? RevBoost is a dietary supplement created to boost testosterone levels in your body in a natural way. It is made from natural ingredients designed to stimulate your body to increase its own testosterone production.

RevBoost is manufactured by Akilawa Inc, a company based in Delaware, USA. It is a privately owned company that produces many other natural supplements aimed at improving health and libido.

RevBoost was the top-selling testosterone booster in 2015 and has been covered by two major networks, CNBC and Fox News. Despite this, the manufacturer remains in obscurity and is not listed among the Better Bureau Business of companies. This is curious for a supplement company since most typically get listed. It also has no FDA certification.

What are the benefits of RevBoost?

RevBoost has several benefits which Akilawa lists as follows.

  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Improves your mood and uplifts your spirits
  • Energizes your libido and sexual performance
  • Increases your energy
  • Makes you have a strong mental focus
  • Can help you gain muscle and strength
  • Enhances your endurance
  • Helps to cut fat and control your weight

Side effects

The product being natural based has few side effects connected to its use


RevBoost touts a patented formula, the centerpiece of its product called LJ100 or Longjack (Malaysian Ginseng). This is a glycoprotein which the company claims have been clinically tested to give you better and stronger muscle as well as stunning endurance and strength to work out better.

This substance, when taken into the body simultaneously, stimulates the body to increase its production of testosterone and cut back on estrogen. Minimizing estrogen in this way causes testosterone to soar and provide the user with enough strength and endurance to perform the very intense workout.

The other secondary ingredients are:

  • Horny goat leaf extract – this ingredient has been linked by some studies to a testosterone increase. As its name suggests it has a critical part to play in improving sexual performance, e.g., it has been used to treat erectile dysfunctional
  • Saw palmetto fruit extract – if your sexual performance is faltering, expect this ingredient also to change that. it combats impotence and also helps in muscle gain
  • Orchich –another ingredient that supports testosterone production, it helps achieve hormonal balance
  • Wild yam root extract – this ingredient will cause your sexual drive to increase and improve libido. It has also been linked to estrogen level increase
  • Sarsaparilla root extract – an important addition that also ups your sexual drive and strengthens your immune resistance to disease, helping you to achieve quicker recoveries for your muscles. This extract will also dramatically increase your strength.
  • Stinging nettle root extract – has a role in enhancing libido. It will also treat stop infections in your urinary tract as well as inflammation
  • Boron acid chelate – it will help dramatically elevate blood testosterone levels, juice up your libido and also minimize menopause problems among women

Other ingredients: L-Arginine, Alpha-Ketoglutarate,  L-Arginine Keto Isacaproate, L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L Glutamine  Alpha-Ketoglutarate

RevBoost also seems to lack some very basic ingredients that are standard for any self-respecting testosterone booster. For example, just to name a few, you won’t find any of these:

Vitamin D3, B12, K2, Oyster, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, B6, Fenugreek, Zinc, and even Panax Ginseng


The company recommends that you should not take more than six pills a day. Preferably one should take one pill a day to avoid adverse reactions. You can take one pill in the morning and the other in the evening with meals using lukewarm water.

The company says that you shouldn’t skip any dosage even for one day if you want to see the best results.

Setting the maximum to 6 pills gives you about 4452 mg of the stuff. This isn’t so bad considering that the average of good testosterone boosters gives you more than 3000 mg.

Because the company does not provide a full listing of RevBoost’s ingredients, people who are on medication should not take it or get a doctor’s advice. This is because some drugs can interact adversely with the undisclosed ingredients in RevBoost.

Why natural supplements beat steroids

For a long time, anabolic steroids were the exciting solution for helping you replenish your body’s testosterone.

 Steroids are just chemical compounds that were invented and made by some clever pharmaceutical companies to be put into the body. They are the artificial version of your natural testosterone, so that means they can act like just like testosterone once introduced into the body. 

The beauty about steroids is that they worked so marvelously even Olympic stars went for them to cheat and win races.

That didn’t last long because we started getting awry tales of steroid nightmares like people getting malfunctioning livers, near-permanent painful erections, and sometimes people not waking up anymore.

This is where natural supplements for testosterone production get their attraction. They come with little to no risks because they are not designed to act as testosterone themselves. Instead, they contain natural nutrients to encourage your body to produce its own testosterone.

Of course, natural supplements come with another attraction because they are usually in the form of pills. So no more painful injections which were the only route for steroids.

Price and availability

You can order the product from the company’s official website or online retailers. Shipping provided free for buyers.

A bottle of RevBoost which holds 60 pills costs $89.95. This amount is sufficient for one month given the dosage of 2 pills a day.

 RevBoost’s price puts it roughly at par with other market competitors though it is higher compared to patent holding rivals.

There is no money back guarantee program, although the company runs a 14-day free trial. The trial has a disadvantage for customers in that once you sign up for it, you are enrolled in a monthly auto-ship plan.

This plan automatically charges customers for a new supply each month.

The fact that RevBoost doesn’t offer a money back guarantee is surprising given its significant sales and the fact that most of its competitors are providing it.

If you want to return the product, you can do so as long as you have not opened or used it and it must be done within seven days.


  • It was one of the highest selling testosterone boosters in the US in 2017
  • Is made from natural ingredients
  • Has received better media coverage than most rivals
  • Do not require a prescription
  • clinical trials have proven its main ingredient


  • Company does not give information on doses of ingredients
  • Reviews by users are mixed
  • Has no certifications. Not evaluated by the FDA
  • No money back guarantee
  • The full product (RevBoost’s ingredients) not yet clinically proven


RevBoost appears to work for some people. The product scores marks for a natural formulation as well as its inclusion of ingredients with known benefits of boosting testosterone. Its patented formula, for example, has gone through clinical studies successfully which is a sure win for RevBoost.

However, the company fails to provide information on the doses used for the ingredients. Frankly, this makes it hard to know how effective RevBoost is. A lot of supplements get away with underdosing on their ingredients to save money, and this also means users don’t get the benefits. 

While proprietary formulas can be a good tactic of clever marketing, discerning users want the information to base their buying decisions on it.  RevBoost also needs to go through clinical trials since the only trial that has been done related to its main ingredient, Longjack.

Quadracarn Review: Can This Product Help You Kill Fat?

A Short introduction to Quadracarn

For lots of men and women, that extra fat or adipose padding in the body can be a great annoyance. It can dent your self-image not to mention bringing diseases like cardiovascular illnesses, impede your sexual performance, or promote high blood pressure. So it is not surprising that cutting out that fat is a top goal for many people.

Quadracarn is the latest option providing you the tools you need to fighting excess weight. But can it make you a winner in attaining this often elusive goal? In this article, I tell you how Quadracarn can not only help you to keep your weight down but also on how it can benefit your body in so many ways.


Quadracarn is manufactured by Beverly International, an American company based in Laguna Hills, California. The company was created in 1967 to provide nutritional supplements for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and people who want to control their weight.

These products, suited for both men and women, are aimed at helping them attain great physical shapes, such as slimming, improving well being, muscle building and toning, among other fitness and health goals. They range from proteins, energy powders, and fat cutting supplements.

Beverly International is owned by a couple who are both avid bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. School teacher and competitive builder, Roger and degree-holding fitness instructor Sandy are both committed to making their company promote bodybuilding and competitions with superior products.

What are the benefits of Quadracarn?

Quadracarn has many benefits which are listed by the company as follows:

  • Recovery: Quadracarn can make your muscles recover quickly from workouts so that you can last longer doing more intense workouts than ever
  • Performance: it keeps you in great physical shape to keep going and achieving superior performance
  • Building muscle and keeping muscle gain: Quadracarn helps you build muscle fast and effectively. The idea is to make you do this without investing in massive effort or time
  • Cutting fat: helps to oxidize fats superfast based on its specially built formula
  • Gives Anti-aging qualities because of the antioxidant abilities of carnitine.
  • Enhances your life span: the combined effect of shredding fat, quickening recovery, enhancing performance has been linked to better longevity, making Quadracarn a favorite supplement of seniors.
  • Better stronger bones
  • Can help boost cardiovascular health

But users report even more benefits which they have derived from Quadracarn. Some of these include

  • Energy boosts: you get stamina and immense strength to make you last through your workouts
  • Better mental focus and performance: Quadracarn comes with ingredients known to increase your mental alertness
  • Improved sexual drive or libido: thanks to its boosting effects on testosterone levels and mood buoyancy, Quadracarn can reignite your sex like or help maintain it in a healthy state
  • More vascular, harder muscle: some users report acquiring visibly impressive muscle that adds to an exquisite physique

These benefits have been noted, especially among men of 35 and above who begin to see reduced levels in their testosterone. However, the company says that Quadracarn can actually benefit men and women of all ages.

Side effects

The all natural ingredient production of Quadracarn makes it have very few side effects. The company lists no side effects to using it, but a few people may have some side effects from the ingredient L-Carnitine, which is found in Quadracan. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Lack of sleep
  • Increase in energy
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitation
  • Bloating and gas

However, these side effects have been reported by the National Institute of Health to be rare.


So what is in Quadracarn that gives you the benefits that you get from it? According to the company, the power of the product rests on one main ingredient which is combined in four different forms: this is L-Carnitine

  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL (750 mg) – a potent antioxidant that is actually linked to better functioning of your brain in different areas. For example, acetylcholine, a brain, and nerve neurotransmitter will be produced in greater amounts because of this ingredient.

So your nerve and brain activities will get improved. Energy levels in your brain will also get upped to support its various activities. The overall effect of all these is improved memory and capacity for you to solve problems. This ingredient is also behind another noted mental benefit of Quadracard—improved mood.

  • L-Carnitine (450 mg) – this ingredient plays the important function of carting off fatty acids to the mitochondria (cell sites where energy is produced for use by the cell). Here they get burned to get energy, enhancing fat burning and weight reduction.
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (300 mg) – adds to the function of L-Carnitine of speeding up the transport of fatty acids to get them burned for energy production.
  • Propionyl L-Carnitine (15 mg) – this ingredient, an amino acid usually produced naturally by our bodies, can lead to vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) by triggering the production of nitric acid. Vasodilation will cause greater amounts of nutrient and oxygen supplies to reach different body areas, including your muscles. This means bigger muscle buildup, better erections, and more energy for your workout and recovery.

The four L-Carnitine based formulation is meant to give you an iron-clad guarantee of its overall effectiveness. This is because the four have a synergistic and complementary role towards each other. But lest we forget there’s in addition to L-Carnitine, one more important ingredient that comes with your Quadracarn pills:

  • Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract – long used to treat diabetes, this extract has a curbing effect on blood sugar levels so that they stay at the optimum level.  It does this by blocking or reducing the amount of sugar your intestines absorb, so keeping this out of your bloodstream.

Other ingredients include Calcium carbonate, cellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Price and availability

Most users consider Quadracarn to be expensive.

You can buy Quadracarn straight from its official site or from third-party stores like Amazon,eBay, and Bodybuilding.com.

The company has a product return policy if you are unsatisfied with the product.  If you bought from their official site, they would return the product. However, if you bought from other online vendors like Amazon, they will do the return themselves.


The company recommends a dosage which will vary and depend if you are on a workout or rest day.

  • For each workout day
  • pills thrice a day (9 pills in all)
  • During a rest day (no workout)

3 pills twice per day (6 pills in all)

The company also stresses that you follow your dosage unfailingly and patiently to get the best results.  The product works by getting carnitine to accumulate in your body tissues, and this takes time. Hence the need for diligent adherence to the dosage and patience.

In very intense workouts such as two sessions a day, users can benefit from faster recovery by stacking Quadracarn with ZMA 2000.

One bottle has 120 pills, which give you a total of 40 servings.


  • Is all natural giving you fewer side effects
  • The product has some ingredients with scientifically proven health benefits e.g., the different types of carnitine
  • The company gives you a money back guarantee of 60 days


  • Expensive
  • Gymnema Sylvestre claimed weight loss benefit is based on rat studies. No human studies have been done yet to support the claim
  • despite Quadracarn’s claim to be a testosterone booster, it does not include many ingredients known for stimulating testosterone production in the body such as Zinc, Magnesium, vitamins B6, D3, and D-Aspartic Acid
  • some of the ingredients could be underdosed and so may be ineffective at providing benefits
  • many bad customer reviews
  • will not work for you unless you are willing to put in work and proper diet

Who Quadracarn is For and it isn’t For

This product is aimed at men of 35 years and over who have started seeing their testosterone dwindling. In fact, many of its most popular users are in this group of people.  However, the company says that people of all ages and gender can benefit too.

A few people, however, should not use this product

Pregnant or suckling women, as well as those under 18, should steer clear. In addition, you should not use it before consulting a doctor or if you were taking another medicine.


Quadacarn’s best feature is that it is a safe product to use being wholly extracted from natural materials. 

While Quadracarn was built to fight fat and help you cut weight, it seems to be doing other things better than the core function the manufacturer had in mind. This means that anyone looking forward to cutting weight with Quadracarn would be slightly disappointed with the impact it’ll have, but they will still get other benefits like increased sexual drive, elevated energy, and mood enhancement.

Many users who gave Quadracarn their thumbs up also stacked it with other products, so it’s not clear if the benefits are coming from Quadracarn or those other products.

Pre Jym Review: The Best Pre-Workout Ever or is it just a Sham?

A quick intro to Pre Jym

Working out can be a hard, challenging task, so it’s not surprising that many bodybuilders and fitness guys who go through it want this chore to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

It can be a bad miscalculation when on the day you are all set up for your workout, things don’t go so well, and you barely last halfway down your session before you run out of steam.

Pre Jym is a pre-workout supplement that’s designed to make you avoid these embarrassing crash outs that can ruin your well-planned workout.

But how well does it do the job and can Pre Jym itself crash long before you do? In this article, we take a look at the product and how it can transform a dull, fruitless exercise into a fun, absolutely explosive session that you can always look forward to.


If you want to know about the history of Pre Jym, you can’t afford to ignore Dr. Jim Stoppani, who as the founder of Jym Supplement Science with bodybuilding.com, is literally the face of I.

Stoppani was so fired up about fitness and bodybuilding that he got himself a Ph.D. in exercise physiology. He also did a 10-year stint as a science editor of Muscle and Fitness which tells you something about his passion.

Stoppani launched Pre Jym into the market which customers quickly went crazy about, sending it to the number one spot among the most popular pre-workout products in the world.

That made the Pre Jym brand pure gold so one would not be surprised that a row soon broke out between Stoppani and Bodybuilding.com about who owned this fabulous brand.

The two ended up going their separate ways and started producing two competing versions of Pre Jym which sent the market, which was already crazy about the product, into a frenzy of confusion.

Fortunately, Stoppani and Bodybuilding.com later patched up and recombined their might behind one Pre Jym, ending the agony for the market.


What are the benefits of Pre Jym? Pre Jym boasts a number of benefits that any bodybuilders would want and crave

  • Elevates your focus
  • Quick Recovery from your exertions
  • Adds intensity to your workouts
  • Boosts endurance
  • Bigger pumps and elevated energy

Side effects

High Caffeine content – if caffeine is not your thing, this product may spell some trouble for you. At 300 mg per serving, that will get you the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee, definitely not fun for the coffee sensitive folks. Fortunately, Pre Jym has a remedy for this:  Post Jym, a caffeine free version of Pre Jym

  • Other side effects include:
  • Dizziness nausea
  • increased speed of the heartbeat
  • headache
  • jitteriness

Some of these may come from the caffeine, but some may come from creatine and huperzine.


The product comes in powder form. First, shake the bottle well to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed up. Before your workout, take a scoop and mix with between 20 and 25 ounces of warm water. Let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes while shaking it at suitable intervals. This ensures all the ingredients are dissolved to ensure maximum absorption.

What are the ingredients of Pre Jym?

The ingredients of this pre-workout make an interesting list that is guaranteed to make you sit up if you are picky about what goes into your pre-workout supplement.  Consider the following items which you get with each serving of your Pre Jym serving:

  • Branched-chain amino acids (BAACs) –  this is by far the product’s best effort to break clear of its competition to give you something different and distinctive.  This BCAAs essentially amounts to two products in one, giving you an irresistible bargain for value and power in your pre-workout product. They are usually taken along with most pre-workouts separately, but the company throws this in for you in its product.  BCAAs are known for getting you stunning levels of endurance, focus as well as preserving muscle gains.
  • Caffeine –  this is well known for boosting focus and alertness; things you need a lot to make your workout a success. The high dosage in I makes it an absolute winner in getting you high focus and mental alertness.
  • Creatine (2 mg) – this can boost strength and endurance levels by ramping up your ATP energy. Creatine is a staple of most bodybuilding supplements for enhancing your strength, but Stoppani has included creatine HCL instead of the standard creatine monohydrate,
  • taurine (1 g) – you will see a lot of this kind of ingredients designed to get your mental focus in great shape, so with taurine and caffeine, we are just getting started. Pre Jym, however, adds taurine for something more which is to avoid those nasty muscle cramps you tend to get after your workouts. That’s because of its ability to pull in water into your muscle cells.
  • Citrulline malate (6g) – this ingredient, which swells up your blood flow, can give you massive boosts in energy. But Pre Jym doesn’t skimp on this ingredient given its 6 gm content per serving. You are lucky to get anything this much in your next average pre-workout which typically offers you just 1 gram.
  • Beta-alanine – another cool addition to the Pre Jym’s pack of endurance giving boosters.  Beta-alanine has the effect of putting the delaying brakes on the production of lactic acid, that substance that makes your muscles feel tired and unable to go on.
  • Tyrosine – a heightened focus and protection from stressful distractions are always valued in a workout. Tyrosine will make you a winner in beating this.
  • Cysteine – this makes it possible for you to have a quick recovery from muscle injury. It’s a powerful antioxidant that revitalizes cells broken from intense workouts
  • Beetroot extract –  this natural product which ups your nitric acid levels, can send your endurance soaring to epic levels.
  • Clubmoss extract – this is another arrow in your arsenal, to make your alertness and focus levels high
  • Black pepper extract – what good are all your mega ingredients if they don’t know how to work together? Black pepper extract is your answer to making all the ingredients cooperate in musical harmony
  • Betaine – Pre Jym adds this yet again, giving you super endurance and focus
  • Alpha GPC –its role is quite similar to betaine, providing endurance and focus.
  • Huperzine A – this is the latest addition to the ingredients of Pre Jym. It is meant to— once again, like many others in the pack— increase your mental focus and alertness. Unfortunately, this has scant research in support of it and looks like an unnecessary addition to the product. However, you already have more than enough ingredients that should give you this benefit without huperzine A.
  • Huperzine A is meant to work synergistically with Alpha GPC Choline to trigger the production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that is important as a learning substance.

Price and availability

Compared with other pre-workouts in its niche, Pre Jym seems a bit overpriced, but that’s probably because they give you the super ingredient BAAC that other pre-workouts don’t typically include.

You can get the product in bottles of two different sizes.

  • 20 servings will cost you $ 37.99
  • 30 servings will cost you $ 48.99

You can make your order of the product from Bodybuiling.com or outlets like Amazon.


  • Good flavors available: the product tries to provide a variety of tastes to suit everyone’s palates.
  • Strong/adequate dosing of most ingredients
  • Transparency about ingredients:  the product has no proprietary formula and no hidden ingredients
  • BAACs give you extra benefits you won’t find in other pre-workout supplements.


  • Caffeine may not be decent for some people
  • The taurine ingredient may act to counteract the effects of caffeine
  • Expensive
  • Artificial flavor and sweeteners have been added in
  • Some ingredients bring nothing extra in benefits and seem irrelevant. Huperzine A and creatine could be some
  • Some ingredients seem underdosed. Betaine and Alpha GPC dosages in Pre Jym aren’t what you see suggested by research as effective levels
  • Some people may not like the tastes offered


All said and done, Pre-Jym is a good product that is worth your time and money.

One of its greatest strength relates to dosing. Underdosing in ingredients is something a lot of pre-workout supplements get away with, in this industry. However, stacking up Pre Jym against the science behind it, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the product doesn’t cut any corners when it comes dozing of ingredients. So you get most of the stuff you need in the right amounts.

When you think of the solid science behind it and the fact that it has very few side effects it’s hard to think of a reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product as a pretty good pre-workout supplement.

The Best Legal Steroids To Use To Gain Muscle

What are Legal Steroids

Want a body that will make a Greek gods blush? Or are you just trying to stay a step ahead of the competition? Bodybuilders and athletes are usually confronted by some harsh realities which necessitate them to make important judgment calls that may endanger their life and even their freedom.

In the quest to get that godly physique and superhero athleticism, you will cross paths with anabolic compounds. While these substances can give you remarkable strength, endurance, explosiveness, and physique, they endanger your health and are illegal in the United States.

Thanks to Crazy Bulk, you no longer have to compromise your health or risk your freedom to enhance your performance. This pioneering company has developed legal and safe alternatives for the popular anabolic compounds you know. And the word is, they are kicking ass!

Here’s a complete lowdown on Crazy Bulk and some of their best legal steroids.

Crazy Bulk Overview

Crazy Bulk is a revolutionary company that produces bodybuilding supplements. At the moment, this brand has dominated the legal steroids market. Following the ban on anabolic compounds, Crazy Bulk led a wave of cutting-edge natural alternatives for AAS compounds by starting the production of supplements that could help bodybuilders and athletes achieve results similar to those of anabolic steroids, minus the side effects.

Crazy Bulk products pander to a broad range of applications, ranging from bulking substances to cutting products that are tailored to meet your bodybuilding needs. Whether you want to burn fat without losing your muscle mass or wish to grow some lean muscle and pack them with power, they’ve got you covered.

Crazy Bulk’s promise to meet all your needs during your bodybuilding quest includes free access to an exclusive circle of professional athletes when you purchase any product from them. Through that medium, you can grow more by interacting with bodybuilders from all walks of life.

Apart from manufacturing natural and legal alternatives to anabolic steroids, Crazy Bulk uses high-quality ingredients selected by expert in-house nutritionists. You will love to know that all Crazy Bulk products are administered orally, so you need not worry about needles.

You do not require a prescription to acquire any Crazy Bulk product, although you are strictly advised to adhere to the dosage guidelines for each product. Moreover, this company delivers to any part of the world without additional costs.


D-Bal is by far the most popular bulking product from Crazy Bulk. This product is primarily known for its ability to mimic the effects of Dianabol. D-Bal works by creating an anabolic environment in your body, which causes nitrogen retention in the muscles. Consequently, nitrogen retention stimulates protein synthesis, which in turn promotes the development of lean muscle mass in an entirely natural way.

D-Bal Benefits

Using D-Bal supplement provides you with a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Speedy results
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Enhanced blood circulation to the muscles
  • Administered orally

D-Bal Ingredients

D-Bal uses Pharmaceutical grade constituents which are clinically tested. They include:

  • Tribulus Terestris is the primary component in D-Bal and is known for its muscle building properties.
  • Leucine is a potent amino acid that promotes protein synthesis,
  • Isoleucine is an amino acid that elevates the level of nitrogen retention in the muscles.
  • Valine is an amino acid that promotes tissue growth and repairs broken tissue
  • Whey protein is the primary protein contained in milk. It is highly absorbed by the body and enhances mass muscle development.

D-Bal Purchase

D-Bal is only available on the official Crazy Bulk website. One bottle contains 30 capsules and is sold at $59.99. If you purchase two, you will pay $119.98 and receive one bottle for free.

Testo Max

Testo-Max is the Crazy Bulk alternative for Sustanon. It is one of the few legal steroids in the market that one can use to boost their testosterone levels. Given that a man’s testosterone levels are bound to decrease as they grow older, increasing your testosterone levels can contribute to a considerable improvement in one’s quality of life.

Testo-Max helps to boost your T-levels in a natural way, which leads to incredible muscle mass development and increase in strength.

D-Bal Benefits

  • Increases Nitrogen retention
  • Boosts natural testosterone levels
  • Enhances mood
  • Enhances sexual stamina
  • Increases libido
  • Promotes the development of lean muscle mass
  • Improves recovery time
  • Boosts energy for explosive exercises
  • Increases strength

Testo Max Ingredients

  • D-aspartic acid is the primary constituent for boosting testosterone. It has been shown to do this by almost 30-60%.
  • Fenugreek extract lowers the estrogen levels in the body, making it easier to burn fat. Also, it boosts strength, stamina, and vitality by enhancing the release of insulin
  • Bioperine, aka black pepper extract increases the bioavailability of Testo-Max ingredients.
  • Nettle leaf extract increases the bioavailability of testosterone, making it readily available in the muscles.
  • Zinc is known for its effectiveness in enhancing the production of testosterone in the body.
  • Vitamin D3 deficiency results in low T-levels and an increase in the estrogen levels. This ingredient ensures that doesn’t happen.
  • Magnesium is quite an evasive compound in most diets, yet it is one of the most effective testosterone boosters. It also enhances the quality of sleep.
  • Red Ginseng extract, aka Panax, enhances muscle gains and boosts energy levels. It also improves muscle recovery, increases focus, and is a natural diabetes remedy.

Testomax Purchase

Testomax is available on the Crazy Bulk official website. It retails for $59.99. The advantage is to buy two bottles, where you will get one free for only $119.98.


Clenbutrol is a Crazy Bulk supplement used for its effectiveness in cutting. This compound mimics the thermogenic and performance boosting qualities of Clenbuterol. Clenbutrol’s thermogenic impacts help your body to burn fat, leaving you shredded.

Clenbutrol also increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, which boosts the performance of the cardiovascular system and prepares your muscles for intense exercises.

Clenbutrol Benefits

  • Increases blood flow and oxygen to the tissues
  • Enhances the condition of the muscle tissue
  • Improves endurance
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Effective in fat burning
  • Preserves lean muscle mass during weight loss
  • Speedy results within 30 days
  • Results in shredded gains

Clenbutrol Ingredients

  • Guarana extract is a natural source of caffeine. Caffeine helps to boost your energy levels and also to increase metabolism. Consequently, it leads to thermogenic fat incineration.
  • Niacin, aka vitamin B3, helps to extract energy from the food we ingest, making it available for use by the body. Moreover, it also promotes vascularity, which enhances blood and oxygen flow to the muscles.
  • Garcinia Cambogia counteracts the increase in appetite caused by a higher metabolism.
  • Bitter Orange extract is a constituent of the citrus species. It functions like a sympathomimetic agent, which increases the metabolic rate, increases body temperature, and expedites burning of fat.

Clenbutrol Purchase

If you want to buy Clenbutrol, the official Crazy Bulk website is the place to go. A bottle of 30 tablets costs $61.99, although if you buy two bottles, you will get one free. What’s more, you get a 60-day money back guarantee.


Anvarol is the Crazy Bulk alternative to the illegal anabolic steroid, Anvarol. The fitness community loves Anvarol for the benefits it offers during cutting. This product provides significant improvements in energy and strength during a weight loss cycle. It does this by stimulating the synthesis of Phosphocreatine within the muscle tissue. The role of phosphocreatine in the body is to promote faster regeneration of ATP molecules, providing your muscles with the requisite energy during training.

Anvarol Benefits

  • Gets rid of excess water in the body
  • Promotes the burning of fat while maintaining muscle mass
  • Stimulates the synthesis of Phosphocreatine, which increases energy and stamina to lift heavier and for longer
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Encourages explosive strength
  • Promotes the burning of the subcutaneous and visceral fat

Anvarol Ingredients

Soy Protein is an essential ingredient in bodybuilding. This constituent provides the muscles with sufficient amino acids for growth. Moreover, it helps to reduce fatigue and muscle healing.

Whey Protein is derived from milk and is the primary protein in dairy products. It is easily absorbed by the body and provides the essential amino acids for muscle growth. 

ATP avails quick energy to the muscles, giving you the power to go hard in the gym.

BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) including valine, leucine, and isoleucine, promotes protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle development.

Wild Yam Root is used traditionally to enhance sex drive and stamina. This constituent boosts testosterone levels, thereby increasing strength and libido. Moreover, it is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, weak bones, and tiredness. Wild yam also reduces the accumulation of fat in the body.

Anvarol Purchase

A bottle of Anvarol contains 30 capsules and is sold for $54.99. However, you can get one free bottle if you buy two bottles at $109.98.


Can you trust and rely on the Legal Steroids from Crazy Bulk? Yes, you can. With the above legal steroids, you no longer have to risk your life and freedom to enhance your performance and aesthetics. Crazy Bulk offers legal alternatives to the popular steroids out there, and none of them pose any adverse effects as long as you adhere to the recommended dosage.

Therefore, whether you want to bulk, cut, or bulk while cutting, Crazy Bulk products have got you covered.

Cellucor Super HD Review: Pro’s & Con’s

A Quick intro to Cellucor Super HD Review

Cellucor is one of the most prominent names in the supplements and sports industry, which in its Super HD form, becomes a high definition targeted fat burner. Super HD is categorized in the fourth generation of the Cellucor supplements collection. It is blended into a unique formula with the slim ingredient which is known as an appetite suppression mix. Most of the herbal ingredients in Super HD are known mostly for their positive benefits. This is despite the fact that the Slimpro is not backed up by any scientific or clinical studies, and the rest of the mixture formula is made up of vitamin B and Caffeine. 

History of the Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Super HD is a fat burner manufactured by the Cellucor company based in the United States. The manufacturer terms the product as a weight loss product that makes you feel good. They further claim that the product is made from thoroughly researched blends to ensure that it delivers powerful energy and focus. A good number of customers have reported good results. This, together with the naming of the Super HD as the product of the year in 2012 by a prominent publication, has seen the product rise to rank among the bestselling supplements of all times. Customers should, however, be cautious while using the product because several customers who stated that the feel-good product made them feel really bad.

Super HD ingredients

Firstly, it should be noted that Cellucor Super HD is a high definition of fat targeting and sculpting compound. The active ingredient includes:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Rhodiola
  • Green Tea
  • Slimpro blend

Other ingredients are Yohimbe, capsimax, and amla fruit extract. The supplement is available in capsules form which should be taken twice a day. It supposedly suppresses appetite, burns fat, and boosts metabolism.


When gauging the effectiveness of Cellucor Super HD, research editors reported that the product is a powerful weight loss dietary formula. However, results are different depending on the dosage and the lifestyle of an individual. Super HD has been found to produce better results if the user includes a regular workout routine and a disciplined diet together. It also works very fast, and customers have recorded experiencing thermogenic effects of the supplement in just a few days. The first sign that determines whether the product is functional is a surge of energy and strength experienced on the third day of use.

What are the Benefits of Cellucor Super HD?

Cellucor company promises that their formulation can:

  • Provide high power energy
  • Promote stored body fat loss
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Provide better control of an individual’s appetite.

All these benefits are made possible by, which include:

  • Stimulant Thermogenics: among the ingredients of the Super HD, some stimulants act directly on the central nervous system to accelerate the metabolism and to improve the thermogenic fat burning processes.
  • Powerful Nootropics: These are categorized by a group of substances referred to as smart drugs because of their capacity to improve some mental functions such as memory, concentration, and motivation.

Cellucor Super HD Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • Established and respected brand
  • Readily available worldwide
  • An award-winning product
  • There are a lot of users who award top marks to the product
  • The manufacturer offers a 30 days money back guarantee

The cons:

  • There have been reports on some very nasty side effects from unspecified dosages
  • The product features some suspect ingredients
  • Using the product especially by professional athletes and bodybuilders may attract suspension from some sporting organizations
  • The product’s price is on the higher side
  • Very little information is recorded regarding the inclusion rates
  • There is a diuretic ingredient included in the compound
  • The money back guarantee is only available to customers who pay double the bucks or make direct purchases from Cellucor Company.

Possible side effects of the supplement

Based on the reviews from previous users of the substance, there are not many side effects associated with the use of the substance, if the dosage is adhered to strictly. In cases of overdose or stacking the substance with steroids containing high levels of stimulants, users have reported stomach upset, headaches, diarrhea, lethargy, and acne in some cases. There are other more severe side effects associated with the supplement, including liver damage, cardiovascular complications, and mental disorientation, among others. Pregnant and nursing mothers are discouraged from using the product. The product also interacts badly with some medications. It is, therefore, wise to seek the counsel of your doctor before starting a Super HD cycle.

Dosage instructions

The recommended dosage is one capsule every morning on an empty stomach and another one before sleep, but not less than six hours after the first capsule. The user should take some times to assess the tolerance of the body to the supplement and is no side effects is seen; the dosage can be increased up to three capsules taken thrice a day. The manufacturer recommends a lot of water intake during the cycle. A four weeks break also recommended after every eight weeks cycle to allow the body functions to regain their functionality before starting another cycle.

Comparing the formulation of Cellucor to the claims recorded

The compound is made up of a blend of niacin and a combination of vitamin Bs that are believed to be very beneficial to the human body metabolic system. The real powerhouse, however, is contained in the Super HD Nootropics which support and enhance the performance of the entire blend.


My recommendations are based on a number of different criteria, including the general effectiveness of the supplement, the safety, and the results at the end of the cycle. I also considered the consumer feedback and how the manufacturer distributes and markets the product. Generally, most supplements are very effective on the users regardless of whether they are men or women, and are suitable for all the fat burning stages, whether the user is aiming at getting rid of their abdominal fat or they are aiming to build up muscle mass. Most of these products seem quite ideal, especially from the advertisements, making most buyers include them in their ‘must buy’ lists. You should, however, be careful because there are a lot of marketing ploys that are aimed at dressing up an average product to make it look worthy of your money.

When purchasing the supplement, try to site the most reliable merchant by looking at reviews from customers. If you purchase a supplement and notice that there are no results after several weeks of use, then you are probably dealing with a counterfeit product.

Buying Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor ships their products anywhere all over the world and offers a 30-day money back guarantee, although this policy has a catch. The money guarantee only applies to customers who purchased the supplement directly from the company’s official website where the prices are double the amount other merchants sell the product at.

The cost of Cellucor Super HD is $50 on their official website, yet on Amazon and other online stores, the same product goes for half the price, averagely $25.

Does Super HD really work?

Various studies have been carried out to try and investigate the real effect of caffeine anhydrous and the other active ingredients contained in Cellucor. Almost all the studies post similar results. Within one week, people who took the supplement lost around 3.7 pounds. Other studies show that caffeine can be used to effectively reduce weight in people suffering from obesity within a short time. Remember that these are only studies, not clinical tests. Other studies have been conducted showing that although the stimulants solution is very fast and effective, its effects wear off as fast as they come. The results would be better if they were combined with a calorie controlled diet. Meaning that if you want the results to last, you should probably combine intake of the supplement with a disciplined diet and regular exercises.

Comparing Cellucor Super HD to other fat burners

Super HD is considered to be a fairly safe supplement possessing qualities that exhibit relatively mild side effects. The tradeoff of the compound comes when you expect the supplement to accelerate your muscle mass buildup where the results will be relatively low as compared to the results gotten after using one of the stronger steroids such as Dianabol. The good news is that, although Super HD produces low results, the gains are quality without any fluid buildup, as it is the case with the stronger steroids. The gains are pure muscle, which will be much easier to retain even after your cycle is complete.


After looking at the ingredients and composition of Super HD, it is obvious that the compound has the potential to produce great results. I like the fact that most of the ingredients listed are very effective at burning fat and increasing body metabolism. On the other hand, based on the reviews from customers, it is proven that the supplement does indeed deliver as promised. The only concern is the mention of the severe side effects associated with the product, but that shouldn’t matter a lot seeing that they are only experienced after overdosing on the product.