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eResversatrol™ Does It All

Resveratrol is the molecule in red wine that is believed to help protect against heart disease, and recent studies strongly suggest that these health benefits represent only part of the compound's potential.

A 2006 study in mice showed that resveratrol can help decrease mitochondrial dysfunction, one of the main causes of aging. Resveratrol actually restored mitochondria, the "power plants" of cells, to more youthful levels of energy output and efficiency. In this way, resveratrol can perhaps actually reverse the aging process instead of simply slowing it down.

Resveratrol can also turn on the SIRT1 gene, or the "skinny gene." As this gene is activated, specialized proteins are formed that protect cells from free radical damage while improving fat metabolism. This process produces effects similar to those produced by a calorie-restricted diet, a method that has been shown to improve health and prolong life in virtually every species that has been tested.

As one of the leading researchers in calorie restriction and SIRT1, Dr. James Johnson recognized the dramatic impact that resveratrol could have on health and longevity.  To harness its amazing power, he formulated the supplement eResveratrol™. Containing 99 percent of one of the purest forms of resveratrol, Dr. Johnson's eResveratrol™ can help slow the aging process, prevent disease, increase metabolism, and optimize your health.

Take advantage of the many benefits of eResveratrol™. If you only take one supplement…make it eResveratrol™.

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Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™

For individuals whose primary goal is to lose weight, the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ can be an ideal complement to eResveratrol™. The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ - popularly known as the JUDDD Diet - is redefining the benefits that are possible with dieting and the ease with which it's possible to achieve them.

Dr. James Johnson based the UpDayDownDay Diet™ on the science of alternate-day calorie restriction. For many years, scientists have recognized that a calorie-restricted diet can offer profound benefits, including a lower risk of disease and an increased lifespan. But the sense of deprivation that many individuals feel from denying themselves their favorite foods can often make strict daily calorie restriction impractical.

However, recent scientific evidence suggests that alternate-day calorie restriction can be just as effective as daily calorie restriction, if not more so. Based on these findings, as well as the natural human desire to eat tasty foods, the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ was designed to be a practical, long-term solution for weight loss, weight control, and optimal health. Dr. Johnson describes the UpDayDownDay Diet™ and the science behind alternate-day calorie restriction is his book, The Alternate-Day Diet. Both alternate-day calorie restriction and resveratrol "turn on" SIRT1, a remarkable gene that, when activated, can improve metabolism and prevent cell damage.

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The Alternate-Day Diet

In The Alternate-Day Diet, Dr. James Johnson describes his own struggle with weight loss and the epiphany he had that led him to develop the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™. The book offers a complete overview of Dr. Johnson's approach to dieting on alternate days, and includes specific instructions, tips, and recipes for you to follow in order to benefit from this revolutionary plan.

Throughout his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. James Johnson has been committed to helping patients feel comfortable in their own skin. As he counseled both men and women on the best ways to control their weight after body contouring, he became increasingly passionate about finding less stressful and more effective ways for them to do so. His quest led him to become one of the foremost researches and innovators in the field of alternate-day calorie restriction. Dr. Johnson has published numerous scientific articles on the benefits of alternate-day dieting, including the first publication that shows how this diet can treat disease. He is the author of The Alternate-Day Diet, a book that details his own specific approach to dieting on alternate days – the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™.

Dr. Johnson continues to study how both resveratrol and the UpDayDownDay Diet™ can activate the SIRT1 gene, thereby improving health, slowing the aging process, and prolonging life.

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In the Media

Dr. James Johnson and the UpDayDownDay Diet™ have been featured in numerous media outlets and publications, including the Chicago Tribune, Elle Magazine, and Men's Health.

Resveratrol and its advantages have also been prominently featured in the media, most recently in an ABC news segment with Charles Gibson.