Trenbolone: The Complete Guide to this Steroid

There will always be discussions about steroids and their effects on the body, as we are going to look at one of them named Trenbolone. There is a likelihood that you have come across this name, especially if you were browsing the internet in search of an effective steroid that comes with minimal side effects. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is administered in the form of an injection. It holds a very high place in the list of the most preferred muscle mass booster by bodybuilders and athletes.



Just like I have mentioned above, Trenbolone is classified as an injectable steroid with a very powerful effect on muscle mass buildup, a characteristic that has perhaps contributed to its rise on the list of most preferred steroid worldwide. Just like any other steroid, there is in the market today, the product was originally meant for use in the veterinary industry for boosting the muscle mass of animals. Its effects on animals were quite impressive, and that’s how the fitness and bodybuilding industry gained interest in the substance.

Origin of the product and how it works

This anabolic androgen was for created by the Hoechst Roussel german company for veterinary use only. The marketing name for the product was originally Finajet and Finaject, until around the 1820s. As it is common knowledge, the use of steroids runs back to the 60s, where it was not regulated by any authority at all. This also saw the rise and diversity of Trenbolone as a product for human use, due to its powerful anabolic action. This also introduced a platform where other products containing Trenbolone were introduced in the market, including counterfeit drugs under the label of the original Trenbolone. One of the original product sold in those years was Negma, a French production product composed of the Trenbolone compound, but the distribution of this particular product was discontinued in the year 1997. From there, the production of illegal steroids rose to very high levels, especially to bodybuilders and athletes. It is possible that some of these productions were carried out in controversial laboratories under unknown conditions and using products that were not clinically tested and proven to be safe for human consumption. Today, there are a lot of products containing Trenbolone substance available for sale in the market, including some which are not mixed with any other ingredients.

The highest composition of Trenbolone is taken by an active ingredient referred to as Trenbolone, where the name of the steroid is derived from. A closer look at each of the ingredients in this drug will give us a clearer explanation of how the substance works in the human body.

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Forms of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is available in three different forms, which include: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Acetate. Among the three, the most popularly used is Trenbolone Acetate, which has an effective life span of up to 3 days. Its fast absorption and excretion in the body system are probably what gives it a very fast reaction, a factor that further contributes to its popularity in the market. This characteristic can be considered both as an advantage and a disadvantage since it has both a fast absorption and a short life span of only 3 days. This means that in 3 days, you should probably look for another injection if you are hoping for visible results.


As mentioned above, the life span of Trenbolone is only 3 days. Therefore, the user should get another injection every three days for effective action of this steroid. The product is available in 50mg and 100mg dosages, which require frequent intake repetition as we have already seen. In other words, the recommended dosage per week is around 400mg. This will give you a rough quantity of how much of the drug you should purchase for a month’s supply.

Benefits of Trenbolone

As it is in every steroid, the benefits come with controversial side effects whose severity depends on each individual and the dosage intake. Some people choose to overdose on steroids, to try and achieve quicker and greater results. Unfortunately, this is not always beneficial as it can result in very harsh side effects that sometimes lead to irreversible damages to the body. It is, therefore, advisable to stick to the recommended dosage, no matter how slow the results may seem to take to manifest.

So does Trenbolone has visible effects? The answer is yes. It is a very powerful product that delivers several significant and visible effects on athletes and bodybuilders all over the world. Some of the benefits that come with using the products include:

  • Very fast reconstruction of muscles as compared to other anabolic steroids in the same category
  • Easier fat loss process because Trenbolone helps the body to convert the stored fat into energy that is used during workout sessions
  • A gradual increase in the levels of cortisol
  • Promoting nitrogen retention in the body
  • Strengthening and empowerment of the muscles.
  • Cutting phases

The Best use

To be clear, there has never been the best use of steroids due to their high-risk nature to the human body and possible illegality of most of them since they are outlawed in most countries. However, if you are still convinced that this product will be vital for your training and enhancement, below are some of the tips to help you achieve maximum results and avoid as many side effects as possible.

  • Do not take an overdose of Trenbolone so that you can achieve faster and better results. Firstly, this never works, and secondly, you will be exposing your system to very dangerous side effects of the steroid
  • If you are a rookie, it would be best to start with small doses. The results will be very positive and pleasing
  • There will never be a good viable reason to subject your body to high doses of a powerful drug such as Trenbolone. This will only risk your health without any added positive results.

Side Effects

The reason why Trenbolone is banned in most countries is due to the harsh side effects it presents. Steroids have seen many professional bodybuilders and athletes forfeit their careers due to being suspended after tests show that they have used certain types of body enhancements. Therefore, when you are planning on starting the journey of boosted enhancements using steroids, you should probably consider the consequences that this process will have on your career and your general wellbeing. Below are some of the most common listed side effects of using Trenbolone.

  • Gynecomastia or the appearance of man boobs
  • Increases the greasiness of the skin which promotes a very severe case of acne
  • If you come from a family of hereditary acquired baldness, Trenbolone will see to it that the genes are accelerated and their effect appear faster than accounted for
  • Increased aggression is another effect associated with the use of steroids. People have also recorded falling into unexplained depression after using this steroid for some time

These are merely relatively mild side effects. There are other more severe side effects associated mostly with abusing this drug. These effects may also appear even to people who strictly follow the recommended dosage. They include:

  • Testosterone reduction by up to 70%
  • Cardiovascular-related problems
  • Toxicity to the liver
  • It also affects the lungs leading to very bad coughs sometimes with blood
  • Impotence for men
  • Insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.

Should women use Trenbolone?

Women are highly discouraged from using this steroid as it makes them exhibit characteristics like irregular hair growth, deep voice, and irregular menstrual cycles. The steroid has also been associated with a lot of miscarriages.


Unfortunately, there is no definitive price that has been given in any of its websites or anywhere else. This could be because of some reasons, including the illegal nature of the steroid.

About the real results of using Trenbolone

With the help of Trenbolone, there are vast achievements that you can accomplish within a short time, and with very little input from your side. All you have to do is to adhere to the dosage recommendation, and you will be as happy with the results as most of the other users. The best results of the steroid will have a much better guarantee if you include a regular workout routine and a healthy diet as you continue to take the injections.


The potency of Trenbolone as an enhancement supplement cannot be denied. The main purpose of the steroid is to boost muscle mass buildup and endurance during a workout, and it delivers as expected. You should, however, take time to weigh in whether you really need these steroids to boost your performance or go for other safer alternatives.

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