Kratom Strains: The Complete Guide for beginners in 2019

An overview of Kratom Strains

When you first heard about Kratom, you probably thought that it was just one thing going by that name, right? However, that turns out to be naive because we don’t have only one kratom but plenty of them, enough to delight those who like counting.

Wandering through this kratom world with its dozens of types can leave you confused. However, not to worry because this article will help you pick your way through. Essentially, what you need to know for a start is that Kratom comes in 3 main groups called red, white, and green Kratom. I am going to tell you about each, their properties and much more. But first let’s find out what Kratom is, and where it comes from.

What is Kratom?

American society has lately been flooded with stories about Kratom. Especially with the opioid crisis in the news, Kratom has been brought a lot into the limelight. It is not surprising that many Americans don’t know much about Kratom because it has only recently arrived in the US market. However, long before this, Kratom was a household name in Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries for ages.

People in these regions have consumed it as a favorite to combat many conditions such as stress, fatigue, or depression. Due to the unique climatic and soil conditions of these tropical regions, Kratom thrives best in these areas, and so you are not likely to find it growing anywhere else in the world. For this reason, the rest of the world relies on these remote tropical forests and jungles almost exclusively for its supply of Kratom.

Kratom owes its potent properties to the way it is chemically made up or composed. This is based mainly on what is called its alkaloid content and balance. More than 40 different types of alkaloids have been found in the kratom leaf, each with a particular impact on the body.

However, it is just about 2 or 3 alkaloids of these that are behind Kratom’s incredible potency.

  • Mitragynine – this is what is behind Kratom’s analgesic properties of giving you relief from pain and inducing effects that mimic what you get from opioids
  • 7-hydroxy Mitragynine – This packs even more power than Mitragynine and even morphine. It is believed to be more than 20 times more effective than morphine
  • Paynsntheine and speciociliatine – these acts on the ileal smooth muscles by blocking some of their receptors from functioning

So what are the different kratom strains that you can find? The different kratom strains that you can expect are the following.

Red Kratom strains

Right away, you can tell that Red Kratom from its name is red. That is the color that the veins of its leaves and stems take, clearly distinguishing it from other kratom varieties.

This strain stands head and shoulders above its peers as the best selling variety. It is also readily available in supply compared to other strains. Its popularity is such that not even the combined sales of green and white Kratom can match its market performance. Red Kratom is perfect for those who are just starting their journey with Kratoms.

It is best known for its ability to calm and relax you, especially if you are stressed and your nerves are frayed. It relaxes your muscles and can make a very good pain reliever. It’s an excellent natural substitute for synthetic painkillers, especially when long term treatment is needed. It’s also a powerful aid for sleeping making it useful for insomniacs. Red Kratom is also considered a good strain for cresting optimism and imparting a sense of well being.

Green kratom strains

It has been noted that red kratom leaves tend to appear in the upper parts of the tree. In contrast, green kratom leaves reside in the center part of the tree. Again, as is clear from its name, this strain has leaves with green veins and stems. Even though it tends to share a lot with white Kratom, users know this strain to provide benefits that lie somewhere in the middle between what red vein and white vein offers. Its hallmark is that it can give you energy boosts that do not lead to any jitters as it happens with caffeine. It can make a good substitute for caffeine for people who want to elevate their alertness and concentration throughout the day.

If you are looking for pain relief without going all the way to feeling sleepy, this strain is ideal as it maintains a balanced effect. Green Kratom is also a great aid for your sociability because it generates traits like being outgoing, overcoming social fears, being more cheerful and being friendly as well as being a little carefree. All these qualities can make you more successful in your social engagements. Green Kratom also tends to be more comprehensive in its effects and yet not as potent as red or white Kratom whose effects are less comprehensive. This middle way is useful for people who want a balance between the relaxing, sedative effects of the reds and the energizing and stimulating effects of white Kratom.

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White kratom strains

White Kratom lies on the far end of the scale where  Kratoms give you powerful stimulating effects. Are you looking to elevate your focus, stamina, alertness, mood, and productivity? White Kratom is a good place to start. For many people this beats the otherwise popular morning coffee especially since its energy is described as clean, giving you no jitters or crash. Given these properties that white Kratom gives, you don’t want to use it in the evening as it could mess up your sleep! It is ideally taken in the morning so that it can feel your mood and productivity through the day

Wait, there are more strains!

In case you thought the three above is all there is to the kratom world of strains, you are wrong. Each of the three strains also comes with other strains, this time based on the location where the herb was grown. Some of the well-known locations include Bali, Borneo, Vietnam, Sumatra, Thailand, Malaysia Maeng Da, and the list goes on and on. That means the list of benefits and the way they can be blended is increased, even more, giving you more choice and flexibility on what to go with.

Here are some of these varieties

Red Kratom

  • Red Bali – the most popular kratom strain which comes from Bali in Indonesia
  • Red Bantuaga – coming from Indonesia, this, the strain is known for its potent euphoric effect. This effect is believed to arise because no other red vein strain is dried as it is
  • Red Borneo – this strain is from South Borneo in Indonesia. Red Borneo edges Red Bali in giving euphoric effects and also enhances focus and kills the pain
  • Red Damper – also from Indonesia, this strain values most as a relaxant is strikingly similar to Bantuagie strain in effects
  • Red Dragon – from Malaysia, this strain is quite potent that small amounts of it can trigger an immense euphoric effect. It is not recommended to take large doses of it.
  • Red Gold – this strain which originates from Indonesia compares well with Red Bali as they have almost identical properties.
  • Red Maeng Da – from Thailand, it matches Green Maeng Da in many properties. It is a pain reliever and also produces euphoria
  • Red Sumatra – from Sumatra  Indonesia, this strain is ideal for relaxation
  • Red Thai – from Thailand, it’s, a perfect alternative to Red Bali, so you can switch them and get the same effects
  • Red Malay – coming from Malaysia, it can be substituted for Red Vietnam

Green Kratom

  • Geen Borneo
  • Green Bali
  • Geen Malay
  • Green Indo
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Vietnam

White Kratom

  • White Borneo
  • White Bali
  • White Dragon
  • White Gold
  • White Indo
  • White Thai

In addition to all these, there is also the horned kratom variety which comes for each of the strains of red, white and green.

  • Red horn kratom
  • White horn kratom
  • Greenhorn kratom


Kratom strains are quite broad in range to cater for almost any need, taste, or preference you can think of. Whether you are seeking to enhance your mood, get some stimulation and energy, relieve pain, fight depression, or get better sleep, you are well covered by the galaxy of available strains.

Given this wide diversity of kratom strains that can be be found in the market, one should be careful about where to buy from. This is because this is an unregulated market where all manner of fraudsters and profiteers have flooded the market with fake kratom products.

On the other hand, the variety of strains gives you the advantage of avoiding the long and continuous use of just one strain. This can produce the unwanted effect of tolerance and dependence. With more strains available, however, you can always switch back and forth between strains. Some of the strains have almost identical effects, which means you can conveniently substitute them to continue getting the same benefits even for the long term.

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