James Johnson, M.D., has created the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ and eResveratrol™ pills to help individuals turn on their "rescue" genes. Visit our e-store to purchase The Alternate-Day Diet and eResveratrol™ supplements.

James Johnson, M.D. – the Creator of the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ and the Maker of eResveratrol™

A leading authority on resveratrol and alternate-day calorie restriction, James Johnson, M.D., created eResveratrol™ and the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ to help individuals maximize their health. He developed eResveratrol™ based on the scientific evidence that shows the remarkable effects that pure resveratrol can have on health and longevity. His research on alternate-day calorie restriction led him to the conclusion that this lifestyle can offer similar benefits, such as increased lifespan and lowered risk of disease, in addition to assisting with weight loss. He continues to study how the body responds to alternate-day calorie restriction and resveratrol by turning on the SIRT1 gene, or "rescue gene."

Dr. Johnson's Background

As a prominent plastic surgeon in the New Orleans area and an instructor in plastic surgery at Louisiana State University School of Medicine, James Johnson, M.D., developed a reputation for his vast medical knowledge and clinical expertise. After witnessing many of his patients struggle with their weight, he became committed to finding a way for them to achieve a healthy body weight and improve their health without the stress and difficulty of complying with traditional diets. Upon realizing the implications of a 2003 study on alternate-day calorie restriction in mice, Dr. Johnson began analyzing and researching the effects that alternate-day fasting has in humans. He has since become one of the foremost innovators in this field, having published various scientific articles and also conducting the first study to show how alternate-day calorie restriction can treat disease. His book, the Alternate-Day Diet, is revolutionizing the way that people approach dieting, and offers insights into how alternate-day calorie restriction can prevent disease, increase energy, and slow the aging process.

Dr. Johnson's Research

Dr. Johnson's work has been featured in numerous medical journals, including Medical Hypothesis and Free Radical Biology & Medicine. He co-authored the first study in medical literature that examines the ability of alternate-day calorie restriction to treat disease. The study, conducted on a group of overweight asthma patients, shows that patients' symptoms improved remarkably when their calories were restricted every other day.

Dr. Johnson continues to study the powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative properties of both alternate-day calorie restriction and resveratrol. 


Based on the science behind SIRT1 gene activation, James Johnson, M.D., created eResveratrol™ supplements and the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ so that individuals can benefit from this gene's remarkable effects on health and longevity. To purchase eResveratrol™ or The Alternate-Day Diet, please visit our eStore today.

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