Rev Boost Review: Can This Supplement Cure Your Testosterone Problem?

A short intro to Rev Boost

Are your testosterone levels really up to the task? This is a question which should concern most men, especially those aged 35 and above. 

The truth is that the impact of testosterone levels doesn’t hit most men until their testosterone starts running short, and their bodies begin to creak and show the signs. Testosterone is what gives you your masculine power, such as physical strength, sexual drive, and performance.

Your body is constantly producing it to maintain your masculine activities.


Unfortunately, those levels usually start to slip as you age giving rise to a wide range of nasty things, including hair loss, reduced libido, muscle waste, or weak bones.

Thankfully the market is filled with many products designed to help you tackle your testosterone shortage and restore them to optimum levels. While that’s a good thing for the customer from a rich choice perspective, it also means customers find it hard to know which product is really good for them.

The focus of this article is RevBoost, a natural supplement that has caused a stir in the usually vibrant testosterone booster market. Can RevBoost meet your need as a man to become the man you want to be?

In this article, I will help you know more about RevBoost and whether it can be helpful to your low testosterone predicament.


What is RevBoost? RevBoost is a dietary supplement created to boost testosterone levels in your body in a natural way. It is made from natural ingredients designed to stimulate your body to increase its own testosterone production.

RevBoost is manufactured by Akilawa Inc, a company based in Delaware, USA. It is a privately owned company that produces many other natural supplements aimed at improving health and libido.

RevBoost was the top-selling testosterone booster in 2015 and has been covered by two major networks, CNBC and Fox News. Despite this, the manufacturer remains in obscurity and is not listed among the Better Bureau Business of companies. This is curious for a supplement company since most typically get listed. It also has no FDA certification.

What are the benefits of RevBoost?

RevBoost has several benefits which Akilawa lists as follows.

  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Improves your mood and uplifts your spirits
  • Energizes your libido and sexual performance
  • Increases your energy
  • Makes you have a strong mental focus
  • Can help you gain muscle and strength
  • Enhances your endurance
  • Helps to cut fat and control your weight

Side effects

The product being natural based has few side effects connected to its use


RevBoost touts a patented formula, the centerpiece of its product called LJ100 or Longjack (Malaysian Ginseng). This is a glycoprotein which the company claims have been clinically tested to give you better and stronger muscle as well as stunning endurance and strength to work out better.

This substance, when taken into the body simultaneously, stimulates the body to increase its production of testosterone and cut back on estrogen. Minimizing estrogen in this way causes testosterone to soar and provide the user with enough strength and endurance to perform the very intense workout.

The other secondary ingredients are:

  • Horny goat leaf extract – this ingredient has been linked by some studies to a testosterone increase. As its name suggests it has a critical part to play in improving sexual performance, e.g., it has been used to treat erectile dysfunctional
  • Saw palmetto fruit extract – if your sexual performance is faltering, expect this ingredient also to change that. it combats impotence and also helps in muscle gain
  • Orchich –another ingredient that supports testosterone production, it helps achieve hormonal balance
  • Wild yam root extract – this ingredient will cause your sexual drive to increase and improve libido. It has also been linked to estrogen level increase
  • Sarsaparilla root extract – an important addition that also ups your sexual drive and strengthens your immune resistance to disease, helping you to achieve quicker recoveries for your muscles. This extract will also dramatically increase your strength.
  • Stinging nettle root extract – has a role in enhancing libido. It will also treat stop infections in your urinary tract as well as inflammation
  • Boron acid chelate – it will help dramatically elevate blood testosterone levels, juice up your libido and also minimize menopause problems among women

Other ingredients: L-Arginine, Alpha-Ketoglutarate,  L-Arginine Keto Isacaproate, L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L Glutamine  Alpha-Ketoglutarate

RevBoost also seems to lack some very basic ingredients that are standard for any self-respecting testosterone booster. For example, just to name a few, you won’t find any of these:

Vitamin D3, B12, K2, Oyster, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, B6, Fenugreek, Zinc, and even Panax Ginseng


The company recommends that you should not take more than six pills a day. Preferably one should take one pill a day to avoid adverse reactions. You can take one pill in the morning and the other in the evening with meals using lukewarm water.

The company says that you shouldn’t skip any dosage even for one day if you want to see the best results.

Setting the maximum to 6 pills gives you about 4452 mg of the stuff. This isn’t so bad considering that the average of good testosterone boosters gives you more than 3000 mg.

Because the company does not provide a full listing of RevBoost’s ingredients, people who are on medication should not take it or get a doctor’s advice. This is because some drugs can interact adversely with the undisclosed ingredients in RevBoost.

Why natural supplements beat steroids

For a long time, anabolic steroids were the exciting solution for helping you replenish your body’s testosterone.

 Steroids are just chemical compounds that were invented and made by some clever pharmaceutical companies to be put into the body. They are the artificial version of your natural testosterone, so that means they can act like just like testosterone once introduced into the body. 

The beauty about steroids is that they worked so marvelously even Olympic stars went for them to cheat and win races.

That didn’t last long because we started getting awry tales of steroid nightmares like people getting malfunctioning livers, near-permanent painful erections, and sometimes people not waking up anymore.

This is where natural supplements for testosterone production get their attraction. They come with little to no risks because they are not designed to act as testosterone themselves. Instead, they contain natural nutrients to encourage your body to produce its own testosterone.

Of course, natural supplements come with another attraction because they are usually in the form of pills. So no more painful injections which were the only route for steroids.

Price and availability

You can order the product from the company’s official website or online retailers. Shipping provided free for buyers.

A bottle of RevBoost which holds 60 pills costs $89.95. This amount is sufficient for one month given the dosage of 2 pills a day.

 RevBoost’s price puts it roughly at par with other market competitors though it is higher compared to patent-holding rivals.

There is no money-back guarantee program, although the company runs a 14-day free trial. The trial has a disadvantage for customers in that once you sign up for it, you are enrolled in a monthly auto-ship plan.

This plan automatically charges customers for a new supply each month.

The fact that RevBoost doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee is surprising given its significant sales and the fact that most of its competitors are providing it.

If you want to return the product, you can do so as long as you have not opened or used it and it must be done within seven days.


  • It was one of the highest-selling testosterone boosters in the US in 2017
  • Is made from natural ingredients
  • Has received better media coverage than most rivals
  • Do not require a prescription
  • clinical trials have proven its main ingredient


  • Company does not give information on doses of ingredients
  • Reviews by users are mixed
  • Has no certifications. Not evaluated by the FDA
  • No money-back guarantee
  • The full product (RevBoost’s ingredients) not yet clinically proven


RevBoost appears to work for some people. The product scores marks for a natural formulation as well as its inclusion of ingredients with known benefits of boosting testosterone. Its patented formula, for example, has gone through clinical studies successfully which is a sure win for RevBoost.

However, the company fails to provide information on the doses used for the ingredients. Frankly, this makes it hard to know how effective RevBoost is. A lot of supplements get away with underdosing on their ingredients to save money, and this also means users don’t get the benefits. 

While proprietary formulas can be a good tactic of clever marketing, discerning users want the information to base their buying decisions on it.  RevBoost also needs to go through clinical trials since the only trial that has been done related to its main ingredient, Longjack.

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