Monster Muscle X Review 2019: Can this Monster supplement answer your testosterone problems?

An overview of Monster Muscle X

Is your manhood on the wane, thanks to testosterone running low in your body for age reasons?

Or are you a bodybuilder or fitness buff frustrated that your hard exercise sessions in the gym are hitting a brick wall because you have reached your natural threshold and cannot surpass this limit?

monster muscle x

It happens to all of us!

These circumstances can leave you feeling like a bird trapped in a cage and yearning to get out and fly! But how?

What you need could be a massive testosterone rise in your system to sort out your sorry condition.

Fortunately, a great deal of science and research is advancing to the level that we now have great options that have appeared in the market to solve the issue.

Monster Muscle X is a dietary supplement that promises to do just that,  kickstarting your dipping testosterone levels back to its peaks and allowing you to enjoy the life you had before.

However, we have dozens of natural supplements making similar promises in the market.  Monster Muscle X’s claims aren’t new, so what else should we know about the product?

In this article, I will answer all the questions you need to know about Monster Muscle X so you can decide if it’s a good choice for you to boost your T levels.


Monster Muscle X is a product that entered the market in 2016. Yet the company behind it remains largely in the shadows, reluctant to seek the limelight.  Sadly, that makes it difficult to get any insightful information from the company about itself.

That said, there’s plenty of online conversation among users about their experience of using the product.

Monster Muscle X is a supplement that has been developed because of the dissatisfaction people have had with steroids—synthetic chemicals that were designed to replace the body’s testosterone.  Steroids were quite effective at doing this, and many people were fascinated by the rapid transformation in their bodies. However the thrill did not last as steroids left many with serious side effects many of which were life threatening.,

Eventually, steroids got banned for general use and can now only be used for a prescription.

Monster Muscle X are nutritional supplements created to provide a safe and legal alternative to illegal and unsafe steroids.

Unlike steroids, they are not testosterone but are only meant to stimulate the body to produce its own natural testosterone to their normal levels.

These supplements do not promise the same rapid and brilliant results as steroids. However, their results are meant to be as close as possible as that attainable with steroids, but importantly, without the terrible side effects.


What are the benefits of Monster Muscle X? The benefits of Monster Muscle X can be listed as below:

  • May elevate your body testosterone levels in a completely natural way
  • Can significantly improve your sexual performance and libido
  • Expect faster recovery times from your muscle injuries
  • Postpones fatigue longer allowing you to  workout longer and harder
  • Gets you great growth in muscle mass as well as a fine muscle definition
  • Burns fat quick, making Monster Muscle X your ideal  ally for cutting
  • Better mental focus and clarity 
  • Works fast because it has high bioavailability, and it thus absorbed fast by your system   
  • You enjoy dedicated customer support by email

The action of Monster Muscle X

Monster Muscle X works mainly by attaining the optimal balance in your body’s hormones. It is based on the idea that once this balance is achieved, everything else will naturally follow suit or fall in place.

How does Monster Muscle X do this?

It is by ensuring the proper balance between the female sex hormone, estrogen,  and the male sex hormone, testosterone.

An excess of estrogen has undesirable effects on you such as weariness, a lower sex drive, and sex interest, bloatedness of water in your body, and reduced strength. What Monster Muscle X gives you is to cut back on the estrogen while still maintaining your testosterone at healthy levels.

Side effects

Monster Muscle X is made purely from natural ingredients, so this minimizes the chance for side effects.


Unfortunately, the company does not give a full list of the ingredients that go into making Monster Muscle X. That leaves just a few we have been able to scramble and locate

  • Indole 3 carbinol – this ingredient works to reduce your estrogen levels, thus spurring higher testosterone levels. It does more than this because it rids your liver of toxins as well as cleanses your intestine. It also has a boosting effect on your immunity  
  • Diindolymethane –  this is nothing more than indole 3 carbinol but in a much more concentrated form. It plays the role of maintaining  testosterone levels at optimum ratio levels compared with  the estrogen present  in the body
  • L-leucine – this amino acid is what the body relies on as the building block for protein. Given this, leucine helps you build muscle mass
  • Creatine monohydrate – creatine is a much-beloved molecule that bodybuilder will be familiar with. It is known for its unleashing power of ATP, a goldmine molecule that the body preferentially uses as its storehouse of readily available energy for getting things done in the body. Whether it is working out hard or just thinking, the body depends on ATP for energy on the fly.
  • l-valine –another amino acid,  it is used for helping you make fast recoveries from injuries as well as build muscle mass
  • D-ribose –this is the ingredient that empowers you to do your exercise in terms of strength and endurance. It provides explosive energy for your intense actions
  • Chrysin –this plays the role of an anti-aromatase, The action of this ingredient of blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, the female sex estrogen, means that chrysin helps boost testosterone levels  in the body
  • Curcumin –this is your answer for curbing bloating, helping your muscles have a more dry, hard look that adds to its aesthetic appeal


Monster Muscle X pills are taken 2 times a day. You can choose to take it before your workout. This is optional, but the important thing is to stick to the same time you take it each day.

For best results, take the pills regularly.

One container has 60 pills, which means it will last one month.

Price and availability

Monster Muscle X can be bought from the company’s official website. You won’t find it anywhere else, whether GNC or Vitamin Shoppe or even or Tiger fitness.

There’s a free trial on offer for which you will be required to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. Keep in mind that the free trial subscribes you into their automatic shipment program.

You will receive a 30 day supply of Monster Muscle X, and you will have to try it out for 10 days.

If you don’t do anything after those first 10 days, you will get charged $87.63 on your credit card. After this, you will keep getting a new bottle of Monster Muscle X every month and each time you get charged $87.63.

It is important to call Monster Muscle X  and cancel your subscription before the 10 days are over to avoid this.

Their customer service number is 1-877-880-9518 while their email is given as


  • Is 100% made from natural ingredients
  • You can enjoy a free trial period of the product
  • Cons
  • Can only be bought from the company’s site
  • The manufacturer Company profile is unknown
  • At $87.63, Monster Muscle X is expensively priced
  • There are no customer testimonials
  • It has an auto-shipment program that has caused a lot of customer dissatisfaction
  • Monster Muscle does not have a money back guarantee
  • The company does not provide a full listing of its ingredients
  • Its action is based mainly on inhibiting estrogen in the body. However, the $87.63 price seems like too high a price to pay for such a limited function.


Straight away, some aspects of this product should raise some red flags for customers. The obscurity of the company is of concern because its reputation becomes difficult to judge.

 Of course, I like it that Monster Muscle X is based on a natural formulation so that should sway one to try it. However, this advantage is immediately taken away by the fact that the product charges a very high price, and this, coupled with the obscurity of the company, makes this a very unattractive buy.

It doesn’t help too that the company does not reveal the full picture of its ingredients.  For the company to cloak both itself and the product ingredients in secrecy yet proceed to charge an exorbitant price for its product is very customer unfriendly. Besides, there are plenty of alternative products out there which have a more transparent approach and offer their products at better prices.

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