Ageless Male Reviewed: Should you buy this Testosterone booster?

What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is a product by New Vitality. It designed to improve testosterone levels in men. New Vitality is a company that deals with developing organic supplements to improve general health. They serve a wide variety of customers, especially athletes. Their main offices are located in Edgewood, New York. They have a very competent employee team that put together a profit of up to $55.7k per year per employee. Over the years, the company has proved to be a competitive participant in the dietary supplements market that deals with physical enhancing products. Not only do they have products for humans but for pets as well.

ageless male

There are plenty of reasons why Ageless Male should be an option for men who want to improve their looks or how they feel about themselves. This dietary supplement influences muscle formation in a man’s body to give him a more masculine look. Apart from this benefit, it improves sexual performance. The improved sexual performance provides a person with a sense of confidence. There are also other results noted after using Ageless Male, such as weight reduction. An individual also experiences a sudden surge in energy and can complete physical tasks that they couldn’t perform before. These results are experienced due to the action of Ageless Male on testosterone.

Within the male population, there are a lot of men who have testified that there have been a notable increase or decreases in the levels of testosterone with them which is portrayed by their changing looks and their performance in bed. For most men, these changes occur starting at the age of 50, but nowadays, it is not uncommon to receive reports that even young men are developing this issue.

The signs that there are issues with the production of this hormone within the body start with a change in sex drive. This problem is usually accompanied by the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. These changes are often very private and may not be observable by people. However, issues such as hair loss and accumulation of fat in some areas of the body, such as around the belly can easily be seen, which causes a person to become conscious about how they look.

What are the general side effects of using Ageless Male?

Sometimes due to the fact that every person is built differently, using this supplement may produce some unwarranted results. The side effects may be experienced by people suffering from various ailments such as asthma, low blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. In addition to that, this supplement is not meant to be taken by women unless it is under very specific circumstances.

 It is advised that a person should consult a medical practitioner before using any supplement. When using this supplement, it is important to avoid using other sexual performance enhancement supplements such as Viagra to avoid complications.

Testosterone is the hormone that influences physical development in males. To maximize the action of Ageless Male on the body, four key components are infused in this supplement. The following are its contents:

  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a mineral that is very essential to the body. It’s believed that this vitamin helps with increasing the production of testosterone. Since it cannot be synthesized naturally by the body, it has to be taken orally. Vitamin B6 is a major determining factor of the amount of testosterone being produced in the body.

  • Zinc and Magnesium

Not only are these two minerals vital to the general health of a person, but they also facilitate an increment in testosterone production. They are infused with other ingredients in the supplement to make it more effective. If there is a need to add to the content of Zinc and Magnesium, there are foods that a person can include in their diet such as meat especially of the red variety, green vegetables such as spinach beans and seafood, especially oysters. However, a consultation with your physician is vital before making any alterations to your diet.

  • Fenugreek

This is the most significant addition that makes Ageless Male a potent product. The substance found in Fenugreek, saponin is the main contributor to the amount of testosterone being produced by the body. Apart from influencing testosterone production, Fenugreek also burns excess body fat to prevent weight gain so that the action of Ageless Male on the body is noticeable. On the effect that it has on libido, a remarkable difference with the sex drive before and after using the supplement is quite notable which is manifested by the ability to maintaining an erection and also cures low sperm count.

What are the benefits of using Ageless Male?

The manufacturers and distributors of Ageless Male have ensured that the pricing on their product is very affordable. They have made sure that their product is available online and in stores. By having their products online, it assures customers that their privacy will be protected and that the transactions are legitimate and government approved.  Some of the contents of this supplement have other benefits besides the strictly intended ones. The body, therefore, benefits in different ways such as improved immune systems and enhanced chemical balance.

There have been extensive researches on the contents Ageless Male, and it has been found that it’s an extremely safe product for people to use and there are no complications experienced when using it. Another factor that makes it a convenient choice is the fact that it has a return policy with a window of up to 30 days.

As much as there are benefits of using Ageless Male, there are also a few notable problems associated with the product. For example, there haven’t been conclusive researches on its real effectiveness.  Some of the customers who have used this product in the past have not given any feedback about what changes they observed on their bodies after using it. Although it is a viable and reliable supplement, there are still doubts about whether the combination of its ingredients really does make it more effective. The variety of questions that arise are basically about its legitimacy in the market as compared to other dietary options.

Instead of having a big effect on the intended area, that is muscle building, the major effect is felt on an individual’s sexual drive. This means that a person can also take these supplements for this reason as well.

What about the price and delivery of this product retailing?

The pricing on this product is clearly indicated online and that it may be different depending on the retailers. The ordering process is quite simple, and delivery is done in two days from the date of purchase. The standard price is set at $29.99. This price decreases if the delivery is being done at home and it is free if it is at a store. Therefore, it is an option that is quite convenient for the client in terms of cost. With the purchase of this product comes a policy that allows its return within 30 days since purchase and a customer is assured of a refund without any follow-ups.


Usually, it is advised to take the supplement at least two times a day and one tablet at a time. After taking the recommended amount, it requires time for the results to be seen.


Regarding the application of this supplement, it should be taken strictly orally. Although there are no confirmed reports that this product actually works, Ageless Male is an approved supplement that is safe for human use. It is evident that it offers other benefits to using it, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the body will grow deficient of essential minerals. Also, Ageless Male is a product that is meant to improve the physical appearance of a person and not to treat ailments.

A few questions have been raised over the fact that the price of this product is considerably low in comparison with other supplements. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation if there should be a reason that there should be any concerns about its safety.

It is paramount to realize that Ageless Male is used on its own if you want to achieve the best results since mixing supplements may cause the body to react differently from the expected way. Some studies have shown that there might be no changes in the testosterone levels even after using it for the recommended time. This may be an indication that there are other existing problems with a person’s health and thus they should go for check-ups. It is crucial to carry out research before going into the market to look for a dietary supplement, to understand what to expect after using a specific product and what suits you the most.