Winstrol: How strong is this steroid? Pro’s & Con’s

Winstrol Review

When you are trying to live a happy life, gaining back those extra pounds that you worked so hard to burn may seem inevitable. Trying to cut the weight again can be a slow and painful process. It’s at this point that many people start to explore other options such as supplements that can help get rid of the excess fat more smoothly. In this world, you will come across Winstrol, an anabolic steroid that has seen many athletes and bodybuilders acquire model bodies.


Winstrol is a drug that was introduced back in the 1960s, and for many years after that, it created a lot of athletic doping scandals everywhere in the world. The product is composed of a chemical known as Stanozolol, derived from dihydrotestosterone. In the past years, Winstrol was used as an anabolic steroid aimed at minimizing the quantity of body fat, specially engineered for individuals who are planning on entering the cutting phase without necessarily losing their muscle mass. It was and still is manufactured by Sterling-Winthrop labs, which is based in the UK. This man-made formula was primarily designed for medical purposes. In its capacity as an official medical drug, Winstrol is used to treat conditions such as angioedema, anemia, and osteoporosis. The official brand name of the product is Winstrol, but over time, most of its users, especially in the bodybuilding industry, have come to know and popularly refer to it as the Winny.

Later in the late ’70s and ’80s. The Winny started to gain popularity in the bodybuilding and athletic communities. According to the latest clinical tests done, the drug does not just shape the body of the user almost into a Greek god, but the side effects of the drug can be very extreme, leading to death in some cases. This is probably the reason why most people opt to use the legal alternative of the Winstrol which mimic the effects of the Winny without exhibiting the side effects of the real drug.

The legality of the drug

In the United States of America, the use of Winstrol is controlled and only allowed for medical purposes only. There are, however, some sporting agencies such as the Olympic committee and the world doping agency who completely restrict the use of Winny in any of their contests. This means that any contestants caught using the drug will be fined and even banned from the sports.


Each tablet of Winstrol contains Stanozolol, methyl, 5-alpha, dibasic calcium phosphate, D&C red, lactose, magnesium stearate, and starch.

Dosage administration

The use of Winstrol has been associated with serious adverse reactions, most of which were related to the dosage. It is therefore important that the users consume moderate amounts of the drug as recommended by the manufacturer. The recommended dosage for either physical enhancement or continuous treatment of a certain condition is 2mg, three times a day. If a favorable response is achieved in terms of no exhibition of any form of adverse reactions, the user should either increase the dosage slightly over the next few months or maintain a 2 mg dosage per day. The drug should not be taken before a dental extraction or any other traumatic surgical operation on the user.

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Benefits of Winstrol

Below are some of the benefits associated with the right usage of the drug:

  • Cutting body weight while maintaining your muscle mass: This is the benefit that most people are looking for when they purchase Winstrol. The drug maintains your already existing muscle mass while at the same time cutting down your body fat. Maintaining your muscle mass while you are trying to lose weight would be impossible if done without the support of any drug because the body has to balance anabolism and catabolism. Fat loss triggers catabolism.
  • Improves the blood flow: Winstrol also facilitates better blood flow to your muscle tissues, which will improve your strength and stamina. There is very little blood available in your muscle tissue, and it runs out very quickly. Winstrol enlarges your blood vessels so that you can get those nice looking veins protruding on your biceps and your muscles get the blood they need a lot faster.
  • Increases the body’s sensibility to testosterone: It is possible to have enough testosterone circulating in your blood and to be totally non-responsive to it. If this happens, you are no different from someone with low testosterone levels. Winstrol increases the number of testosterone receptors in the muscle cell and everywhere else in the body so that you get an increased androgenic response naturally.
  • Increases your strength: Based on the above benefits, already you can see two ways in which Winstrol increases the overall strength of the user. This is accomplished by improving the available blood flow to your muscles and increasing the testosterone receptors in the bloodstream. Together, these effects have a very big influence on a person’s physical performance, stamina, and power. Will notice a sudden surge of power, and as you continue to work our more vigorously, this strength will be a part of you permanently.
  • Minimizes water retention: Sometimes, being overweight does not necessarily mean that you have a lot of stored fat, sometimes it’s just retained water weight. Winstrol takes care of this too. It reduces water retention in the body while keeping your muscles firm but not to the point of causing joint pain.

The side effects of Winstrol

  • Acne: This is a very common androgenic side effect caused by using any steroid. Testosterone hormones are anabolic, meaning that they stimulate the synthesis and production of muscles. Unfortunately, this simulation affects a lot of other things like sebum. It increases levels of sebum in your skin, raising the likelihood of your pores becoming clogged, which will generate the appearance of pimples all over your body.
  • Baldness: Another androgenic effect associated with most steroids. The activated form of testosterone is known to attack the hair follicles in your scalp, and this is the reason why people with very high levels of testosterone end up being bald.
  • Insomnia: Winstrol can change your emotional well-being and affect the way you handle stress. It can even increase anxiety or stress, and some people have reported that Winstrol increased their aggressive behavior and hyperactivity. The most common effect is insomnia, where the user has sudden unexplained wakes in the night for no particular reason.
  • Changes in libido: These changes do not necessarily include an increase in sex drive, they can also be a complete lack of sexual desires. Again, this has something to do with the change in testosterone levels.
  • Joint Pain: Among the benefits of Winstrol, is lowering the water retention in your body. Since your body requires a type of lubrication referred to as synovial fluid, and this fluid tends to run out as the water in your body is reduced, without another lubrication option, your joints start to rub against each other, causing you pain.
  • Cholesterol Problems: Winstrol and any other type of steroid can cause the bad type of cholesterol. This can be life-threatening, especially if the user has any other history of cardiovascular disease or any other heart-related problem because it increases the chances of heart attacks or stroke.

The price

A month’s supply of Winstrol goes for around $61.99. There is also the offer package that includes a 2-months supply for $41.32 for each bottle, plus another free bottle. The drug can only be found on Winstrol’s official website because it is outlawed in most countries. Before purchasing, remember that the Winstrol cycle dosage is the most effective, but it is only 100% effective if paired with regular exercise routines and a disciplined diet. The before and after-effects of the drug can also include very adverse effects.


The question now is, should you buy Winstrol? Well, at least the drug is available in tablet form, and there are some positive comments posted online by some users. Then again, all the negative side effects that come with using this drug are a bit alarming, and the additional numerous negative complaints posted online are not comforting either. If you really want to boost your testosterone levels naturally, improve vitality and develop lean muscles, I would suggest that you get a product that is packed with clinically tested ingredients, is not associated with any harsh side effects and is available at an affordable price.

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