Nandrolone: Here’s a Comprehensive Breakdown of this Steroid

Introduction to Nandrolone

As an avid bodybuilding enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the likes of Schwarzenegger, Big Lou, Franco Columbu and Serge Nubret (Black Panther) right? Well, you will love to know that during their bodybuilding days, Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) was the most popular and safest anabolic steroid in the market. And don’t you just love how their bodies were symmetrical?

Ever since, Nandrolone is still used by athletes and bodybuilders to boost their athletic performance and enhance the effectiveness of their workouts. Moreover, Nandrolone is still among the most popular anabolic compounds in the market and is widely deemed one with milder anabolic and androgenic effects.


Have you been thinking about starting to use Nandrolone to increase your gains and elevate the intensity of your workouts? Well, this stacked guide has got you covered as it will reveal to you everything about Nandrolone.

Nandrolone History

Nandrolone was initially released in 1960 by a company known as Organon under the generic name Nandrolone decanoate. The manufacturer’s later branded the compound as Deca Durabolin. However, although Nandrolone’s decanoate ester variant was introduced in 1960, Nandrolone itself had hit the market three years earlier. Initially, the compound had been developed to assist post-menopausal women to overcome arthritis, treat osteoporosis, and to slow down muscle degeneration in patients. 

When bodybuilders and other athletes realized that Nandrolone increases bone density, soothes joint pain, and most importantly, boosts muscle development, they quickly adopted it. Before long the compound had received massive use and went on to become one of the most widely used anabolic steroids.

What is Nandrolone?

Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid (a natural or synthetic adaptation of testosterone). By the way, the chemical composition of Nandrolone is quite similar to that of testosterone. The only difference is that Nandrolone has one less carbon atom in the 19th position (that’s why it is called 19-nortestosterone). When this modification was made, it was intended to reduce testosterone’s androgenic effects and increase its anabolic properties. Consequently, Nandrolone users are less likely to develop side effects such as acne, or hair loss, unlike testosterone users.

Another distinguishing feature of Nandrolone is that its active ingredient has a long spike, given that its effects kick in 24 to 48 hours after it is injected into the muscle, and is released gradually until the dose wears out. Moreover, Nandrolone has a prolonged half-life of approximately 12 hours, which means that it takes longer for its effects to diminish, giving you the best value for your buck.

Nandrolone works by increasing the retention of nitrogen in the body, which encourages the synthesis of proteins. Due to the high rate of protein synthesis, the body manages to utilize the protein in one’s body to build mass. Moreover, Nandrolone stimulates the production of collagen, which encourages smooth joints and increases the levels of IGF-1, eventually increasing the creation of the growth hormone.

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Nandrolone Benefits

  • Boosts Nitrogen Retention

As you may know, nitrogen is a crucial element when you want to build muscle. This is probably the reason why you want to consume more kales and smoothies to up the nitrogen content in your muscles. However, building muscle also depends on how much nitrogen is retained. Taking Nandrolone will take you a step closer to your goals by helping your muscles keep nitrogen for longer periods.

  • Increases Bone Density

In 1983, the FDA sanctioned Nandrolone for the treatment of osteoporosis because of its effects in increasing bone density. Save for osteoporosis Nandrolone is also useful in the treatment of various metabolic disorders. Researchers have found that this compound enhances the bone mineral content and boosts the absorption of intestinal calcium.

  • Increases lean muscle mass

Are you accustomed with the anabolic trio? As a fitness enthusiast, this is the only trinity of which you should be concerned. And that’s nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and inhibiting glucocorticoids. This trio changes everything about how your body builds muscle and heals after an intense training session. Moreover, it’s the trinity’s synergy that will allow you to build lean muscle tissue during the cycle.

Increases IGF-1

Insulin-like growth factor, also known as somatomedin C, plays a crucial role in child growth and has anabolic effects on adults. IGF-1 is like a magic protein; first, it enhances the muscle-growth stimulating impacts of anabolic steroids and growth hormones. Again, it also:

  • Enhances Mood
  • Lowers triglycerides
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Regulates insulin resistance
  • Improves the grey matter

Increases strength

Although Nandrolone does not give you the monstrous increase in strength like other anabolic steroids, it will provide you with a nice boost to your lifts. You can feel this increase in power and even retain some of it after you’ve finished your cycle. This is huge considering that oral steroids leave you feeling weak and unable to lift after completing the cycle.

Beneficial to the joints

Athletes and bodybuilders engage in intense workout regimens that sometimes leave them with painful joints or other forms of pain. When you take Nandrolone, it stimulates the production of collagen III in the joints and relieves the pain. For this reason, it is prescribed to arthritis patients.

Moreover, numerous athletes and weightlifters have said that Nandrolone is an effective pain reliever, even for chronic pain.

Boosts appetite

This is one of the Nandrolone benefits that makes it highly suitable for the bulking phase. If you want to gain more mass, there is only one way to it; you must put away more calories than what you burn during exercise and your daily regimen. That becomes quite challenging when you are not accustomed to eating too much. However, Nandrolone will give you quite the munchies.

Other benefits of using Nandrolone include:

  • Treatment of anemia as it increases red blood cells count
  • Is beginner-friendly
  • Increases endurance
  • Milder side effects as opposed to other anabolic steroids
  • Decreases production of estrogen

Side Effects

Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) may inhibit your ability to realize an erection aka Deca Dick. The most logical explanation is that using the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, Deca Durabolin decomposes into Dihydronandrolone (DHN). Subsequently, the DHN replaces the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the androgenic tissue in the penis. This is a problem because DHT is supposed to decompose into neuro-steroids responsible for an erection during sexual stimulation.

Inhibits Natural Testosterone Production

While the aromatizing undesirable effects of Nandrolone are not as grave as those manifested by other anabolic steroids, it can still hamper the production of endogenous testosterone, even when taken in small doses. This can lead to a reduction in libido.

Genital Issues

This is a somewhat sensitive issue, although the possibility cannot be overlooked. While there’s a chance that Nandrolone can contribute to the increment in the size of one’s dick or boobs, this condition may also be accompanied by testicular atrophy and impotence. Moreover, your sperm may be unable to form correctly, and if you get an erection, it may be painful.

Androgenic effects

Again, Nandrolone is more preferred because most of its side effects are milder compared to those of other anabolic steroids. Consequently, you may still experience effects like acne, hair loss, and even rapid growth of body hair.

Estrogenic effects

Some of the estrogenic effects that may arise from using Nandrolone include gynecomastia (Man boobs or ‘moobs’) and water retention.

If the water retention intensifies, you may be at risk of high blood pressure. For these reasons, it is advisable that you accompany Nandrolone with anti-estrogen medications.

Cardiovascular Health

Using this anabolic compound may compromise your cardiovascular health by reducing your levels of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). As a result, you must go an extra mile to go on a diet that is rich in omega fatty acids and minimal saturated fats. Furthermore, you will require regular cardio in addition to weightlifting.

Possibility of Bleeding

Majority of anabolic steroids lead to blood thinning. Consequently, it is inadvisable for you to undergo surgery during a Deca run because you are prone to high bleeding. Moreover, you run the risk of frequent nosebleeds; you may even bruise more easily.

Psychological issues

Using Nandrolone has been associated with various mental problems, including insomnia, depression, and irritability. Moreover, it may affect your emotions, leading to mood swings and emotional numbness.

Toxic to the liver

Yes, it is mild, but all anabolic steroids are not liver-friendly, especially the orals. Here’s a tip, if you think that you drink too much alcohol, or may have liver issues, it is smarter to keep away from Nandrolone, or at least stop drinking.


The active ingredients in this compound are Nandrolone decanoate, 50 milligrams per one milliliter of fluid.

The other components are benzyl alcohol 100 milligrams per one milliliter of fluid and Arachis oil.


When it comes to the cost of Nandrolone, it may vary depending on the supplier from which you buy. However, unlike other anabolic steroids whose supply is heavily controlled by the FDA and the DEA, Nandrolone is more readily available in pharmaceutical outlets.

Again, the prices vary according to the form of Nandrolone that you’ve decided to purchase, given that this compound is available in both powder form and as a tablet.

When it comes to the Nandrolone decanoate powder, it goes for around $79.88. However, the Deca Durabolin tablets are slightly more expensive and are sold for $97.16. Again, it depends on where you purchase your product.


As a general dosing guide to Nandrolone, it can be said that the average dose for bodybuilding men ranges between 200 milligrams and 600 milligrams a week. More specifically, consistent results have indicated that the best gains vs. side effect ratio will be achieved when a male administers 4mg of Nandrolone per kilogram of body weight every week.


Conclusively, it comes down to whether you consider Nandrolone to be the right anabolic supplement for your needs. Remember that this is something that you must consider carefully. While there are Nandrolone cycle bears some tremendous benefits, you should also consider the undesirable effects.

Nevertheless, it is not hard to fathom why Nandrolone retains its popularity among athletes and bodybuilders alike. This is because it has consistently delivered powerhouse results to those who are serious about bodybuilding and building lean muscle mass in the most effective fashion possible while keeping the undesirable effects at a minimal.

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