Laxogenin: Is this Plant-based Steroid Safe for You?

Laxogenin: an overview

For anyone who has used performance and physical enhancements supplements for any reasonable amount of time, they probably know about Laxogenin. Even if they have no idea about it, then they probably didn’t realize that they have already used it from their favorite bodybuilding supplement.

Laxogenin has been hailed as the next best thing alongside anabolic steroids and prohormones. That’s because they are supposed to give you the benefits of the latter without their side effects. It’s believed that since they are derived from plants, they are more natural and hence can give you the same stunning results as anabolic steroids.

But can Laxogenin give you this mammoth bargain? The article will look at these questions and more so that you can decide better how this product fits well into your bodybuilding plans.


The early study of Laxogenin is attributed to the Soviets, but the Japanese are also known to have studied it in the 1960s. However, it’s only in the 90s that Laxogenic came more into the public consciousnesses.

Perhaps the event that catapulted it to some level of popularity after persisting in the shadows was when NFL Quarterback Tim Couch was in the news in 2007 for his incredible comeback in the sport. According to a Yahoo Sports news segment, Tim Couch said that this triumph was because of Laxogenin, which helped him to make a remarkable recovery.

Couch had been out of play for five full years. This episode showed that the results associated with Laxogenic could seem phenomenal. Laxogenic’s power is such that people have drawn parallels between it and Anavar, a potent anabolic Steroid with breathtaking potency. Anavar is the trade name for oxandrolone.

Anavar and Laxogenin are both in the same neighborhood when it comes to their anabolic androgenic ratios which are within striking distance of each other. Despite these similarities, Laxogenin and Anavar are quite different, especially in one respect: Laxogenin is a natural compound derived from plants while Anavar is a synthetic chemical. Also, Laxogenin’s success is only moderate compared to that of Anavar.

Laxogenin isn’t a prohormone despite some people thinking it is one. Prohormones are compounds which are needed as building blocks for making hormones. For example, when you take androgenic prohormones, the body takes it and converts it into testosterone.


What are the benefits of Loxagenin? The benefits of Laxogenin include the following

  • Pain relief

It helps to relieve pain which can be useful for post-surgery conditions or chronic pain. This pain relief especially relates to joint pain

  • Recovery from injuries

If you have minor injuries such as sprains in your limbs it can make you heal fast.

  • Cannot be detected in drug tests

Athletes who use Laxogenin may find it advantageous since it cannot be detected by any of the test methods used for narcotic or anabolic drugs. Thus even though Laxogenin has similar effects with Anavar minus its side effects, it cannot be detected unlike Anavar which can show up in a drug test

  • Adding lean muscle

Laxogenin is believed to have the power of increasing your protein mass by 200 percent, a massive explosion of protein. This is linked to your ability to bulk up substantially.

  • Reducing cortisol levels
  • This action has the effect of lowering cellular stress
  • Fat loss

It has been associated with the rapid burning of fat which helps to cut weight

  • No PCT needed

Since Laxogenin has no effect on hormone levels, there is no need for undergoing post-cycle therapy (PCT) which is otherwise required for other agents like anabolic steroids. PCT usually comes with inconveniences like expense and the downtime it imposes on you which can extend for long periods such as three months.

  • Has no toxic effect on the liver

one of the biggest scares of using compounds for bodybuilding is liver damage which can bring untold tragedy to your health. Laxogenin appears to have no such effects based on user experiences so far

  • Suitable for both genders

since Laxogenin does not tamper with the hormone levels, using it for both genders does not cause any gender-related problems such as oversized breasts in men or beard growth, or hoarse voice in women. This makes it an excellent alternative to other compounds with such issues.

  • No DHT increases

this benefit which comes with other agents such as steroids and prohormones ensures you don’t suffer such things as hair loss.

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Side effects

  • What are the side effects of using Laxogenin? The side effects of Laxogenin is minimal, but it is important to note that these findings were only done on animals. There are no safety confirmation studies that have been done on humans.

Some side effects related to Smilax supplements include

  • Stomach upset
  • Kidney disorder
  • Shock
  • Excessive urination
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches

Headaches is one of the most reported side effects of anecdotal feedback from users. Many of the other side effects occur when Laxogenin is taken in high doses.


Even though both hydroxy laxogenin and Laxogenin are derived from the plant Smilax, they are not the same compound and are frequently confused for each other. Laxogenin belongs a group of plant substances called brassinosteroid which identifies it as a substance with steroidal properties. Most brassinosteroids are known for their property of simultaneously synthesizing proteins and preventing their breakdown. This leads to a buildup of proteins. It also played a role in aiding muscle healing and recovery and putting the brakes on the stress hormone called cortisol. This has the effect of adding muscle mass because cortisol tends to prevent muscle buildup, especially when it is in high amounts.


Your Laxogenin-containing supplements typically come in capsules containing 25 mg of Laxogenin. Given this, the dosage usually recommended is 3 to 4 times a day. This amounts to a total daily dosage of 75 to 100 mg per day.

Users may also benefit from cycling the Laxogenin supplements for 6 weeks to 8 weeks before breaking. Breaking off is advisable to avoid acquiring tolerance to Laxogenin. These intervals of breaking off should last for about about 3 to 4 weeks. Other users, however, claim to suffer no adverse effects by taking Laxogenin without cycling.

Price and availability

Laxogenin as an ingredient is used in the formulation of many popular bodybuilding supplements. Some of these include

  • Ano-Genin by Blackstone Labs
  • Primavera by Primeval Labs
  • Halo from Redcon 1
  • STR3NGTH from Olympic Labs
  • Anafuse from Vital Labs
  • Secreta Bridge from LGI


  • Good for strength increase
  • Can help with rapid recovery for injuries
  • Acts quickly


  • The laxogenin market is rife with substandard products
  • Minimal research with humans making it challenging to know the benefits, fur humans
  • Laxogenin is poorly absorbed when taken orally as it has poor bioavailability
  • Though potent, it is not as powerful as anabolic steroids and prohormones


Laxogenin has been depicted as an excellent alternative to other products like prohormones and steroids as a bodybuilder weapon of choice. But for all its touted properties as a safe and all-natural and plant-based solution, should you take it?

One of the most significant downsides of Laxogenin is that no human clinical studies have been done on it. All studies so far have been entirely restricted to animals, and so it’s not clear how well the benefits realized in animals can apply to humans, given the different biology of the two. Moreover, despite the benefits, the long term adverse effects of Laxogenin are not known.

Users of Laxogenin are therefore running the risk of accumulating adverse effects which only become apparent in their bodies with time after the damage has already happened.

The market is also filled with adulterated products claiming to have Laxogenin. Also, most supplements marketed as having natural sources of Laxogenin are misleading. They are usually based on 5a-hydroxy laxogenin, which is obtained from synthetic laxogenin. Analysis of these products also shows that many do not even contain this 5a-hydroxy laxogenin. Many more have been found to have no tests for diosgenin while others are contaminated.

Keep in mind also that the studied benefits of Laxogenin relate to a different compound than the one commonly featured in supplements.

Supplement makers also typically highlight benefits that come from outdated studies such as the ones done by the Soviets in 1976. Most of these studies, beyond being old, are poorly understood as they are yet to be translated from Russian.

Added to all these, is that Laxogenin has a poor bioavailability taken as an oral supplement. This means, regardless of the benefits it may hold, the user will not obtain them.

If the goal is to avoid prohormones and steroids and their adverse effects, bodybuilders have other excellent natural alternatives that have been clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Taken together, all these factors mean one cannot recommend Laxogenin is a good bodybuilding supplement.

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