Equipoise Review: Benefits & Side Effects 2019

This is another anabolic steroid mainly used in the veterinary field. Although the product is meant for veterinary use only, it has slowly found its way into the steroids market and is distributed as an over the counter drug, with its main customers being athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to enhance their muscle mass.

The steroid is outlawed in most countries, but it still finds its way in the major markets. The chemical brand name of this drug is Equipoise while its scientific name is Boldenone undecylenate. The drug is generally used for physical improvement, and this is why it is directly injected to the muscle nerve. There are many other benefits associated with using the drug, and as we all know, the benefits of steroids also come with several side effects.


History of the Steroid

Equipoise is a pretty old steroid developed by a Swiss company known as Giant Ciba, a sub-brand of the Novartis. It was originally developed in the year 1949, and soon after that, several variations of the drug were quickly introduced in the market. Among these variations, was one drug that was sold in the 60s until it was declared to be unfit for human consumption. Not surprising at all that the steroid is still being marketed and sold today as an over the counter prescription, despite its usage being completely banned from use.

Equipoise is mainly used by people who own horses. The added hormone on this steroid is specially developed to stimulate the growth of muscles in racehorses. For human beings, the drug is directly injected to the muscle nerves as this is the fastest way to experience its effectiveness. One reason that has seen the banning of the steroid for human use is the side effects it presents in case of overdosing or if it is used alongside other stimulants. Among these side effects are depression and aggressiveness, where the users lose themselves to the steroid and are not able to control their anger.

Benefits of Equipoise

The steroid has an added hormone as one of its composition, and this is why it can enhance muscle growth in human beings and horses. It also increases the user’s strength. This has seen a lot of people abuse the steroid to try and get more than what the steroid offers. Unfortunately, the only thing that can be achieved from overuse is severe side effects which leave irreversible damages sometimes. Other benefits include:

  • Improved body strength

Since the discovery of this substance, Equipoise has been sold mainly to athletes and bodybuilders as it has proven to be a good source of body strength. It is said that after using this drug, bodybuilders get an amazing surge of power that allows them to lift extra heavy weights and participate in other hard workout practices. The drug also increases the workout time capacity of the users so that a person can work out or race for a longer period without getting tired.

  • Lean muscle gains

this is another reason why bodybuilders and athletes purchase Equipoise. It accelerates the formation of lean muscle mass and gives the users that ripped appearance. For better results, the manufacturer advised users to include regular workout sessions and a healthy diet as an accompaniment to taking the drug. It would also be advisable to consult professionals on how to use the drug with a clear explanation of what you want to achieve at the end of your usage.

  • Provision of a sharp, clean and well-defined muscle tone

In addition to accelerating your muscle growth, the drug improves the sharpness of your muscle appearance as well as giving you that clean and well-toned ripped body. For professional bodybuilders, having a hard tight body is part of their professional goals, and this is exactly what is offered by Equipoise.

  • Helps the body to burn the stubborn fat deposits

Trying to get rid of excess body fat is a problem facing not only athletes and bodybuilders but other normal people as well. This drug encourages the body’s metabolism, which in turn converts the stored fat deposits into usable energy. However, this can only be achieved during exercises and workouts.

  • Improving blood circulation

The drug stimulates the kidneys to produce more erythropoietin, a substance responsible for the production of red blood cells. Secondly, the drug encourages blood flow to your muscles to provide the nutrients needed for a steady and fast mass increment. It also accelerates the healing of the muscles after an injury acquired during a workout.

  • Help treat erectile dysfunction

The increased blood flow does not happen to the muscles alone but to all the body parts. This will help treat some conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and lack of a sex drive.

Performance enhancers have also been known to increase the appetite of the users. This effect is not only exhibited by human beings but also in animals who use the drug as well.

The ingredients of Equipoise

The ingredients appearing in Equipoise are dihydrotestosterone, androstadienone, Equipoise, parenabol, and vebonol. Based on these ingredients, the drug is very effective for enhancing muscle growth in horses and other large races or pet animals.


For human beings, the recommended dosage of Equipoise is very low to minimize side effects. The higher the dosage, the higher the estrogen buildup. Users are therefore advised to be extra careful not to exceed the recommended dosages to avoid over-buildup of estrogen, which could reverse all the muscle mass you’ve gained and the excess fats you had shredded.

The best dosage is between 200mg to 400mg weekly. Remember that this is an over the counter drug, and there is no monitoring on how it is used.

Side effects

Almost all steroids exhibit similar side effects, some more severe than others. These are, and not limited to:

  • Man boobs or Gynecomastia
  • Estrogenic effects that change the voice tone of the users
  • Acne
  •  Retention of more water in the body
  • Unusual hair growth
  • Cardiovascular problems
  •  Reduction in the testosterone levels
  • Insomnia and hallucinations

These are some of the mild side effects that come with the usage of Equipoise. Other more severe side effects include vomiting blood, bone pains, nausea, excessive bleeding, unusual weight gain, sore tongue, dark-colored urine and stool and welling of the lower feet.

In case you experience any of the severe side effects, stop taking the substance immediately, and seek the attention of a doctor. These effects are very common in people who overdose on the drug or use it for other purposes other than the prescribed use. Sometimes, these effects are so severe that they leave irreversible damage.

The most common side effect reported by users is the development of acne on the back, shoulders, and neck areas. The drug also increases the appetite of the user, a negative effect for those using the drug to cut weight.

Is using Equipoise really worth it?

Well, this question is best answered by the individual user. The best thing we can do is layout the advantages and the side effects of the drug so that you can make a more informed decision. Remember, together with the benefits that come with the use of Equipoise are major side effects, some of which can be very severe and disturbing, especially if the user forgets to follow the recommended dosage strictly.


Although Equipoise is not considered safe for human use, the drug has been reported to be very effective in helping bodybuilders and athletes accumulate good amounts of muscle mass in a very short time. Its benefit, however, is not limited to muscle mass and strength enhancement, as we have seen above. It can also be used by people who are struggling with excessive weight because the steroid has body metabolism enhancement properties that also reduce the water retention levels in the body so that a person does not have useless water weight. Still, we cannot overlook the side effects exhibited by the use of this steroid, especially if it is used in excessive amounts. The drug is also outlawed in most countries, and being caught in their possession could earn you a term for a felony, or a hefty fine. Therefore, is it really necessary to go for a drug with so many potential risks, or is it better to go for the safer legal steroids which work relatively slow as compared to these steroids? Well, the final decision is yours to make.

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