SARM S23 Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this New SARM

Introduction to SARM S23

Have you ever come across the following analogy? A man can impregnate several women in one day, daily for 365 days. However, one woman can only get pregnant once within nine months even if she laid several men daily. It appears like SARM S23 have thought about this predicament, and researched a solution. Wait for it. Male birth control.

Yup. SARM S23 has the potential to be used as a male birth control substance. Anyway, we are here for pumping iron business; bulking, cutting, etc. SARM 23 is a novel member of the selective androgen receptor modulator fraternity. However, it’s probably not so new considering its reputation as the most potent SARM bulking agent.

Anyway, word on the street doesn’t matter squat if it can’t be substantiated. As a result, we’ve compiled comprehensive research regarding SARM S23. Here, you’ll find everything from the good to the ugly. Let’s get to it.

SARM 23 Background

SARM S23 is among several SARMs being researched and developed by GTX pharmaceuticals, who’ve made quite a reputation for discovering SARMs such as Ostarine.

Despite the hype surrounding this compound, it is under development by GTX for potential application as a male hormonal contraceptive. However, it is still in its preclinical stages of development, which hints that it is yet to be tested on humans.

SARM S23 demonstrates a significant affinity for the androgen receptor with selective action on the body’s tissues and organs. While this androgen receptor has a high affinity for bone and muscle tissue, it is less drawn to a significant portion of the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract.

According to pharmacokinetics, SARM S23 is 76% bioavailable, which implies that it can be administered orally and achieve peak blood serum levels. This is a plus as it makes SARM S23 easy to use and adopt.

The preclinical information shows that SARM S23 is currently the most suppressive SARM in development. Although this qualifies it as a potential candidate for hormone replacement therapy or application as a male contraceptive, it is held back by its lack of aromatization properties.

The lack of aromatization properties, among other characteristics, have made SARM S23 popular in the bodybuilding community. In fact, a majority of these members claim that S23 is a more potent version of Andarine, without the impact on night vision.

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What are the benefits of SARM S23?

The following are some of the benefits of SARM S23:

Increases Muscle Mass

During its pre-clinical research, S23 promoted the development of lean muscle mass. As a result, it was even suggested for possible applications in treating degenerative muscle diseases. Anecdotal reports also include that this SARM produces some pretty remarkable gains in muscle mass, which has earned it a solid reputation as one of the most potent muscle builders among SARMs

Increases Bone Mineral Density

SARM S23 has a high binding affinity to androgen receptors in the bone tissue. In some studies, S23 has been shown to significantly reduce the degeneration of bone tissue by enhancing bone mineral density. Similarly, stacking SARM S23 can have similar effects on you. As a result, you may experience a broader range of motion, and also lift more (the integrity of your bones profoundly affects how much you can lift).

Boosts Strength and Stamina

SARM S23 can help you work out harder and for longer. People who’ve cycled S23 report an increase in both strength and endurance. This means that you can capitalize on high-intensity workouts without burning out, and before you know it, you may even set a new personal best.

Provides Hard Muscle Gains

S23 contains zero aromatization effects, check. Therefore, you do not incur the risk of bloating or water retention. Therefore, if you are looking to put on some muscle mass with a grainy appearance, this SARM may be precisely what you need. Its gains are so hard that people in the fitness community say that you cannot get that kind of hard muscle gains with any SARM or AAS. SARM 23 is not only ideal for a cutting cycle but also if you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition or want to realize that competition-ready physique.

Enhances Fat Loss

If you know your chemistry, you may be tempted to ask, but anabolic compounds do not burn fat, do they? No, they don’t. However, SARM 23 promotes the development of muscle mass, and as you accrue more muscle, your basal metabolic rate will increase simultaneously.

With more muscle mass, your body will have more muscle tissue to burn more calories. As a result, you will lose fat. However, the amount of fat you will lose is contingent on how much lean muscle you will have gained.

Increased Female Arousal

When a woman passes menopause, her ovaries gradually start producing fewer hormones (testosterone, progesterone and estrogen), which can lead to a severe drop in her sex drive. The androgenic activity of S23 may help rekindle the sex flame of such cougars and get them back on the horse again.

SARM 23 Side Effects

Testosterone Shutdown

The rumor that SARM S23 is the closest thing to anabolic steroids that is available on the SARM market is absolutely right. It is the fact that S23 is one of the most testosterone suppressive SARMs in development that led to its research as a potential male contraceptive. You must be well acquainted with how testosterone suppression can affect not only your sex life but also your performance as an athlete or bodybuilder.

However, you will love to know that these effects are temporary and can be remedied by utilizing a blend of HMG, HCG and Clomid.

Shrinkage of the Prostate and Testicle

On the same note of testosterone suppression, SARM 23 may cause one’s testicles to shrink. While it is for this reason, this SARM is considered useful in treating Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, its impacts on a normal male may be devastating. However, you will love to know that these symptoms stop immediately you cease using the compound, and the results are only temporary.

Increased Body Temperature

The majority of 23 users have experienced an increase in their body temperature when cycling the SARM. As a result, the higher temperature is followed by increased sweating, which necessitates an increase in water intake.

  • Night Sweats- it is somewhat mysterious why users sweat after using S23 (Trenbolone too). However, it is plausible that the body increases one’s metabolic rate, which may lead to thermogenesis, and eventually sweating.
  • Cramping- the more you sweat, you continue losing electrolytes. The more dehydrated you are, your cramping potential increases in a similar manner. To counteract this, you may be required to drink lots of water and supplement with electrolytes.

Increased Aggression

There’s that aggression which makes you just want to push your limits in the gym (channeled aggression). That’s good. However, there’s the one which results in violent behavior (roid rage). Some users of SARM 23 have experienced roid rage, which makes the selective action of S23 highly questionable.

SARM 23 Ingredients

S23 in its purest form should be 2S)-N-(4-cyano-3-trifluoromethylphenyl)-3-(3-fluoro-4-chlorophenoxy)-2-hydroxy-2-methyl-propanamide. Its molecular formula is C18H13ClF4N2O3. However, a majority of the compounds you will find claiming to be SARM 23 may be some other formulas with S23 as an added compound. This is all to say that you must be vigilant before purchasing S23 anywhere.

SARM 23 Dosage

Studies on lab rats advocate that the human dose for S23 should range between 0.5 milligrams to 50 milligrams. Quite broad, huh? However, the impact of SARM23 on one’s body are dose-dependent. Therefore, it all boils down to your tolerance, and what you aim to achieve with the SARM.

S23 is said to have a half-life of about 12 hours, which means that you can split the dose into two or three for lasting effects. Anecdotal reports show that 20 milligrams to 30 milligrams should be a sufficient dose for the men.

Also, the average tolerance for S23 is usually around eight weeks, which is where you should aim to finish your cycle.

SARM 23 Price & Purchase

The SARM industry is not regulated, and it is crucial that you conduct due diligence before committing to any SARM supplier. The majority of the SARMs, S23 included are still in development, and you can never be too sure of the quality. In fact, a recent study indicates that 52% of the SARMs that were bought online this year were mislabeled and did not contain the listed ingredients.


After all, is said and done, it all comes to your analysis of the facts. We’ve done our level best to lay down all there is to know regarding SARM S23, and it is now up to you to make a judgment call.

However, if you don’t mind my final thought, here it is. Considering the current research and the anecdotal reports, it is evident that S23 is a powerhouse that can help you achieve your wildest physique goals. Be it lean muscle mass, hard-shredded gains, strength, and endurance, not forgetting the burning of fat. On the contrary, you may experience some pretty nasty side effects during the cycle, including complete testosterone suppression, among others. On the bright side, these effects are only temporary, and there are several coping measures you can utilize until your cycle is finished. Afterward, you can go for Post Cycle Therapy and regain normal body functions with your muscles intact.

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