Extenze Review 2019: Can Extenze Really Extend Your Penis?

The complete guide to Extenze

For most people — and most men — quality sex means a lot, and not just for procreation. The ability to perform in the bedroom to the satisfaction of the female partner is something that ranks second to almost nothing else.

So imagine the disappointment of many men who find they can barely perform and not for want of trying! They want sex just as much as the next guy but their bodies have simply refused to oblige or obey them. It happens to most of us and will eventually happen to all of us as we age.

Fortunately, some companies are working tirelessly and spending sleepless nights trying to come up with a solution to this annoying problem.

It’s good to know that putting your sexual vigor back in motion is the obsession of some of these folks and it keeps them awake for nights on end.

However, the truth is that not every maker of these products shares this same obsession. Some obsess over something else – your wallet which they can’t wait to drain empty after selling you a bogus product.

Sadly, we now have dozens upon hundreds of pretend products that you shouldn’t touch with a km long pole.

So what should we think of Extenze, a natural dietary supplement that says it can give you supercharged sex life, complete with enlarged penis size? Where does it fall in this? 

In this article, you are about to peek into the secrets of this wildly popular product and find how it stacks up to its claims as wonder sex supplement.


Extenze is a very popular product that has hit the headlines for quite a while for its capacity to rejuvenate a men’s sexual health.

It is manufactured by Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc, which is a well-established company.

That said, the company has had to deal with some lawsuits over misleading advertisements. Marketing is prone to hyperbole, but when we care about that, what are we left with in Extenze?  Read on to see the benefits and side effects of Extenze.


What are the benefits of Extenze?  The benefits of Extenze are remarkable as listed down here.

  • Enhances your sexual life and experience
  • Gives you bigger and much more sustained erections
  • Gives you stamina and enhanced libido
  • Your penis size will get bigger. Keep in mind size refers to both length and breadth, or to use some other stirring words, it refers to length and girth.
  • Can boost your testosterone levels

Side effects

Despite being extracted from pure and natural ingredients, Extenze has shown some side effects with some people. Some of these include:

  • Digestive problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Restlessness, sleep problems, and rapid heartbeat may result because of the stimulant content
  • Feminizing effects: your testosterone may reduce, you may also get men boobs and atrophy of your testicles
  • Nervousness, agitation, panic attacks, irritability, anxiety
  • Migraine
  • Mood swings


Extenze packs a blend of 26 different ingredients, some of which are part of a patented formulation.  Here is a look at them:

Pregnenolone – a very useful compound that can give an enormous lift to your energy and stamina levels. Expect your endurance and strength levels to dramatically go up with the use of this ingredient.

Horny goat weed – if you have ever seen the potentially embarrassing scenes of goats being hopelessly on heat, then you already have an idea about what this herb can do. Of course, for humans, this is a scene that is best reserved for the discreet surroundings of the bedroom where it would be better appreciated. This plant promises to transform you through its action of giving you lasting stronger erections. It does this by releasing Nitric oxide into your penis, making it relax and engorged with blood that gives quality sustained erections.

Yohimbe extract – this bark extract, also known as Pausinytstalia Yohimbe, will drive your libido and sexual ecstasy to peak levels. It is linked with getting frequent ejaculations and enhancing libido. Along with Arginine, it’s great for combating ED or erectile dysfunction.

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Arginine – this is one of the most potent ingredients for male enhancement, and few sexual and testosterone supplements would dare miss it from their formulation. It plays an important role in increasing  Nitric oxide levels which lead to higher blood levels and better erections

Zinc oxide (25 mg) – with this ingredient included, you can go about your business with a minimum of obstacles. It will stop premature ejaculations in their tracks, kill erectile dysfunction (ED) and up your game and overall sexual competence. Zinc has been linked to testosterone and prolactin increase, both of which contribute to great sexual performance. It is also a powerful testosterone booster that brings about a multitude of male enhancement benefits.

Folic acid (400 mcg) – this ingredient which is in the vitamin B class of vitamins, can go a long way in enhancing fertility. It also contributes to the optimum health condition of your genitalia.

Other ingredients: Xanthoparmelia scabiosa, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Ho Shun Wu extract, Korean Ginseng, Damiana root, Velvet deer antler, Black pepper boron (as chelate), licorice extract, hops (as strobile), folate (vitamin B9), Astragalus, stinging nettle, Tribulus Terrestris.

How it is supposed to work

To get the amazing results  Extenze has to offer; it must be used consistently for a given period. Each day of use adds to the effect, which is a buildup in your body that eventually shows in much harder, bigger, and frequent erections.

The ingredients along with the potent Arginine cranks up the Nitric Acid level in your body, which means better blood circulation and harder and bigger erections, which are more easily achieved.

The natural ingredients also work to stimulate the nerves which affect the erectile muscles that are in the penis. This causes much more intense expansion and contraction ability of the penis, with this effect improving by the day.

For this reason, Extenze can be a great aid for increasing intimacy between partners and even restoring a troubled relationship!


Extenze is in the form of pills, but it can also come in liquid form.

You are advised to take one tablet each day after a meal. To get the best results, it is recommended that you keep using it up to 8 weeks when results will be noticeable.

Price and availability

Extenze can be bought from the Leading Health Edge or Amazon.

Since the dosage is 1 tablet a day, one bottle will last 1 month as it holds 30 pills.

So here’ show you can spend on Extenze and ensure you squeeze the most out of it on your limited budget.

  • 1 bottle costs $59 ($1.95 per tablet)
  • 2 bottles cost $109.95 ($1.83 per tablet )
  • 3 bottles cost $159.95 ($1.77 per tablet )
  • 6 bottles cost 309.95 ($1.72 per tablet)

As you can see, the deal gets sweeter as you go down the list and the last bulk purchase gives the fascinating bargain of all.

Extenze ships worldwide and it also provides a money-back guarantee. You only become eligible for the money-back offer if you order from the manufacturer’s site.

The money-back-guarantee offer covers you for 60 days. Fortunately, the 69 days are more than sufficient for you to confirm whether any noticeable positive change has lately happened to your quality of sex.

This full refund policy is a pretty bold move by the company showing the bravado (also Extenze-driven) it has put behind Extenze.

No doubt if the 60 days yields nothing but the same lackluster results despite using the product, then please make haste and return it within the 60-day window to claim your refund. Some things only deserve to be returned where they belong!


  • Is natural based as ingredients consist of heebs
  • Can relieve anxiety
  • A bonus benefit from the DHT blocker in the product which prevents hair loss


  • There are many side effects
  • Some users report non-effectiveness of the product
  • Proprietary formula does not provide information about the amounts of ingredients used
  • No clinical proof that the supplement is effective
  • It is highly-priced
  • Requires regular and consistent use for it to work


Extenze claims to fire up your sexual passion as well help you get a longer penis by as much as 27%. This is an incredible feat and should get any red-blooded man waiting at the doors of this company.

So does it mean we can now happily forget the unwieldy mechanical methods such as pumps, surgery, and extenders as the way to get the dream penis size?

Well, if you were planning on getting your penis permanently bigger on Extenze, then it’s worth knowing that no pill can do this for you.

Instead, the benefits you are likely to get from the supplement is a bigger and better quality erection, which should last as long as your sexual sessions.

And any increase in your penis length when in its flaccid state (when you are not aroused) will only be a temporary thing.

This product will certainly do something for your sexual health but make sure to check with your doctor before you start using it.

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