The Best Penis Extender To Buy in 2019: Is this the Ultimate answer to A Big Penis?

An introduction to the penis extender

Have a small penis that you think gets in the way of impressing your sexual partner? You are not alone because thousands of men are in the same place and feel exactly like you.

Nature hasn’t endowed us all equally, and so some people end up coming a little short on their penile stuff.

Of course, others come at the other end of the pole, acquiring super heavy equipment which most ladies are not about to complain about. (and others don’t find very funny)

But what are the options for you if you have a tiny penis that doesn’t amount to much even when you are stimulated? Or if your penis is curved and refuses to get straight?

This is where penis extenders come in but can they work and are they suitable for you? In this article, you will find out about penis extenders, their uses, and drawbacks. I also give you three top penis extenders in the market.

What are penis extenders

With variations that depend on the manufacturer, the basic model is a plastic device that you wear on your penis. It is fitted with two plastic rings, one that will grip the head of your penis and another it is base.  It’s often termed a traction device because its sides are fitted with such a device.

To use it, all you have to do is wear the extender and then adjust the springs. This will stretch your penis and keep it in that stretched state for as long as you wear the extender.

You can adjust and extend it to fit your liking or to fit your size.

Penis extenders and penis pumps: The difference, please!

Yes, the two are very different from each, so don’t get fooled. Both do work on the penis to try and correct for size, but they differ in certain ways.

A penis pump is aimed at treating erectile dysfunction. You might have a small penis, but this doesn’t mean you have erection problems.

A penis pump will make the penis grow bigger for just a short time by increasing blood flow. After its removal, the penis returns to its normal size.

A penis extender, on the other hand, is meant to extend the penis and lengthen it in its flaccid state (think of this as being big even during the off-peak time!)

The goal is to have a permanent increase in the length of the penis.

You usually wear a penis extender for 4 to 9 hours, but you need to keep this up for 6 months. The idea is that the penis will in time grow and become longer in its flaccid state.


What are the benefits of penis extenders?  The benefits of penis extenders can be listed as follows:

Can treat medical conditions – it has been used for a condition called Peyronie’s disease. This is where your penis becomes curved because of hard plaque that builds up and interferes with the erectile tissue in your penis. Using a penis extender can soften this hard plaque and restore some function by reducing the curve

Treating complication of prostate cancer treatment –  surgery or radiation used to for treatment can destroy the nerves in the penis, causing shortening of the penis and less satisfactory erection. A penis extender may help to restore some lost length

They can also be used simply to enhance sexual experience by those who feel their penises are too small for effective penetrative sex.

Side effects

Can be an inconvenience to use while doing everyday things. For example

  • Sitting down – you’ll find that you often have to spread your legs wide to make yourself comfortable
  • Clothing – you have to avoid wearing some kind of clothes to put you more at ease. For example, you will be restricted to using loose sweatpants, so this does not add to the pressure already on your genitalia
  • Disembarking from or getting into a car – this can be uncomfortable and forces you to make awkward movements that can be noticeable perhaps to others. Considering that car transport is a modern must-have, this can be a hindrance to you fitting in the modern world!
  • This means wearing it on certain events may not be suitable, especially where your poise and personal presence are being watched or evaluated. Imagine wearing this if you are performing to a crowd as a singer, master of ceremonies. It can ruin your day!
  • It can also cause damaged blood vessels and even penis fracture if it is used too aggressively and incorrectly.


  • Can help alleviate certain medical conditions involving the penis and it
  • Can be a great sex aid for better penetrative sex for those with small or curved penises
  • Can lead to better erections


  • Can cause pain
  • Gets in the way of daily activities
  • Can cause harm if improperly used
  • Doesn’t necessarily provide the answer to sexual satisfaction

Top 3 Penis extenders

#1. Sizegenetics

This unique extender was specially built with comfort in mind. A German-made product, it comes with the extremely high quality we have come to associate with German manufacturing efficiency.

The top of the extender is fitted with a suction part that grips to your penis glans. It can then stretch your penis using a system of extension rods or belts.

It’s one of the most popular extenders with customers expressing rave positive views.

Here are some of the winning points which have made customers love it.

Can accommodate any penis size – this is frequent problem user face with extenders, but delightedly it’s not one you will encounter with Sizegenetics. The product takes care of this through a dual-rod system which ensures that all penises, whatever the size or shape are accommodated. It also provides a wide calibration range so that you can set any tension level you want to stretch your member.

Daylong comfort – this is a hit with many users who don’t want the device getting in the way of their daily routines. In the place of plastic straps and nooses that can irritate your skin, the product has a vacuum bulb piece and headpiece so you can use the device for even  8 hours a day.

You can expect a minimum of 0.75 inches of increase in your penis if you use it for at least 500 hours. (about 2 months if you are using it for 8 hours per day)

The downsides are that it’s expensive and new latex and diaphragms rubber components have to be bought every 2 weeks as replacements. This is especially the case with 8 hours of usage.

Check Best Price

#2. Quick Extender Pro

This extender is excellent for its simplicity of use. It makes use of 2 rods to achieve penile traction.

It doesn’t use a vacuum suction for gripping or a belt-based stretch system like Penimaster Pro.

A two-strap system, however, ensures you can count on comfort coupled with the ease with which you can put on the device as well as take it off.

quick extender pro

Here is a quick look at its strengths.

No barrier for any penis size – by adjusting its 2 rods, any penis size can be accommodated easily

Comfortable – it has a so-called Dual Strap System designed to maximize comfort and make it easy to wear. This comfort feature works because it can distribute tension along the shaft and tip

  • Featherweight -it’s so light that users won’t feel a thing in terms of weight. That is because it makes use of ultra-light materials such as aluminum and plastics
  • The materials used to ensure no allergic reactions for those who are sensitive paving the way for long term use if desired
  • It has good user ratings
  • Using this extender for 8 hours a day for 5 months can give you an extra minimum of 2.1 inches in penis length.
  • Minimum girth increases come in at about 0.5 inches.

This product, however, is also quite expensive coming in at $119 for the Value Pack and $359 for the Deluxe Pack.

It is not suited for comfort for certain situations such as when you want to sleep while wearing it. Extenders with belt-stretching easily best it here

It may be uncomfortable on the skin because it does not have memory foam

#3. The Male Edge Extender

This Danish made Type 2 Medical Device extender chooses not to go the path of having a clamp to grip the top of the penis which we see in Quick Extender Pro and others.

Instead, it features a medical quad-strap which still guarantees you with your sizing needs. It is also quite easy to attach it to your penis.


All penis sizes can be accommodated simply by adjusting the two rods in terms of their position.

Provides reasonable comfort and is also fairly easy to wear. To achieve this, it spreads the tension force along the penis length in its entirety. This is in keeping with the recommendations of urology.

It makes use of materials that are scientifically tested and approved. ABS plastics ensure minimal pelvic tension and safety for skin that is sensitive

User reviews and satisfaction of this product are average, so it doesn’t have the same punch as the others in this list based on user perceptions.

This extender will give you a minimum of 0.55 inches in terms of penis extension assuming you use it for 6 hours a day for 4 months

It is clinically proven to deliver you a minimum of 0.32 inches in girth increases.


Like the previously mentioned extenders, this one also has the drawback of being very expensive

It also doesn’t have a cushioning foam which can leave it feeling pretty rough against your penis

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