Red vein kratom Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to Red vein kratom

Talk about Kratom and the most likely kratom type that will be on people’s lips is Red Vein kratom. Why is this?

Among many reasons, it’s the hottest selling kratom strain, easily outselling all the other strains put together. Considering that the kratom industry as a whole is exploding, this is truly dramatic. So what is behind Red Vein Kratom that makes it is so wildly popular?  This article is about to unveil the answers to these questions.


Before you can get to the red vein kratom strain, one needs to know what Kratom is in general. This happens to be the most spectacular plant that thrives in South East Asia. It is related to the coffee species and goes by the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa.

For centuries, Kratom has been chewed, smoked, boiled and drank as tea, etc. by the locals to extract its benefits which included energization to perform difficult labor, treatment for stress, etc. Kratom was not only used for medicinal benefits but recreational effects. Local tribes used it for entertainment activities because of its mood-enhancing and euphoric effects. It was even used as a sexual stimulant to aid sexual performance and vigor.

More than 15 different types of Kratom are to be found, which makes for a very rich variety of effects and benefits which can be obtained by users.

Variety arises from the two things:

  • The location where the Kratom is grown, for example, Bali, Maeng Da, Borneo, etc.
  • Also from the color which the kratom leaf takes. This can be red, green, or white.

The coloration of Kratom makes the type suitable for certain effects and benefits to the user. These are  

  • Red is suitable for pain management
  • White vein shines in providing energy and stimulation
  • Green provides a balanced effect between pain relief and energy

The interesting thing is that you can play around with different doses of these strains to get a breathtaking spectrum of effects with various intensities that almost verge on an infinite number. At very high doses, the effects of the strains seem to merge and become indistinguishable.

One needs to adventurously explore his way around with the information already known so that you can find the sweet spot that works best for you.


What are the benefits of red vein kratom? The benefits of red vein kratom include the following

Pain relief – among all the kratom strains, the red vein strain has no match for its pain-relieving effects. Its special alkaloid makeup has properties that make it a powerful painkiller.

Sleep aid – this kratom strain is also perfect for those with sleep problems or insomnia. Sleep issues are becoming a common problem afflicting many people in modern life. Some have resorted to drastic measures to solve the problem, sometimes leading to tragic results like addiction to opiates or other powerful narcotics. Red vein kratom offers a more natural solution with less adverse effects

Sedation – red Kratom can give powerful sedative effects that have been compared to pharmaceutical grade medicines like morphine. However, unlike these pharmaceutical options, red Kratom is a natural herbal option that delivers its sedative effects without many of the adverse effects of synthetics. At very high levels, however, it can produce extreme sedation that is unsafe. Long term use is also inadvisable because you can build addiction and tolerance. Studies show that red vein kratom has the same effects as high-quality aspirin. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner which may help to ease blood flow and relieve heart pain. Using Red Vein may not be recommended; however, for dengue patients whose low platelet count may be further lowered by the thinning of the blood.

Opiate withdrawal – red vein kratom is ideal in countering withdrawal effects of opiates. Opioid addiction and adverse withdrawal have become a disturbing development in the US, with many lives being lost or people getting emotionally scarred. Since Kratom has not been studied much, it impacts on treating opiate withdrawal symptoms were largely unknown. However, it has now been observed that Kratom alkaloids act on the same brain receptors that opiates act on. This can help to suppress the urge one has for opiates, which can potentially act to cure opiate addiction. Kratom can also deal specifically with the withdrawal symptoms, lessening their intensity and making you more comfortable. Both psychological and physical effects of the withdrawal are drastically reduced so that treatment can proceed more smoothly without severe effects. However, do not attempt to self medicate with Kratom to cure opiate withdrawal and addiction. This process is best done under the care of a detox professional who can give you all the emotional and physical support you need.

Mood enhancement – Red Kratom’s rich content of 7-ohm is what is considered to be behind its power as a mood enhancer. If you are down or feeling depressed, red Kratom can pep you up and lift your spirits.

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Red vein strains

Red vein kratom comes in many other strains and varieties such as

  • Red Thai – this is one of the leading red kratom strains. Although associated with Thailand where it was originally grown, most of it now comes from Indonesia. This follows a ban Thailand slapped on the plant in 1943. Seeds from Thailand were then transferred to Indonesia where it is now cultivated. Though red Thai  does not rate highly among the red vein family for its potency, it’s valued as a painkiller and for its benefits for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms
  • Red Vietnam – this strain which comes from Borneo, is a market leader in providing some of the most euphoric effects. It has also been found to be very useful for pain relief and treating opiate drug withdrawal.
  • Red Bali – also from Borneo, this strain gives similar properties as Red Vietnam except that its euphoric effects are not as potent
  • Red Indo – This strain is grown in Borneo, specifically in West Kalimantan. Hence it is also known as Red Kali. This strain is a good choice for relaxing and getting boosts to your energy
  • Red Horn – this is a strain that is distinguished from the shape of its leaves. It has pointed parts that have been compared to a horn. Red Horn delivers a range of benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, euphoria, and stimulation. Getting these effects is all a matter of dose levels
  • Red Borneo – This strain from Borneo is best known for the power to curb or suppress pain
  • Red Maeng Da – this is a cross created between Indonesian Red Horn and Red Thai. The result is Red Maeng Da Kratom which resembles but surpasses Red Horn in potency
  • Red Sumatra – Sumatra, which is an Indonesian island, is home to this, strain. It has both relaxation and stimulant effects.
  • Red Riau – This strain is also native to Sumatra, particularly the swampy areas. While it induces your body to relax, it is also excellent in stimulating your brain and elevating your focus.


Dosage is always followed at the individual level due to dissimilar attributes between different people. However, you are advised to take between 2 and 4 gm each day if you are just starting on the drug.

This will enable you to study your body’s reaction and tolerance.

Each day that follows from this, you can increase the dose by 4 gm to 5 gm. Always make sure to drink adequate amounts of water as Kratom can have dehydrating effects on your body.

Price and availability

It is important to get the finest red vein kratom if you want the best results. Kratom is a legal substance in the US, but its unregulated status and relatively new presence in the US has made the problem of low-quality products a widespread menace.

Fortunately, a good reputation is something difficult to keep secret so finding reliable vendors is not a hard thing.

Some pretty good kratom vendors include the following

  • Coastline kratom
  • Purkratom
  • Buy Kratom


  • Good sleep aid
  • Relieves pain and anxiety
  • Great for relaxing and calmness
  • Great variety for different effects
  • Most popular strain


  • Some side effects are experienced though if recommended dosages are exceeded


If you are looking to relieve yourself of anxiety, depression, pain, or stress, you won’t have to think beyond red vein kratom. It’s one of the best solutions for handling these conditions.

Moreover, red vein kratom comes with a stunning variety that relates to various locations in the South East Asian region. These include Red Thai, Red Vietnam, Red Maeng Da, etc. Each of these will give you certain variations of benefits building on the Red vein’s hallmark as a painkiller, relaxant, and sedative.

As Red vein is very common, beware that many fakes and underdosed products are circulating in the market. Make sure to closely monitor online user reviews to learn about other people’s experiences on where buy. Despite the presence of counterfeits, reputable vendors can be found from the positive reviews you will get from users.

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