Kratom Drug Test: Things to Consider

Kratom Drug Test: The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard the news lately about Kratom? You probably have because this drug or dietary supplement has soared in use in the US.

For a drug that wasn’t even known in the US a few years ago, that is a stunning rise in popularity. Yet Kratom remains a mystery to many Americans. So it’s not surprising that a kratom drug test is also equally shrouded in mystery.

What indeed is the right kratom drug test, and how do you go about having one? How can you tell that someone has used Kratom, and what do you do in case of a medical emergency? In this article, I will help you explore this issue and more. But let’s first understand what Kratom is, its effects and how it originated.

Kratom and its origin

Kratom is a coffee-like plant for which scientists have picked what they think is the fondest name they can think of: Mitragynine Speciosa.

The tree seems to prefer growing only in South East Asia as it won’t grow much anywhere else. So the Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. have this distinction of being the only countries on earth honored to play host to the plant.

Kratom has been pretty much unknown to the world for hundreds of years except for the natives of the evergreen tropical jungles of South Asia who have cherished it for ages. It’s a potent herb which the local people found handy in a fight many ailments like depression, fatigue, stress, etc. It has also been used to boost the productivity of manual laborers who worked at cultivating their farms.

However, Kratom’s secrets were not destined to remain with these regions forever. In recent years, kratom use has spread like wildfire into western markets and the US in particular. There is an almost uncontrollable boom in its use as a result of the opioid crisis currently gripping America.

Kratom’s power is said to be due to more than 40 different alkaloids found in its leaves. However, researchers have managed to narrow down to two special alkaloids that are the most responsible for its effects.

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine

These alkaloids in varying concentrations give kratom effects that include stimulation, energy boosts, pain relief, enhanced mental focus, relaxation, sleep, sedation, and euphoria.

Is Kratom legal?

Kratom use has been entangled in a lot of legal tussles in many countries. In the US, Kratom is legal, but this came only after a lot of legal drama around it. Even then, it’s all in the cards how long this legal status will stay.

The FDA, the government agency charged with overseeing the use of drugs and safety issues, isn’t too impressed with Kratom and has tagged it as a substance of concern that it is closely watching. It attempts to ban it however has been thwarted by political leaders and other interest groups acting on behalf of a growing number of citizens who say Kratom is more beneficial than harmful.

Many who use Kratom swear that it is a godsend to many struggling with narcotic addiction. Kratom is being touted as a replacement drug for highly dangerous drugs such as heroin, barbiturates, and amphetamines, which have all been linked to serious health issues and even death. It is believed that it’s a powerful aid for those with opioid withdrawal symptoms.

For now, Kratom remains legal in the US, but its unregulated status has made it a breeding ground for counterfeit and contaminated products being sold to an unsuspecting public. In one study done by the FDA a few years ago, more than 30 products marketed as Kratom were found to contain dangerous levels of heavy metals. The amounts of these metals were more than the safe levels which a person can take in one day.

Uses of Kratom

Kratom was formerly used by chewing, smoking, or boiling the leaves to make tea. Nowadays, however, it can be processed into more highly concentrated forms such as powder, capsule, or extracts. Kratom is useful in both medicinal and recreational purposes

Why take a kratom drug test

Since it is a legal substance, there is usually no need to get tested for Kratom. So why take a kratom drug test? You may have to take a kratom drug test for many reasons.

In some preoccupations, this may be mandated by your employer. Some types of work require one to be free of certain drugs, legal or otherwise. Think of a surgeon operating on a patient under intense conditions or pilots navigating a plane. Sometimes you may want to know what substances one has taken, particularly if in an emergency in the case of abuse. Kratom abuse can cause seizures or even a coma. Also, a kratom drug test can come handy, so it can be a basis for counseling and support.

Signs to show someone is taking Kratom

Even before you conduct a kratom drug test, assuming you have a viable method for doing this, can you tell by just looking that a person has used Kratom? Unfortunately, many signs of kratom use are not specific to Kratom. They tend to be strikingly similar to other drugs, so it’s hard to tell the difference. The best one can do is to observe and recognize signs of kratom use only as grounds for suspicion. Additional steps, such as a test can then definitively settle the issue.

When a person takes Kratom, it usually doesn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes before the effects become visible to onlookers. This is especially if the dose is big enough. Very small doses will show no sign whatsoever, and even the user will not feel anything. Once Kratom is taken, the effects can be observed to last for between 2 to 8 hours depending on the size of the dose taken.

Here are some of the signs

5 gm of raw leaves gives you a low dose with the following stimulant effects

  • Boisterous activity, indicating more energy
  • Enhanced alertness
  • Increase in sexual appetite
  • Appetite suppression
  • Highly sociable and talkative

These may be accompanied by negative effects such as

  • Anxiety
  • agitation
  • Tremor
  • Difficulty in coordination

When it comes to higher doses, effects typically resemble those of opiates.

  • Euphoria
  • Sedation
  • Numbness to pain
  • Cough suppression

Negative effects may also be seen as

  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

How long it takes for your body to clear Kratom

This is an important question that is useful for consideration. You won’t know if a person has been exposed to Kratom if his body has already eliminated it. Talk of the body cleaning up the evidence!

Some starting points can aid one to consider this question.

  • What’s the half-life of Kratom? That’s the technical term scientists use to say how much time should pass before half of a given amount of Kratom disappears or is cleared off. Because Kratom hasn’t been studied much, nobody knows the real half-life of Kratom. However, estimates put it at 23 or 24 hours for the main ingredient in it, which is mitragynine. This means after one day, your body will eliminate half of its mitragynine content and then a half of the remainder the following 23 or 24 hours and so on. Based on this, the full period for your body to rid itself completely of mitragynine is five days. If you consider the half-life of yet another kratom ingredient with the shortest half-life of 7 hours, the combined effect is that nine days in full are needed for Kratom to clear from your body. This is the window during which you must act and test for Kratom, or the evidence will disappear forever!
  • Age – the metabolic rates of younger people is higher so younger people tend to rid Kratom much quicker
  • Body fat – the more fat you have, the longer kratom evidence will be retained in your body for easier discovery. Mitragynine, the main active kratom substance happens to be highly fat-soluble
  • Genetics – genetic factors make some people excrete Kratom faster than others
  • What’s your diet and water intake levels? – A meal with high-fat content makes kratom absorption to take place faster. So kratom levels are more easily detectible because they peak faster in your body. Also, drinking much water helps to flush out Kratom faster via urine
  • Different kratom strains have different alkaloid concentrations. So elimination time for each type of Kratom can differ with rich alkaloid content kratom like those of Southeast Asian origin taking longer to clear from the body
  • Low-frequency use or low dose intake of Kratom can make a person excrete Kratom faster from the body than vice versa.
  • How good is your kidney function? The more efficient it is, the faster the elimination of Kratom

Available kratom drug tests

There isn’t any particular test which has been developed for Kratom. If you try to use the much well-known tests that are used for detecting opioids, you won’t catch Kratom. Kratom alkaloid detection, however, may be detected through blood and urine tests. There is also the so-called 10-panel kratom drug test.

  • Kratom urine test – if a kratom drug test would be proposed, this would be the most viable path. It is not clear, however, if Kratom can be caught in the urine as tests are still being developed.  Some urine tests nonetheless can detect some kratom alkaloids
  • Kratom blood tests – in theory, one can envisage kratom metabolites were detected in the blood, particularly following heavy use. A blood test, however, is much less preferred than urine since it takes only a short time for the alkaloids to be present in the blood before they are eliminated. A blood test is also more invasive as it involves puncturing one’s skin to obtain a sample
  • Kratom hair tests –if a test was to be found by this route, it would be a very favorite one. It would be more reliable, and detections are possible for a longer time.  For this type of test, follicles would be the primary area of focus. However, a kratom hair test is yet to be developed
  • Kratom saliva tests – saliva tests through analysis of oral fluids is done for many drug tests. This has not been used yet in kratom drug testing especially because Kratom is legal

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