Alpha Monster Advanced Review: Can this Product Make Your Testosterone Go Up?

Alpha Monster Review

Testosterone features in the news a lot these days. This is not surprising when you consider that our generation of men seem to fare worse than previous generations when it comes to body testosterone levels.

Testosterone is critical to a man to operate normally. Whether it is in the gym, the bedroom or making those critical decisions in the White House which have the stamp of masculine authority in them, your testosterone says it all.

So most men are not taking it kindly when their body testosterone start to dip. The sad truth is that this will happen anyway to all of us as we creak past the age of 30 onwards. Nature, once so kind to hand us this vital substance in our youth, starts to dry up the wells as we age.

So where do men desperate to hang onto their testosterone turn to?

That’s where products like Alpha Monster Advanced come in. Alpha Monster Advanced is a nutritional supplement that is supposed to revitalize your body and make you rediscover your manhood and youthful days by making you produce more testosterone. But how well does it do this? Can Alpha Monster Advanced really deliver monster impact on your testosterone and is it really so advanced?


One thing that makes Alpha Monster Advanced stands out other than its monster name is that there is little company profile of the manufacturer.  For some reason, the company  prefers obscurity to the limelight, so I couldn’t locate a website,

Why the need for natural testosterone boosters?

Testosterone is what gives you the vitality of manhood, so most of us men don’t want to run short of the stuff. You have roughly two options, besides working and dieting yourself to death, which has its good but also limits.

  • Go straight for steroids. They are pretty fabulous and ugly at the same time. They can make an Olympic champion out of you (and many have actually won medals on steroids only to fail the drug tests later on and get banned). They can also make a corpse out of you or ruin your liver, get you men’s boobs or a trail of other horribles!
  • You can also try the smarter and more sensible option of natural testosterone boosters. These are perfectly legal (unlike steroids) compounds made from natural ingredients.

They don’t act like testosterone in your body but stimulate your body to resume its own production of testosterone. These products are mainly dietary supplements packed with nutrients that can trigger your body to produce testosterone.

The trouble is that the natural supplement testosterone booster market is a vortex filled with innumerable products all claiming to do the job very well. The truth is that not all can do and many are just food you can easily buy at a lower price or have been eating anyway.

But a few of them stand out for their excellent and surpassing quality and excellence in actually getting your testosterone levels wildly soaring. Is Alpha Monster one of them? Hang on because we are about to find out!


What are the benefits of Alpha Monster Advanced? The benefits of Alpha Monster can be given as the following ones:

  • Unlocks your natural testosterone production
  • Fires up your libido and sex drive
  • Unleashes massive strength and power, allowing for explosive workouts
  • Transforms your body by giving you hard, lean muscle
  • Shreds off unwanted fat and helps you to control weight at optimum levels
  • Drastically cuts down on the recovery time you need from each exercise
  • Elevates mental clarity and alertness

Side effects

Some of the ingredients of Alpha Monster Advanced have been linked to side effects.


  • Horny goat weed – the role of this ingredient in boosting testosterone is actually limited. Its main function, however, is supposed to boost sexual drive and libido
  • Wild yam – this will also increase your sex drive and energy levels
  • Tongkat Ali (long jack)  – this ingredient is connected to reenergizing your sexual libido and releasing explosive amounts of strength to do workouts and hard exercise
  • Saw palmetto – it is often used to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Such conversion reduces free testosterone in your body, so Saw Palmetto works to boost free testosterone levels. For this reason, saw palmetto has also been used as a hair loss prevention product.
  • Nettle root –  this has a great supporting role for promoting free testosterone in your body
  • Boron
  • Sarsaparilla – this herbal extract is your answer if you want to see your free testosterone levels surging and also help in making quick recoveries from your workouts
  • Orchic substance – this ingredient, bizarrely got from bull’s balls rather than some special plant as you may first think, has legendary abilities to turn your sex life around and make you a hero in the bedroom

Keep in mind that the company does not give the doses of these ingredients.

For a product that purports to boost your testosterone, I was surprised that ingredients well known in better-known brands for their testosterone boosting power are missing from  Alpha Monster Advanced.

Take a look at all these guys who are mostly missing in action in Alpha Monster Advanced formula.

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D-3
  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B2
  • Selenium
  • Ginseng
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Vitamin B5

This makes you wonder how really advanced Alpha Monster Advanced really is! (To its credit though, it  includes ginseng, but that’s about all they do from this list of ten)


Alpha Monster Advanced is to be taken two pills a day. The first pill is taken in the morning fifteen or twenty minutes before a workout. The second pill is taken before you sleep in the evening. Always take the pills with lots of water.

You need to continually take this product for 90 days straight if you want to see results.

Price and availability

This product doesn’t seem to be on sale by the manufacturer anymore. You won’t find it from, GNC or eBay though you could get it from Amazon but only with difficulty.

The product only ships to the United States Minor outlying islands and only from Amazon with its limited supplies.

Who the product is for

Most products targets specific people and the same goes with Alpha Monster Advanced

You will benefit from this product if

  • You are hitting somewhere in your thirties and realize your testosterone levels aren’t where they used to be.
  • All the hard training and working out in the gym isn’t getting you where you want. Let’s face it. We all come up against a plateau sooner or later when training. Alpha Monster Advanced promises to give you that extra thing to push you over the barrier.

This product can’t be good for the following

  • Perhaps you don’t fancy having a workout while using this product. You will be disappointed with the results. On its own, it will not give you the desired results
  • Not ideal for newbies just starting out in the quest for that rippling physique. Alpha Monster Advanced is suited for those who want to train longer and harder; that can put too  heavy a strain on newbies because of the injuries they will have to deal with
  • People already using some medicine should not use Alpha Monster Advanced. If you have an illness first clear with your doctor before using this product
  • If you are under 18, your body is already doing a perfect job producing testosterone  at peak levels, so Alpha Monster Advanced adds nothing in benefits


  • All natural product
  • Some of its ingredients are of high quality
  • Has no caffeine, so ideal for caffeine-sensitive people


  • It does not give the doses of ingredients because of a proprietary formula
  • Some of the ingredients have adverse side effects
  • Is not widely available and supplies are limited
  • Some important testosterone boosting ingredients are missing
  • The product has numerous negative use reviews


If you want to gauge the strength of any testosterone booster, it always pays to have a look at the leading brands. There’s a reason why these established brands dominate; they have been tried and tested. So any new arrival that claims to be better or a breakthrough should have the minimum of what these respected brands already have and excel in.

Sad to say, Alpha Monster Advanced, for all its monster image and advanced claim, doesn’t meet this test even halfway. As we saw, well over a half of standard ingredients usually included in a testosterone booster are missing. Even for the good ingredients included, it is impossible to know the effectiveness since Alpha Monster hides behind a proprietary formula that does not tell you if they have included enough of the stuff for it to be effective.

The fact that it is no longer on the sale just makes the work of buyers easy. You won’t have to buy this product because it is deficient in its formulation.

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