What You Need to Know About Testosterone Enanthate: A Complete Guide

What You Need to Know About Testosterone Enanthate: A Complete Guide

Introduction to Testosterone Enanthate

Mention Testosterone and most people quickly think of raw masculine strength and power. This is not a far-fetched picture as Testosterone is a powerful hormone famously associated with the male traits of strength and endurance. However, both men and women produce Testosterone naturally in their bodies to support a wide range of essential body functions.

For this reason, when the body fails to maintain the required levels of Testosterone—which they sometimes do—this can trigger a host of medical problems. In fact, it is reported that these days far too many men have low Testosterone levels than previously, triggering a Testosterone crisis. The answer to this? Testosterone enanthate, an anabolic steroid, which functions as a hormone replacement therapy to restore Testosterone levels.

What is Testosterone enanthate?

Testosterone enanthate is simply an artificial substance which is meant to resemble and mimic the actions of the Testosterone hormone which our bodies produce naturally. 

It is known as an AAS or an anabolic androgenic steroid which aims at treating Testosterone deficiencies in the body.

Also going by another name Testosterone heptanoate, Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid used not only for medical purposes but also to develop a masculine physique and perform incredible physical feats. This makes it an attractive option for bodybuilders and high-performance athletes. Beginner bodybuilders are especially advised to begin their quest for bigger muscle with Testosterone Enanthate.


Testosterone enanthate made its appearance in 1954 when it was introduced in the US going by the brand name Delatestryl. This remains its most common brand name to date, but many other names such as Xysted, x, Sustrone, Testanon, Testanova, Testrin, Testostroval, and Durathate also exist.

The first generation testosterone-boosting supplements did not work very well as they passed quickly through and out of the body. Later, supplements gradually improved because they moved more slowly, allowing the supplement to work more fully in the body. The breakthrough came when formulators added an ester to control the time release of the ingredient.

This ester was a large one called Enanthate, which was attached to the testosterone hormone, making it slow down.

Testosterone Enanthate can be used either singly or in combination with other steroids


  • Testosterone enanthate can be used to treat a number of medical problems as well as boosting the physical appearance and performance of a user. Preferably, a man.
  • Restore testosterone levels back to normal to people with a deficiency. This may have been caused by physical injury to the testes, cancer, or an infection.
  • Breast cancer in women: inoperable cancer in women is often treated with Testosterone enanthate.
  • Transgender men: hormone therapy treatment is advised for such people for a smooth transition to their new gender.
  • Hypogonadism in men – this is when men’s testes do not produce enough Testosterone.
  • Delayed puberty in boys—this is sometimes seen where boys fail to pass the stage of puberty due to low levels of Testosterone or lack thereof. They do not experience the normal masculine changes which other boys do, such as deepening of the voice, development of beard, etc. Testosterone Enanthate can be administered to correct this condition.
  • Power boost

Testosterone has been shown to boost strength in men dramatically. Studies show that after taking Testosterone, one’s strength can increase in as little as six to twelve weeks. This may be acceptable for certain tasks. However, it would be cheating in athletics, and so the World-Anti Doping Agency or WADA lists it as a banned substance for participating competitors

  • Andropause: after 50, men may experience a rapid reduction of Testosterone levels. This, in turn, has been linked to low libido and fatigue. Testosterone therapy can benefit such men.
  • Increases bone mass
  • Increased sex drive
  • It promotes the synthesis of proteins, a feature of all Testosterone steroids.  Protein uptake in the stomach will thus increase.

There is also an increase in red blood cells, which promotes endurance. The role of the red blood cells is to transport oxygen. More red blood cells mean more oxygen transported and thus, more energy and endurance produced.

Faster healing and recovery rates for the body. This is as a result of Testosterone Enanthate action of increasing insulin growth factor.

Side effects

Despite the many benefits of Testosterone Enanthate, it also comes with a host of side effects. Unfortunately, most steroids show this tendency, and Testosterone Enanthate is no exception.

  • Virilization – this is the unusual conditions where male characteristics can develop in women or in newborn babies. Excess Testosterone or anabolic steroids are responsible for this.
  • Clitoral hypertrophy: seen in women where there is abnormal enlargement of the clitoris.
  • Vocal cord deepening, a male trait appears in women
  • Facial hair growth in women
  • Difficulty urinating: men experience enlarged prostate glands
  • High calcium content in the blood, a condition that is associated with liver and kidney problems
  • Mood changes, depression, and aggression
  • Blood sugar changes leading to diabetes
  • Blood-thinning, blood clots
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Can cause gynecomastia or enlarged breasts in men
  • water retention, swelling in legs especially on the ankles
  • Changes in sex drive in men
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Low sperm count for men
  • Weight gain and thinning hair
  • It’s a prescription only drug


Some of the best-known brand names of Testosterone Enanthate are Delatestryl Oil and Xyosted. These drugs are solutions that are injected, ranging from colorless to pale yellow in color.

In the case of Delatestryl, every 1 mL of the solution has 200mg of testosterone enanthate together with sesame oil with 5 mg chlorobutanol acting as a preservative.

In summary, Delatestryl is formulated using the following components

Active ingredient

There is only 1 active ingredient in the drug, which is testosterone enanthate. Testosterone Enanthate is its basis of strength. The strength or concentration of the active ingredient is 200 mg in 1mL of the solution.

Inactive ingredients

Sesame oil

chlorobutanol with strength or concentration of 5 mg in 1mL of the solution

For Xyosted, the formulation is different as it has only the active ingredient (testosterone enanthate) and sesame oil with no preservative. It is also designed to be administered subcutaneously (under the skin) unlike Delatestryl which is done intramuscularly (directly into the muscle)

Intramuscular injections enter the body faster because of more blood vessels present.


Testosterone Enanthate is very common. This makes it available at cheap or affordable prices in contrast to other supplements or drugs. It can go for as low as $30.51 (for a 5ml vial of 200mg) with further options of saving depending on your location and various offers made by the seller.


When Testosterone Enanthate is injected, the Testosterone will only become active after the Enanthate separates from it. Since this separation takes place gradually, some time will elapse before the Testosterone is free to act. This controls the frequency required for new injections and thus the dosage. This period, called the half-life of Enanthate, is approximately 8 days.

Testosterone Enanthate is normally distributed in a small glass vial whose capacity is 5 millimeters.

It is administered by injection every 1 to 4 weeks. The injection is performed on the buttocks. Note that this is not done intravenously (through a vein), but intramuscularly, dosage also varies with the person based on age, gender, existing Testosterone levels, and other medication being used.

Generally, a dose of between 500 and 1000mg is sufficient for most bodybuilders

One also needs to be cautious of his source of steroids. Since it is a controlled substance, its safety cannot be guaranteed unless it was administered through a medical facility.  It is advisable that one should not embark on any treatment without consulting a doctor.


Testosterone Enanthate is, without a doubt, a potent product that has created a great sensation—and that’s not without reason. Its efficacy in delivering on many of its promises is unquestionable.  This pertains both to the clinical and athletic/bodybuilding aspects. Its benefits, however, come with a heavy price in terms of side effects, some of them severe and life-threatening.

A 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor is sometimes used by some to control the side effects, especially the androgenic side effects. Aromatase inhibitors, on the other hand, have been used to control estrogen side effects.

 I recommend that if possible, Testosterone Enanthate—as is the case with all other steroids—should be avoided except for medical purposes. Users who want the benefits of steroids like Testosterone should instead try natural alternatives which have far fewer side-effects and are less expensive.

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