Why Halotestin May Be a Good Thing For You (Or Not): A Review

Why Halotestin May Be a Good Thing For You (Or Not): A Review

Introduction to Halotestin

Halotestin, chemically known as fluoxymesterone, ranks as one of the most potent anabolic and androgenic steroids. Well known in the athletic and body-building circles, it has long passed its heydays in medicine and languishes on the margins. Curiously, Halotestin initially was a darling of the therapeutic field when it could be relied on to treat all kinds of medical conditions including burns, breast cancer, paraplegia, malnutrition, male muscle waste, bone fractures, etc. Today, that role has been reduced to treating a few conditions, such as breast cancer and male androgen deficiency.

History of Halotestin

Fluoxymesterone made its first entry into the market in the 1950s marketed and sold by Upjohn in the US. It was known by the trade name Halotestin. Later, there was an attempt by retailers Ciba Pharmaceuticals to produce and market their own Halotestin product which they named Ultandren. Somehow, this idea never caught on, and Ultandren vanished from the scene.

Years later, Halotestin continues to exist, still produced and distributed by Pharmacia, which is the new name of Upjohn.

Benefits of Halotestin

If you are a bodybuilder, weight-lifter, etc. looking to enhance your performance with Halotestin, you can expect the following benefits

  • Especially helpful for a cutting cycle
  • Helps to achieve a harder, more defined look
  • comes handy just before a competition by giving you that needed last extra strength during a grueling training
  • Makes you lean, but it rarely makes a difference if you initially have fat. Ideally, you should have a body of 6% fat or less for this to work
  • Halotestin gives massive strength, but nothing really in the way of mass
  • Acts very fast

Side Effects

I am going to tell you about the side effects of using Halotestin in five categories. First, I will quickly explain what each of these categories entails and then apply Halotestin to the test on each.

  • Estrogenic

This is about the female sex hormone, estrogen. Natural processes in our bodies can change Testosterone (such change is called aromatization) into estrogen. Unfortunately, when too much of this estrogen is produced, it can cause unwanted female characteristics where they shouldn’t be—like enlarged breasts in a man.

  • Androgenic

this refers to androgens, male sex hormones that run and maintain masculine traits. Again, too little or too much of these can create a problem. For example, too much and you could have an embarrassing case of a perpetual erection.

  • Cardiovascular

This concerns the heart and blood vessels which help transport blood to every part of the body, providing nutrients and carting away waste or toxins. Anything blocking this smooth flow creates cardiovascular disease.

  • Testosterone

This is the primary male sex hormone, which also happens to be an androgen. We get a problem again when there is too much or too little of this.  In women, for example, too much of it can cause masculinization or virilization. Too small of it in a boy can put a permanent hold on his puberty prospects.


this is damage caused to the liver by chemicals it processes as it tries to clear the body of their toxic presence.  What we take into our bodies is carefully vetted by the liver for toxicity and processing, but this process can overwhelm the liver itself if we keep throwing highly toxic things at it.

So, What Are the Side Effects of Halotestin?

Given the above categories of things that could go wrong, how does Halotestin stack up?

  • Estrogenic: Fortunately, Halotestin is never changed (aromatized) into estrogen. For this reason, using Halotestin causes no problems connected to the estrogenic factor. This means you can never develop issues like men’s boobs (gynecomastia) or bloating (water retention) when using Halotestin. Anti-estrogen treatments, so necessary for other steroids are not needed here.
  • Androgenic: Since Halotestin is an extraordinarily strong androgenic drug, it is expected for it to produced androgenic side effects. This is indeed the case because Halotestin has a high incidence of acne, hair loss, and excessive hair growth on the body, including facial hair.

If you already have a hereditary trait or tendencies for these conditions, Halotestin just magnifies it or makes it more likely for you to develop them. Obviously, women are not recommended to use Halotestin given its strong androgenic nature. These are the androgenic related side effects.

  • Hair loss i.e., male pattern of baldness
  • Acne breakout, oily skin, rashes
  • Excessive hair growth, priapism (persistent penile erection)
  • Aggression, testicular atrophy, penile enlargement, increase sexual desire

 Women will experience

  • Virilization
  • The enlarged clitoris, menstrual problems, sterility
  • Voice deepening (note this could be irreversible, even if Halotestin use is stopped!)
  • Bloating (fluid retention) often seen as swelling on the legs
  • Acne, rashes
  • Cardiovascular: Halotestin performs very poorly when it comes to the cardiovascular factor. For instance, it promotes bad cholesterol while suppressing good cholesterol, putting you at a high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Bad cholesterol causes things like arteriosclerosis, which constricts blood flow. 

If you already suffer from cardiovascular disease, you should not use Halostestin.  If you are healthy and have no cardiovascular condition but decide to use Halotestin, you still need to follow stringent steps on a healthy diet and exercise to avoid getting ill later on.  It can lead to;

  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Edema (fluid accumulation in the chest), kidney disease
  • Testosterone: Halotestin has the tendency to suppress the body’s own production of Testosterone. This effect is very strong, and unless steps are taken, the testosterone level will sharply drop into alarmingly low levels. Without enough Testosterone, many body functions are not possible.

This means using Halotestin should be accompanied by taking in Testosterone, which should last until you stop the use of Halotestin. Testosterone related problem include

  • hypogonadism, i.e., testosterone deficiencies
  • Sexual dysfunction


 Halotestin is very damaging to the liver, a distinction in which Halotestin excels above its peers. Anyone with a liver problem should not use Halotestin. Even if your liver is fine, but you wish to proceed and use Halotestin, you will have to stick to a strict health program to minimize your chances of getting the liver problem. This includes using a liver detoxifier supplement throughout, completely avoiding alcohol and over the counter drugs, which may add to the risk. Hepatoxicity risks are

  • Liver failure
  • Nausea, vomiting, jaundice
  • Production of bad cholesterol, reduction of good cholesterol

So with regard to the side effects, Halotestin passes the estrogenic test, but it fails spectacularly on the testosterone, cardiovascular, hepatoxicity, and androgenic tests.

In addition to this, note that Halotestin does not lead to a lot of bulking if you are a bodybuilder. On the other hand, some side effects like aggression can be considered as a benefit because they offer the drive and resilience needed for highly competitive sports.


The active ingredient in Halotestin is fluoxymesterone, the actual chemical providing the drug with its androgenic and anabolic role.

It also has 8 inactive ingredients

  1. calcium stearate
  2. corn starch
  3. FD&C Yellow No.5
  4. lactose
  5. sorbic acid
  6. sucrose
  7. tragacanth
  8. FD&C Yellow No. 6


Typically, Halotestin is used in a cutting cycle for a brief period, usually in anticipation of competition. To get the desired effects, its use is timed to take a short time between two and four weeks towards the close of the cutting cycle.

Dosage should be between 10 to 20 mg per day. However, those who had previously got excellent results with that dose can push the dose up a bit to between 30 and 40 mg per day. Anything above 40 mg per day, however, is dangerous and can harm the liver.

Halotestin is active only for short times averaging between 6 to 8 hours. For this reason, the dose should be split i.e., you can get half the daily dose and take them separately in suitable intervals during the day.

Most oral anabolic steroids are taken on an empty stomach; this goes too for Halotestin. Absorption in the stomach is limited if food is present.

Price and Availability

Unlike other anabolic steroids, Halotestin is extremely rare and hard to find in the market. Upjohn, the manufacturer, produces minimal amounts.  You will be fortunate to find quality Halotestin in the black market, given the prevalence of fakes.

However, perhaps because of its low demand, Halotestin does not face the same level of counterfeits as other steroids. The internet has opened the floodgates to sales providing a wide range of prices.  


Halotestin is a potent drug with proven effectiveness for treating some conditions. The irony is that for such incredible potency, nobody seems to want it the same way they want other steroids in the market. The reason why seems simple enough. Halotestin spells trouble on many fronts with regard to safety and health.

For the average user, the benefits that Halotestin gives can be obtained from other steroids at less risk. However, veteran competitors may want to try it for specific reasons and purposes on a temporary basis. If so, I would advise that they weigh all the risks before they proceed. I would also add that Halotestin is a banned substance by both the FDA and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Everything considered I do not recommend Halotestin for use or as a good buy.

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