Stenabolic (SR9009): The Complete No Bullshit Guide

Introduction to Stenabolic

Stenabolic is a selective androgen receptor modulator. The synthetic drug is also known as SR9009. It was first developed as a research drug to assess the circadian rhythm in humans. It showed potential as a SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator and had positive effects on inflammation, cholesterol, and anxiety. It also reduced weight in animals during the studies. The drug is still being studied and research is underway to explore all of its benefits. Stenabolic is presently sold as a supplement and as a drug. The drug is available over the counter. The supplement is mostly sold online.

History of Stenabolic

SR9009 or Stenabolic was first developed at the Scripps Research Institute by Professor Thomas Burris. He was working on an agonist of Rev-Erba. The circadian rhythm is a natural cycle of twenty-four hours that can be studied and it provides insights as to how to the different bodily functions work and adapt to changes in time. Circadian rhythms in humans are not identical. Genetics plays a role. Overall health and medical history of an individual also affects the pattern. Lifestyle and other day-to-day factors also influence the cycle. What is common in most humans is the resetting of the circadian rhythm. The cycle does reset in twenty-four hours, not necessarily in accordance with the usual assessment of morning, noon, evening and night or the relevance of sunrise to sunrise.

Circadian rhythm is what people call the biological clock. Rev-Erb proteins play an important role in stabilizing or regulating the circadian rhythm. The proteins switch of BMAL1 when activated and this stabilizes the biological clock. SR9009 or Stenabolic was developed to increase the activity of Rev-Erb proteins.

Not too long after the drug was developed, the bodybuilding fraternity around the world found out about the effects of Stenabolic on endurance and performance. The most interesting or rather enticing effect was on weight, especially fat. Stenabolic has other effects too, many of which have compelled bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and even athletes to consider it as an integral part of their exercise or workout routine with specific utility during the cutting phase. Stenabolic can enhance alertness and also improve sleep. It has an effect on energy too.

Benefits of Stenabolic

Stenabolic has several effects on the human body. The effects on circadian rhythm are due to the interaction with the Rev-Erb protein pair. The biological reactions reduce inflammation and inflammatory responses. The protein pair also plays a role in the growth and development of muscles. The protein pair found in muscles tends to increase mitochondrial activity and can burn fat. This is partly why the SARM is popular among those who want to lose weight. Stenabolic also reduces triglycerides.

SR9009 or Stenabolic enhances oxygen consumption by cells. It prevents excessive storage of fat or the production of fatty tissues in the liver. The supplement reduces bad cholesterol and bile acids. It reduces overall fat storage. It strengthens the mitochondria in muscles. It boosts fatty acids utilization. It also uses up more glucose in muscles. One of the most important benefits of Stenabolic for those who take the supplement is its effect on weight or fat to be precise. Since it can reduce fat including its storage and formation of new tissues without causing any adverse effect on available energy, most people who want to lose weight resort to using the supplement for a predetermined period of time. The supplement does not reduce lean mass or healthy muscles.

Stenabolic has no effect on good cholesterol. It increases stamina or endurance. SR9009 can regulate inflammatory responses in the lungs. Inflammatory molecules can be regulated in the nerve cells. Owing to these effects, including the impact on cholesterol, triglycerides, and inflammations, Stenabolic is believed to have the ability to reduce the chances of certain types of cardiovascular or heart disease. The supplement can improve heart rate and function. It can reduce blood pressure. Many users experience relief from anxiety. The supplement can prevent tissue damage. This is why many people diagnosed with fibrosis experience relief from symptoms. While the effect of Stenabolic on growth and development of muscles is not as stark as some other SARMs used for bulking, there is an impact and it works well since the supplement can target fat and cause weight loss. This makes muscles look more prominent.

Side Effects

Stenabolic is one of the few SARMs that have no major side effects. The supplement has no toxic effect on the body unless someone consumes a lot of it at once or in a very short span of time. It is possible for some users to have insomnia, especially if they have a history of sleep problems. Wakefulness or the heightened alertness may change the sleep cycle but such effects are short-lived. The natural cycle of sleep will get into a predictable pattern as the body gets accustomed to the supplement.

Dosage & Cycle of Stenabolic

Stenabolic dosage starts from 10mg per day. It can go up to 40mg per day. It is best to not start with 20mg or higher. 10mg per day should be effective for those who have never tried this supplement before. The supplement has to be taken multiple times a day since it has a short half-life. Users can take the supplement four times a day. The maximum time one can take the supplement is six. It is unnecessary to overdo it. There should be uniform intervals. Two doses should be separated by at least two hours. Beginners can take 5mg two to four times per day. Then one may increase it to six times per day. It is unnecessary to take 10mg six times per day. This cycle can be tweaked by users depending on their transformation and how they feel. The course of Stenabolic depends on the duration of the cutting cycle. Four to six weeks is fine. It is unwise to take the supplement for longer than six weeks.

How to Stack with other SARMs

SARMs can be stacked to get better results. All SARMs cannot be stacked as many are not compatible. Only supplementing or complementing SARMs should be stacked. Stenabolic can be safely stacked with Cardazol. There are other SARMs that you may stack it with. Stenabolic works better when stacked with Cardarine or similar SARMs that have positive effects during the cutting cycle. SR9909 is not really a SARM that does a lot when transforming during a bulking up phase. Many people use Stenabolic and stack it with other SARMs during the bulking cycle. The strongest effects, however, are during the cutting cycle.


Stenabolic is not an inexpensive supplement. One bottle may cost around a hundred and fifty dollars. If anyone is stacking it with the likes of Cardarine, then there is an additional investment of a hundred dollars. The cutting cycle may demand more than one bottle of one or both SARMs. Given the price and the potential effects of Stenabolic, it is always wise to make the most of it by ensuring an optimum workout routine. Only those who are about to begin their cutting cycle should start taking the supplement. The supplement does not have sufficient effects on weight loss if a user is not working out. Diet does not have to be too stringent but eating anything at random and large servings at that will definitely prevent major weight loss.

Stenabolic is made by different manufacturers. The formula is patented so it is not possible to know the exact ingredients. Find a credible manufacturer and look for an applicable discount while buying Stenabolic online.

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