SARMs vs. Prohormones Comparison: Shocking results!

Why SARMs are superior to Prohormones

When it comes to the effectiveness of supplements, SARMs are often compared to prohormones. Customers are looking for the most effective performance enhancing supplement, and therefore, they need to know exactly what the difference is between the two.

Let me start by stating that prohormones are among the controlled substances in most states. Nevertheless, some of them are still in circulation, especially in the underground black markets, alongside the outlawed steroids. On the other hand, SARMs are still marketed and sold as research chemicals. There are a lot of legitimate SARMS vendors all over the world, although anti-doping agencies have a strict rule against the use of any form of enhancement drugs.

Definition of a Prohormone

Prohormone acts as a chemical precursor. They are more closely related to steroids, especially when it comes to the side effects caused, such as have due to suppression of the natural production of hormones in the body. Over a decade ago, prohormones had gained a lot of popularity among fitness enthusiasts. They were available as an over the counter drug in most enhancement supplements stores and were famed for exhibiting amazing results. The most famous prohormones were Superdrol and Epistane, which extremely strong compounds that helped users to pack on strength and size.

Prohormones are milder than steroids but exhibit more side effects than SARMs. They can also cause editions to the body’s natural hormonal composition and other body systems. The results of using prohormones are often immediate. Although there are fewer prohormones products in the market currently, the available ones have been refined and made safer. One of the most prominent side effects of prohormones is that they cause damage to the liver. That is why it is paramount that an individual is cautious when using prohormones.

 What are the benefits of prohormones?

The benefits of prohormones are very similar to those displayed in steroids and SARMs. They include:

  • They cause a notable increase in body strength
  • Reducing fat mass
  • Facilitate quick recovery
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase muscle mass.

The side effects of prohormones

The side effects of prohormones can be severe and often irreversible, just like in steroids. For instance, they cause swelling on the prostate. Issues with the prostate in men can often spell doom to their reproductive health and will often mushroom into other health problems such as cancer. Prohormones will later the appearance of a man. This is observed in the enlargement of breast tissue, a condition known as gynecomastia.

Water retention is another side effect of prohormones. However, recently, this side effect is being mistaken for muscle bulk. When the body retains the water, it means that there body the body waste that should perhaps be expelled from the body through sweating remains in the body which may affect body organs such as kidneys.

An individual may note that their hair starts to fall off or not grow at all with every cycle of prohormones resulting in baldness. The skin may also be affected. Acne develops on certain parts of the body, which is only a reaction to the prohormone that is being used. Another major side effect is that they affect the sex drive of an individual such that it is lowered. This may cause an individual to turn to substances that will restore their sexual health.


Also referred to as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, they were pretty much developed to treat muscle-related problems, but they have become very popular among bodybuilders. Their action in the body allows them to bind to the muscular androgen receptors selectively. Androgens are the main facilitators of muscle development. When making a selection of a better bodybuilding partner, perhaps SARMS are a better option. This is because their side effects are less adverse than those caused by steroids and prohormones.

The reason why most athletes choose to use SARMS as their main bodybuilding partner is that they activate fast muscle growth and development, boost endurance, and increases strength with very mild side effects. The switch from using prohormones and other bodybuilding agents was motivated by the fact that prohormones are becoming less and less popular, and also their availability in the market has become limited.

Bodybuilders identified that there is an added advantage to using SARMS as compared to prohormones, since SARMS also treat health problems that often affect men, you know, apart from the added value of their ability to facilitate the growth of muscle.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of SARMs, shall we?

The benefits that come from using SARM are in a way similar to those presented by prohormones except that their side effects are less adverse as I mentioned earlier.

For starters, SARMs are also mood enhancers. This means that that they provide the euphoric element in a user. This improves the mental and emotional health of an individual. In the past, it has been identified that the psychological status of an individual affects their attitude towards their appearance. Therefore, it is perhaps safe to say that SARMs provide an overall benefit to the general health of an individual.

For an individual who struggles with body fat related problems, SARMs provide a way out in that they promote fat loss. This may come from the fact that they cause an increase in metabolic activity, which has a direct effect on the amount of fat that surrounds the muscles. Increased metabolic activity parallels the burning of excess body fats. Their activity in promoting fat loss is less aggressive as compared to that of promotes.

During work out, it is always important that a fitness enthusiast can maintain a certain level of motivation and effort. SARMs ensure that the bodybuilder has the amount of strength that is necessary to enable them to endure intense work out sessions. The body can recover quickly as well between periods of working out.

Another primary benefit of SARMs is that they facilitate muscle mass build up to the desired levels. Their action from burning excess body fat gives room to muscle development; as a result of their interaction with androgen receptors in the body. These receptors are often found in the male reproductive tissues and, therefore, SARMs are perhaps just catalysts.

Why should a bodybuilder of opting for SARMs over Prohormones?

Well, there are few reasons why SARMs are a better and safer alternative to prohormones. This has to do with their overall effectiveness. There have been reports that there are almost no side effects experienced after using SARMs. However, this has not been the case with prohormones. With prohormones, they cause damage to organs such as the liver and causing other health problems, which led to it being classified as a controlled substance. In addition to this, prohormones are very mild in their action on the muscle. With SARMs, the desired results are guaranteed.

Unlike prohormones, it is possible to purchase SARMS legally. This provides grounds for access to a medical opinion on certain SARMS. For the few varieties of prohormones that are still available in the market; they are only available underground. This means that an individual will use them without the guidance of a medic which could be fatal. I cannot emphasize enough on the adverse effect that prohormones have on the liver, which is why they are not available in the market anymore.

After using body enhancing products, it is often required that the body goes through a detoxification process. SARMs have almost no toxic effect on the body. However, after using prohormones, it is required that an individual undergoes a process to cleanse the body. The type of therapy that is recommended is referred to as Post Cycle Therapy. It prevents prohormones from doing further damage to the body organs than they already have. SARMs only act on the muscle tissue without interfering with other biological processes.


There are certain groups of people who are advised against using any form of body enhancement product, for example, people with terminal illnesses, pregnant women, children, and teenagers. If an individual is allergic to certain substances, they should take note before engaging their bodies in these substances. In addition to using either SARMs or prohormones, other supplements such as vitamins and mineral salts should obviously be included since they provide all the required building blocks for the bulking up process.

Note that for you to attain the desired ripped look, there have to be some level of effort applied. It is impossible to gain muscle without exercising and following a particular diet. In addition to this, an individual has the responsibility to do the proper amount of research required before using any form of substance that is meant to alter their body’s chemical balance. The sources for these substances are also an important factor to consider since some of them have been classified as controlled substances.

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