RAD 140 Review: How RAD 140 Can Be Good for Your Fitness Goals

RAD 140 Overview

SARMS, which is short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, is a very recent arrival in the medical and sports scene. Although they were initially created to treat certain conditions, their recent development is solely done to overcome the downsides the body goes through from using steroids.

In the years since SARMS first got out, dozens of alternatives of these exciting new compounds have appeared, enticing users with their different offerings and attractions.  SARMS were, in essence, a dream come true to counter some of the nightmares associated with using steroids.

 RAD 140 or Testolone is just one of these versatile SARMS, and it should not surprise anyone that users are craving to find information about where they should stand concerning Testolone.  How good is Testolone and can it, like other highly capable SARMS, deliver on its promise? In this article, I am going to pick Testolone apart and make you find out if it is perfect for you.


Testolone, like many other SARMS, is a compound that is under research to discover whether it can be used as a  safe hormone replacement therapy for testosterone in men. There is also interest in studying how it can treat aging (sarcopenia) and cachexia, a muscle-wasting disease.

The producer of Testolone,  Radius Healthcare, is a listed public pharmaceutical company. It is still in  Phase I of the trials of investigating Testolone.  Since this is a research chemical, many of its qualities remain unknown, and one has to go with plenty of anecdotal evidence provided by users—besides the initial findings of the research provided by the company.


In terms of its abilities, Testolone has been compared and found to be very close to testosterone without the downsides of the latter. Testolone packs a lot of power even at surprisingly low doses. Its anabolic strength is stunning to the point of overshadowing its androgenic properties.

Compared to other SARMs, one of the surpassing qualities of Testolone is the sheer strength it gives you.  Here are some of the numerous benefits of Testolone

  • Considered as the go-to SARM for strength gain –This can beat even some anabolic steroids because they tend to give quick results in strength that prove to be illusory or short-lived. Testolone gives you a somewhat slower rate of strength gain but more consistent and real. You will be amazed by the ease with which you will be pumping and lifting things when this incredible strength fully sets in
  • Perfect for bulking – even though its winning point is the strength, Testolone will not skimp on helping you build muscle mass. However, it is not as potent in this role as the other SARMS, so you know where to stand with it. You will notice muscle mass increase by your second or third week in your cycle.
  • Known also for burning fat when administered in slightly higher doses than normal. In fact, Testolone beats many other products at this role and has probably no peer
  • It is protective of the brain –it has been linked to the prevention of amyloid-beta proteins, substances that develop in the brain, causing Alzheimer’s disease. It also stimulates the growth of brain cells.
  • Like other SARMS, it will give you fewer side effects compared to steroids. Steroids can cause undesirable effects like liver harm, men’s boobs, testicular atrophy, hair loss, etc.
  • Can help in fighting some cancers that affect the breast
  • Testolone is also a great aid in treating swollen prostrates in men. This condition is often caused by using anabolic steroids. This means Testolone can make a good stacking addition to an anabolic steroid cycle
  • Testolone is non-androgenic meaning it will not cause masculinization issues or like excess hair growth, enlarged clitoris, or a deeper voice. It will not also cause men’s boobs or prostate enlargement. This is because its non-androgenic nature means it will not get converted into estrogen or DHT. This fact makes it ideal to be used by both men and women. Women, for example, will not find themselves growing a beard or getting a hoarse voice
  • You will also get better libido or sex drive
  • Testolone has also been credited for improving sleep quality
  • It triggers positive feelings which can do wonderful things for your mood. This is a most welcome thing because the cycle ends of other SARMS tend to leave one feeling drained and lethargic. With Testolone you will feel a distinctive buoyant mood and feel very motivated

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What are the Side effects of RAD 140?

The following are some of the commonly reported side effects of RAD 140:

Testone (and some other SARMS) can also cause natural testosterone production to stop but far less than the exogenous testosterone. Moreover, natural testosterone production can still resume after the SARM cycle, often after a PCT (post cycle therapy).  In Testolone suppression can be close to 70%. This effect can be controlled by using Proviron during the cycle.

Aggression–Testolone tends to produce aggressive behavior, and some users will find themselves getting easily upset or having fits of rage. However, this reduces when you come out of the cycle.

Nausea and acne breakouts –this occurs to a limited extent to some users

High blood pressure –not universal but some users have also seen their blood pressure rise as a result of using it

Hair loss –again this is not universal and is limited when it occurs


When one considers the right dosage for a SARMS like Testolone, you need to consider the half-life.

Testolone boasts a half-life of 18 or 20 hours. That means it will remain at its most active for 18 hours before it starts to degrade. Your body can thus only get the benefits within this window.

Given its half-life, you can either take Testolone once a day in a whole, or you can split it in two and take each half the same day at suitable intervals. These options are okay.

For men, 20mg per day should provide good strength for starters. Later, they can also push for a ceiling of 30 mg per day going into a 6 or 8-week cycle.

After this, maybe you want to go even further with a cycle of 12 weeks in which case it is safer to go with a lower 15 mg per day. 

Women are advised to take a lower dose of 10 mg per day.

Stacking options

Testolone can be stacked both with other SARMS or with anabolic steroids.  Your goals will decide which stacking option is best to take i.e., whether you want to bulk, cut, or recomp.

Stacking with other SARMS: For instance, for bulking it can stack well with LGD.  In a cutting stack, you can use it with Cardarine. You can also use it with Ostarine to enhance your recovery from injuries.

Stacking with anabolic steroids: Testolone works great in stacking with steroids in a steroid cycle. It helps to overcome the dreadful effects of the steroids while keeping the good effects you are seeking from it.  A dosage of 10 to 20mg daily is a decent one to combine with your steroid of choice.

Price and availability

Even though Testolone can be bought from a number of sources, its availability is hard to get.  The government has curbed its sale, and credit card companies make it harder to purchase it. However, several stores still stock RAD-140 and these include Sarms4You and sarms1.com.

Action of Testolone

Testosterone actions follow the classic behavior of most other SARMS in addition to its own. It is highly selective, targeting receptors in bone and muscle. Keep in mind that SAare noted for this. Unlike steroids, they restrict their action to bone and muscle receptors, unlike steroids which have a more liberal action of going to all the body parts.

The targeted action of Testolone allows users to acquire lean muscle gain, increase bone strength, and have great stamina.


  • Ranks above most other SARMS in the overall effectiveness
  • Quite potent at small amounts due to its high anabolic strength (some sources put it anabolic to androgenic ratio as close to 90:1)


  • It will get you less muscle mass as its primary focus is the strength
  • You cannot buy it legally. It has been cleared only for research
  • Absence of human studies. All research thus far has only been done on animals (mainly rats) and human trials have not been conducted.


Whether you want to bulk, cut, recomp, or get quick recovery from injuries, Testolone is a perfect option, and one of its hallmarks is the incredible strength it gives you to reach your goals. It’s the next best thing to having synthetic testosterone itself, but with far less of the ugly effects you get with the latter. 

It has its downsides, but these compare insignificantly when you consider other performance-enhancers including some SARMs. However, Testolone shares the drawback of a lot of SARMS of being a research substance –not yet cleared for consumer use. So users should be very cautious in using it.

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