Ibutamoren( MK677): The Complete NO Bullshit Guide

Ibutamoren: a brief introduction

Ibutamoren is also known as MK-677. Some manufacturers use the term Nutrabol. All three are essentially the same compound. There could be some variation in the composition but all forms of Ibutamoren supplement serve the same purpose. It is a growth hormone supplement. Ibutamoren can boost the production of human growth hormone and IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor one in particular.

History of Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren is an investigational new drug. It is available as an oral supplement. It is referred to as Oratrope, MK-677 and MK-0677. Another name of the compound is L-163,191. The drug has a half-life of four to six hours. Clinical studies have shown the compound can boost IGF-1 and the level of the hormone remains elevated for as long as twenty-four hours after just one dose. The chemical formula of Ibutamoren is C27H36N4O5S and it’s molar mass is 528.662 g/mol.

The different alternate classifications such as MK-677 and L-163,191 are code names for the drug at the developmental stage. Oratrope precedes Ibutamoren as a branded variant. Ibutamoren available online and over the counter right now is similar to its predecessor. It is an effective non-peptide agonist. It works selectively on the secretagogue growth hormone and ghrelin receptor. It is orally active and can act as mimicking the effect of growth hormone stimulation ghrelin, which is an endogenous hormone.

Benefits of Ibutamoren

MK-677 is marketed in two ways. It is promoted as a performance booster that can speed up muscle growth and development. It is also sold as a human growth hormone booster. Since there is scientific evidence inferring that the compound can boost the levels of IGF-1, many manufacturers present the supplement as a remedy for slow growth or limited physical development. Ibutamoren is not a SARM. It is at times labeled as a selective androgen receptor modulator to make it simpler for people to understand. Some of the benefits of Ibutamoren are similar to what a few SARMs do. Stenabolic and Cardarine are not SARMs either but marketed as such for the same reason.

Perhaps the most important of all benefits of Ibutamoren is its effect on insulin-like growth factors. This is not the insulin hormone. It is also known as somatomedin C. It has a molecular structure similar to that of insulin but is actually a protein that plays a role in the growth and development of children. It causes anabolic effects in grownups. Ibutamoren imitates how ghrelin works. The compound binds to GHSR or ghrelin receptors in the brain. The receptors then trigger the secretion of growth hormone.

Ibutamoren does not affect the secretion of other hormones. It does not raise cortisol. It does have other benefits due to its effect on the ghrelin receptors. The part of the brain influences memory, mood, appetite, pleasure, cognition and biological cycles. There can be some positive effects on these when one takes Ibutamoren. The benefits of Ibutamoren pertaining to muscle growth and development stem from the fact that the imitating effect of the compound on how ghrelin is activated and how the hormone works in the body tends to increase appetite and it also serves as a neuropeptide. Ghrelin can make a person feel hungry. Healthy levels of this hormone can boost appetite and sustain better metabolism. There is an effect on how energy is distributed throughout the body. Metabolic rate and how energy is used influence how the body burns fat or if it targets fat at all.

Ibutamoren can help bodybuilders, powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts build larger and stronger muscles. The compound has anabolic properties. It can promote the gain of lean mass and not fat. This is also why it can help people who are dealing with obesity to lose weight faster without shedding the healthy muscle tissues. There is a multipronged effect on the human body if a person takes Ibutamoren once every day. Appetite increases and there is a boost to the natural metabolic rate. The availability of energy is greater and its distribution throughout the body is more efficient. Fats are targeted while muscles become larger and stronger in due course of time.

Owing to its effects on muscle growth and development, the supplement can help prevent wasting or healthy tissues. Those who have muscle atrophy or are experiencing muscle wasting due to another health condition can use the supplement to alleviate the problem. The compound can not only prevent muscle wasting but actually reverse the loss of protein. Ibutamoren can increase bone density. This is due to the effect of the compound on growth hormone. However, this effect is not like the other benefits that can be realized in a short span of time. It takes the compound up to a year to have any significant impact on bone density.

MK677 increases life expectation

Ibutamoren has plenty of other pleasant effects. It facilitates sound sleep. This plays a role in recovery. The availability of more growth hormones heals wounds faster. The compound prevents growth hormone deficiency. It also contributes to the longevity and sustenance of growth hormone levels secreted by the body as people age. The compound has nootropic effects too. This does not mean the supplement can improve brain functions or enhance cognitive performance. There is no evidence yet to suggest the supplement has any kind of effect that smart drugs or nootropics claim to have.

Side Effects of Ibutamoren

The side effects of Ibutamoren vary from person to person. It is no different from how other such supplements work. Some people may experience a much-increased appetite and this might become discomforting initially. A few people experience muscle pain but it subsides as the body adapts to the compound. There may be some effect on insulin sensitivity. The fasting level of blood glucose may be higher in some people. Most people do not experience any side effects. Many who do experience mild effects and they subside in a few days. Old people and especially those who have a history of cardiovascular problems or heart disease should exercise caution while taking this supplement. There can be an effect on blood pressure and this can make an elderly patient vulnerable to congestive heart failure. Young and healthy adults do not have this vulnerability.

Dosage & Cycle of Ibutamoren

The standard dose is 10mg to 20mg. It is not necessary to increase the dosage beyond 25mg per day. The supplement should be taken daily. It is an oral supplement available in two forms, liquid, and capsule. Since the half-life of the compound is four to six hours, it is better to break the daily dose into two and take it once in the morning and then eight hours or so after. Some people go for the full daily dose at once. It may work for certain users. There is no stringent rule pertaining to splitting the dose. Users can also follow the instructions on the label as recommended by the manufacturer. The cycle of Ibutamoren should be two months or a bit longer. It is not necessary to take the supplement for three months.

How to Stack Ibutamoren with other SARMs?

Ibutamoren can be stacked with Testolone. RAD-140 or Testolone can complement the effects of Ibutamoren. Users can experience better growth of muscles and faster weight loss in the form of fats and not lean mass. Those who stack Ibutamoren with Testolone should balance the dose. It is not recommended to take Testolone for longer than twelve weeks. Ibutamoren can also be stacked with Ligandrol.


Ibutamoren is an effective supplement. It boosts growth hormone and can help with muscle gain. It causes weight loss. The recommended dose and cycle should be abided by.

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