Gynectrol Revealed: A Great product to fight Man Boobs

Gynectrol Review

Gynectrol is a remarkable natural based supplement offered by Crazybulk for men with abnormally oversized breasts or boobs. If you are affected by a condition known as gynecomastia or pseudogynaecomastia, you will experience abnormally enlarged breasts which can be psychologically depressing.

As well as impeding your sexual functioning, it makes you appear feminine, thus undermining your masculine identity and self-esteem. To know how men’s boobs can be treated, we have to understand that it is caused by a wrong balance in the body hormones. Both men and women produce male and female hormones in different amounts but with a balance specific to their sex.  When men produce more estrogen (female hormone) than testosterone (male hormone), they develop female characteristics such as men boobs. This results in an unpleasant aesthetic look to a man that can trigger deep psychological damage.

 The good news is that Crazybulk has formulated Gynectrol as a solution to this problem, which it addresses quite effectively.  It has the advantage of being backed by solid science as well as numerous cases of satisfied customers who have benefited from it.   

History of the manufacturer

Crazybulk has a great history of manufacturing high-quality products that have garnered it a good reputation.  Its range of products, all natural based, focus on three main areas, bulking, cutting, and strength. Its Gynectrol supplement adds to this product range as a fat eliminator specifically for the breasts and upper body parts. Crazybulk’s customer satisfaction stands at an all-time high. This is supported by its statistics of more than 300,000 purchases made, more than 500,000 bottles sold and more than 31 million pills taken. Positive testimonials over the years by customers also reinforce the credibility in the company’s products.


Gynectrol’s benefits are probably too many to recount here, but I will highlight the ones that are worth remembering.

Has a firm scientific basis behind it as it is FDA approved. This goes too for its ingredients, which are all natural. This should provide confidence to consumers from a safety perspective.

Is a far safer and more effective alternative to surgery, which was previously the only available treatment option. Even though surgery is still a choice one can go for, Gynectrol has the advantage that it does not involve the invasive procedures that surgery entails and you can avoid the risks that sometimes come from post-surgery complications. Surgery also imposes a downtime in which one has to rest to recover. With Gynectrol, you are not restricted from your normal activities even while you are taking the supplement.

It acts both as a cure and prevention. Gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia are conditions that can recur even after being cured. Gynectrol is thus useful as a deterrent of a repeat episode of the condition.

It’s taken as a pill which cuts out the need for injections, a common approach offered by other alternatives. Most people would take a non-injection path for treating oversized breasts if that was available. The conveniences are obvious.

Gynectrol gives you the additional benefit that it strips out any other fat sitting on your upper body such as the shoulders, the upper abdomen, the stomach, and the back. However, it will not touch anything from your lower abdomen for which you probably need to resort to your normal workout routine.

Just adding to the overall convenience Gynectrol provides, it is prescription free. All you have to do is make your order which is done exclusively online.

Gynectrol not only shrinks away body fat, but it also aids in bulking up your lean muscle.

Gynectrol gives you results in a relatively short time.  Most users indicate visible improvements in about 1 or 1.5 months. Naturally, however, very obese people may have to wait longer for an outcome. At most, you can expect to see positive outcomes by the third month.

Critically, long-term use of Gynectrol has not been linked to any liver or kidney problem, which is a feature of many products that require long term usage.

Crazybulk throws in the added offer that for every third bottle you buy, it is provided free.

In case, you don’t get your desired results, Crazybulk will refund your money after 60 days.

Side effects

Gynectrol is associated with little or no side effects. Even though some people tend to react negatively to caffeine or tea, the caffeine and tea derivatives incorporated in Gynectrol have not been associated with any side effects.  In practice, very few people will have these effects as the wide consumption of tea and coffee demonstrates.


Gynectrol is a legal supplement because it is approved by the legal authorities for use and distribution. The components of Gynectrol are based 100 percent on natural ingredients with no synthetic or artificial parts.

Gynectrol is formulated with the following ingredients whose combination is responsible for its unique and quite effective performance.

  • Caffeine

this component which is mainly concerned with enhancing alertness also doubles as a fat burner

  • Chromium

this adds to the fat burning role of caffeine. It also tends to help in adding muscle bulk and reduce a wasted appearance. This can be particularly enhanced on your chest.

  • Green tea extracts

At 125mg included in the formula, this optimizes your fat to healthy levels by accelerating the burning of fat.  But in combination with proper diet and exercise, it makes a potent weapon against fat.

  • Theobromine cacao

Derived from the cocoa tree and usually used to produce chocolate. Cacao is known to be a great fat killer, especially when complemented with exercise and healthy eating. It also has a prominent role in pushing up testosterone back to its proper levels in men.

Sclareolides seed extracts a powerful ingredient that promotes the production of lean muscle. It cuts out fat so making a potent combination with chromium and caffeine in this function.  They also actually boost testosterone levels, which prevents or eliminates the problem of men’s boobs, which is linked to too much estrogen (female hormone) and too little testosterone (male hormones). This extract also controls blood pressure to healthy levels.

  • Guggulsterone

By activating the thyroid gland, this ingredient accelerates metabolism, adding yet another avenue for fat burning like the previous ingredients. It strips down cholesterol to low levels, thus making Guggulsterone, a useful component to combat obesity.


For each bottle which lasts a month, Crazybulk charges $61.99. However, don’t forget that there’s an offer in which each third bottle you buy comes free. So that gives you a more accurate picture of the price. Taking this into account, it actually works out to an average price of $41.32 per month. Crazybulk bumps this even further with another offer that if you buy four bottles, you get two free ones! That saves you even more money, working out to $30.99 per month.

Overall, given the potentially risky and expensive alternative of surgery, Gynectrol prices are quite decent.

However, if you buy Gynectrol, you can only do so from the internet through Crazybulk’s official website.


Crazybulk packs Gynectrol in bottles, with each holding 60 capsules. Users should be over 18, and the correct dosage should be 2 capsules each day.  Exceeding this limit is associated with adverse results and is not recommended. This regimen means that the complete course can take roughly one month unless you need to reorder if your results are not complete.

Also, ensure that each time you take Gynectrol, you do so about 20 minutes prior to breakfast.

It is also meant for men only. Women, minors, as well as people with health issues, are discouraged from using this supplement.

Note that Crazybulk cautions that this supplement is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice.  If you have any prior serious medical condition, you should consult a doctor before you use Gynectrol. Also, Gynectrol cannot be relied on to produce results without adhering to diet and exercise.


Gynectrol represents a valuable addition to approaches for curing men’s boobs. It is a natural remedy, often proving better to other solutions provided even by conventional medicine standards.  It is proven to eliminate unwanted fat deposits in men’s breasts. But its quick and effective capacity to strip out the unsightly fat in abnormally enlarged male breasts makes it an irresistible option for treating the condition. Not only does it do so, but it does it in a completely targeted way, focusing on the upper side of the body. That means not just your breast’s excess fat is removed but also any other deposits on your upper body.

If you have man’s boobs or embarrassingly large breasts, Gynectrol is a great product that will resolve your problem at a reasonable price. Nothing like it exists in the market for this kind of problem.