Pramiracetam Review: Is this the Ultimate chemical for smartness?

We all need intelligence and intellectual ability to function properly as human beings. Yet this intelligence can go lacking at the worst times when you need it most. At such times, even all the willpower in the world may not save you.

You may find yourself agreeing that you need outside help. This is where a racetam compound like Pramiracetam comes in. Can this smart molecule, famed for its incredible potency to give you amazing brain power pull you out of your embarrassment?

Read on to find out more about this molecule and whether it can help you stay a lot less dumb at your mental chores.


Park-Davis & Co, a division of Warner-Lambert, first came up with Pramiracetam in 1979. Its original brand name was Pramister. Park-Davis then held the spot as the largest US pharmaceutical firm.

Today this racetam product is owned by the giant pharmaceutical firm, Pfizer after Warner-Lambert merged with it in 2000.

The product is sold in some parts of Europe under the brand names of Remen, Neupramir, and Pramister. It is available as a prescription drug and is used to treat various illnesses.


What are the benefits of Pramiracetam? The benefits of Pramiracetam have been found to consist of the following:

  • Improve your memory

researchers have tried to improve the memory of older people in three ways: providing Pramiracetam, providing memory training, and doing nothing at all. Those who received Pramiracetam showed greater memory enhancement than the others. These benefits extended to younger people who had a brain injury. Both their long and short-term memories were improved, and these benefits persisted for one more month after they stopped using the drug.

  • Can prevent or reverse amnesia

the drug can also help people regardless of age to recover lost memory or reduce the rate of memory loss. This was confirmed in one study that investigated the effect of the drug on people who had taken scopolamine, a drug that induces temporary memory loss. Even though similar results can be got with Piracetam, Pramiracetam delivers even stronger results. Its role is also preventative as well. Rats pretreated with it experienced less amnesia when exposed to substances that cause amnesia like hemicholinium-3.

  • Can help you recover from brain injuries

both mild and serious brain injury patients benefited from this drug. For example, those with mild injuries got faster relief from headache, nausea, and dizziness compared with using Piracetam.  Their sense of orientation and feelings of well-being was also improved. Those with severe head injury recovered their memory after using the supplement for six weeks

  • Improving memory decline caused by less blood supply

you can lose your memory when arterial blood supply to your brain is cut off. Patients suffering from this condition, called chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, have benefited from the drug which reduced their memory decline

  • Great study aid

for those with academic pursuits, this nootropic can help to get you through much easier and faster with the study. Both working and spatial memory is enhanced. Doing tests also become more effective as users can take advantage of enhanced memory and faster recall

These benefit should not be taken as a substitute for doing your actual study. 

Side effects

You must be wondering, with such amazing benefits that Pramiracetam gives, what are the downsides?

Well, you will be surprised that very few side effects have been noted from using Pramiracetam in trials. This was regardless of the doses used, whether on higher or lower sides.

However, some users have pointed out a few side effects, such as:

  • Headache
  • Dizzinessinsomnia
  • Ingredients

Pramiracetam is a compound that is made from Piracetam, which is also a  racetam like itself.

Even though both Pramiracetam and Piracetam are cognitive enhancers, Pramiracetam is incredibly much more potent than the latter.

One experiment with rats showed that the rats were able to recognize objects better when treated with Pramiracetam. In fact, to get this same effect with Piracetam, you needed 13 times more of it, which means that very little doses of  Pramiracetam can have very powerful results.


Pramiracetam can come in the form of capsules, tablets, or powder.

You don’t want to touch the powder though; its taste is so awful you may not stand it

Clinical trials have shown that 1200 mg daily is an effective dose, taken in three splits of 600 mg each or four splits of 400 mg each.

However, the ideal dosage can vary between individuals. The following guide gives an idea of where you could fit in;

  • Low – 150 to 200 mg
  • Moderate – 200 to 350 mg
  • High – 350 to 500 mg

If you are a newbie and just starting out, you should start even lower with 50 gm per day. You can then gradually increase the dose to see what your body is comfortable with.

All the dosages I have cited above should be taken once or twice per day. That ensures the supplement stays in your body longer to provide the benefits.

Excellent results can also be achieved by stacking the compound with a choline source. Examples are alpha-GPC or citicoline. This is important because many racetams tend to reduce acetylcholine concentration in the brain.

Actually, Pramiracetam is quite potent when used on its own, but interestingly it has an enhancing effect on the other nootropics it is stacked with.

Because of its incredible potency newbies are advised to try it on its own when starting.

Action of Pramiracetam

How does Pramiracetam accomplish its remarkable results? Nailing down all the intricacies of how this drug works to gets these results will never be an easy thing. But here is a peep into what researchers have so far managed to gather 

Acetylcholine (ACh): if you want to get good at learning and memory, better have this neurotransmitter ready. But to get it, you need choline as a raw material to build it up. The brain cells need to absorb them, but this process can range from poor to ideal.  Fortunately, Pramiracetam can dramatically increase the uptake of choline by 37% as one study with rats showed. That can increase ACh levels too as well as their action of supporting memory and learning

The drug not only aids increased choline uptake, but it also prevents processes that lower choline levels in the brain. In rat studies, the drug maintained choline at high levels even when the rats were given scopolamine, a compound that strips the brain of its choline content.

This racetam drug also showed the key ability to ramp up nitric oxide levels in the brain. Nitric oxide is a compound that is well known for its role in improving blood supply. This supports memory and learning processes in the brain

Understanding the drug’s action also needs us to know what can inhibit its mechanism. Researchers found that when you removed the adrenal glands, the drug was no longer effective in improving memory. The adrenal gland is involved in producing its own hormones, for example, adrenaline.

This suggests that Pramiracetam can only work with the presence of adrenal hormones. This is a property it actually shares with all other racetams, such as Piracetam

Crucially as well, the drug can’t do its work either if the adrenal hormones called aldosterone and corticosterone were maintained at high levels. In rat models, the effects of memory enhancement tapered off as you increased the dose of these hormones beyond a certain level

Other nootropics act only on specific neuro-receptors In contrast to other nootropics, this compound acts on all neuro-receptors.  It also acts on the hippocampus, the section of the brain that controls memory and recall.

Price and availability

This nootropic is a bit more expensive because it is not an easy job synthesizing it compared with other racetams.


  • Rated as one of the most powerful cognitive enhancers
  • Is non-addictive and has few bad side effects
  • Has no prescription need in the US, Australia or Canada
  • Many positive user reviews who confirm its efficacy
  • Easily absorbed into the bloodstream compared with other nootropics
  • Acts relatively fast, within 30 minutes of taking it


  • Few human studies have been done. Most findings are based on animal studies
  • The powder form tastes very bad
  • Some users complained that it made them operate very logically but without sensitivity to social interactions
  • More expensive than  other nootropics
  • Not yet shown to help patients with Alzheimers’s disease


Pramiracetam is quite simply a remarkable molecule that packs incredible potency to give you unimaginable mental suppleness. It’s one reason why students cramming for an exam or writing a complicated thesis paper have used it to gain an unfair advantage.

While it can give you these lightning-fast thinking abilities, it is also nice to know that its side effects are in fact rare.

This is one of the more expensive nootropics that you will find, but it also brings more benefits.

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