Yellow Kratom: Benefits & Side Effects Reviewed in 2019

The complete guide to Yellow Kratom

The naming of Kratom strains usually contains two key factors; the native area from which the strain is coming from and the color of the veins and the stem of the Kratom tree from which it is extracted. Based on this information, the most popular Kratom strains usually go by the names, red, green, and white. Not a lot of people are aware that there is actually another set of Kratom strains of the color Yellow. The fact that these strains are very rare to come by doesn’t help either.

yellow kratom

Yellow Kratom is not a widely available strain of Kratom, but it is a very potent one. It is sometimes compared to the green Kratom family, and this is not just based on the sort of effects that it yields but also on how effective it is in dealing with various issues such as pain, focus/concentration difficulties, and mood swings among others. However, not all yellow Kratom strains yield the same effects. There are different strains of Yellow Kratom, and each one of them has a unique composition of alkaloids, which will affect the user’s experience. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of all the yellow Kratom strains so that you can make an informed decision on which strain you are going to use.

Where does Yellow Kratom come from?

The different yellow Kratom strains come from different parts of the world. Some are native from Bali, Malaysia, Borneo while others come from Vietnam. Even though they are not from the same area, they do share a lot of similarities, but you can still expect to see notable differences in the effects produced moving from one strain to the next.

One interesting thing that people are always wondering about is where exactly does the yellow hue come from? Several theories have tried to explain this, and unfortunately, some of them are not true. For instance, some people explain that it could be due to the mixture of all the three main strains which results in the yellow strain while some say that it is extracted from older Kratom strains. However, the real reason behind the yellow tint is on the drying method employed while preparing this strain. These techniques usually end up altering the composition of alkaloids in the strains, causing a change in its color and also the effects it produces.

Types of yellow Kratom

Yellow Sumatra Kratom

Yellow Sumatra Kratom is perhaps the rarest yellow vein strain to find. The reasons for that are really simple: one; the strain is extracted from Sumatra Kratom leaves whose trees are very limited. Secondly; the production of high-quality yellow Sumatra Kratom involves a process known as photo-oxidation, which can be very complicated and takes even more than 20 days to be completed. 

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this strain, you will enjoy a wide array of benefits. These include:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased energy levels
  • Mood elevation
  • Mild euphoria
  • Moderate stimulation
  • An improved sense of well-being

As a bonus, you’ll probably like the distinct aroma of the Yellow Sumatra Kratom.

Yellow Hulu Kapuas

If you are in the market looking for an excellent natural relaxant, then you need not look any further than the Yellow Hulu Kapuas. This is one of the bestselling Kratom powders today. It comes from the shores of Kapuas River in Malaysia.

Yellow Hulu Kapuas can be used to deal with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Lethargy

It’s vital to note that Yellow Hulu Kapuas is a mild stimulant and that’s how it can replace your morning cup of coffee to give you the fuel you need throughout the day. Unfortunately, as a stimulant, excessive consumption of the strain also results in side effects, which can get really ugly.

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Yellow Indo Kratom

Indonesia is one of the biggest growers of different Kratom strains. They have the perfect weather conditions, and after centuries of utilizing these trees, they also have the right techniques and experts to extract and produce with the most potent Kratom strains. The Yellow Indo is one of such.

Yellow Indo can be used as a:

  • Pain reliever
  • Treatment for anxiety
  • Mild stimulant
  • To induce calmness

A good number of users have also reported experiencing an increased feeling of empathy and compassion, while others reported a sense of euphoria.

The exact effects that you will witness will depend on how much of the strain you are consuming. At low and moderate doses of below 7 grams, Yellow Indo works as a decent pain and anxiety reliever with a moderate touch of stimulation. However, higher doses can result in some of the other effects which can get intense as you continue to increase the dose.

Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom comes from Thailand. This strain is particularly popular for its analgesic properties. It has been used for centuries as a pain killer, and what makes it stand out is its ability to deal with different types of pain.

In low doses, Yellow Thai also works like a stimulant where it will boost the user’s mental awareness and increase their energy levels. When the doses get too high, it tends to become quite euphoric. If euphoria is what you’re after, well and good; however, if you are just trying to spike your energy levels, then you need to stay keen on the doses lest you end up feeling euphoric in the middle of a professional meeting.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is the most powerful yellow Kratom strain in the market. It is believed to be 25% more concentrated as compared to the other yellow vein strains available today. We also see the potency of this strain from the recommended dosages which are a mere 2-3 grams, yet they yield better results as compared to some of the other strains that have to be consumed two or three times more.

Yellow Vietnam can be of benefit in various ways:

  • Enhancing concentration and focus
  • Mood elevation
  • Relaxation
  • Pain killer

You can readjust the dose of Yellow Vietnam between 1 to 3grams to get the relevant effects you are looking for. Most people typically find 2 grams to be sufficient, but seasoned Kratom users can take up to 3 grams. Meanwhile, new users ought to start at 1grams and monitor their reactions to the strain before they can revise the doses upwards.

Yellow Kratom Dosage Guideline

The thing about Kratom strains is that they react differently moving from one user to the next. A strain could be useful for a particular purpose, but the doses required to achieve that effect will depend on the unique biochemistry of the user.

In addition to that, a single strain of Kratom could have several effects, but the specific effect a user will witness will depend on how much of the strain is consumed.

In summary, every user has to go through trial and error before coming up with the perfect sweet spot. However, the range of dosage experimentation will vary depending on how potent the strain in question is. For instance, when you are dealing with a powerful strain such as yellow Vietnam, 2 to 3 grams is the maximum recommended dosage even for the experts. On the other hand, the less concentrated strains such as Yellow Indo leave more room for experimentation as some users are known to take up to 10 grams.

The bottom line here is that you must look for a dose that will work with your unique case, but while doing so, make sure that you remain within the safe parameters.

Final Thoughts

Yellow Kratom may not be as popular as the other three strains but by no means is it any inferior. You can still benefit big from these strains; the only issue you may face is getting them. Check out our recommended Kratom stores today for some of the most potent and pure Yellow Kratom strains that have demonstrated exceptional results with a very low incidence rate of adverse reactions.

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