White Horn Kratom Review 2019: Benefits & Side Effects

An overview of White Horn Kratom

White Horn Kratom is unlike most of the other Kratom strains in the market. This relatively new Kratom strain is very hard to come by. Very few suppliers stock it, and some people even confuse it with White Maeng Da, but the truth is that the two are completely different. Also, unlike all the other strains which are named according to where they come from, White Horn Kratom’s name shows just the shape of the leaves it is extracted from i.e., horn-shaped leaves of certain Kratom trees. And as of the “white” part, this represents the colors of the veins and the stem of the leaves from which the strain is extracted from. The Borneo Island region of Indonesia is home to the most potent White Horn Kratom strains you can find.

White Horn Kratom may be very rare to find, but it’s definitely in your best interest to try and get it if you are looking for an energizing Kratom strain. It is one of the most energizing Kratom strains in the market, and some people even argue that it is outright the best for this purpose. But how clean is the energy from this strain? Past experiences have shown us that lots of compounds can get us the energy we need, but the problem has always been on adverse reactions since most of them are usually hard stimulants. Looking at White Horn Kratom, the strain also delivers the necessary energy by working as a stimulant. The good news here is that you are always in control of how much of the strain you are consuming. This means that you also have control over the side effects that you might experience. Therefore, if you use White Horn Kratom properly, you will get all the benefits you need while keeping the typical adverse reactions associated with stimulants at bay.

What are the Effects of White Horn Kratom?

Boosts Energy Levels

As we’ve already established, White Horn Kratom is perhaps the best in class as far as boosting energy goes. This strain is known to effectively tackle issues to do with lethargy and overall bodily weakness. This explains why a good number of Kratom users rely on this particular strain as their daily fuel. Whether you are a professional or even a student, you will find the extra juice from White Horn Kratom very useful in getting your tasks done properly and in time.

Natural Stimulant

White Horn Kratom is a natural stimulant that will help you with more than just energy levels. Users of this strain have reported experiencing significant improvements in how they feel mentally. It relives the feelings of pessimism and stress. Some reports even suggest that it can enhance the user’s confidence. With a positive mental state plus high energy levels, White Horn Kratom users will find their everyday tasks much easier to undertake, and this is more reason why the strain is a decent option for kick-starting your day.

Elevates Mood

It’s very easy for your entire day to be messed up with mood swings and other similar feelings. This will not just make you feel stressed and dissatisfied the whole day, but it can also affect your overall productivity. 

All white vein Kratom strains are known to have a positive effect on mood, and the White Horn Kratom is no different. Consuming this strain will calm your nerves down, elevate your mood, and boost your self-control.

Delivers Nootropic Effects

White Horn Kratom also delivers nootropic benefits to the user. This is thanks to the wide range of alkaloids present in the strains which interact with the brain to improve its performance.

Although it might not be as well-studied as most of the pharmaceutical grade nootropics available in the market, it is much safer to the system since it’s a natural nootropic. For that reason, most users would prefer using White Horn Kratom rather than chemical nootropics plus users will also benefit in other ways as described above.

Causes Euphoria

When used in excess, White Horn Kratom can become euphoric. This can be viewed as both a negative and positive thing depending on what you are looking for. If indeed euphoria is what you are after, then White Horn can give you just that, but you will have to take it in excess. Unfortunately, in doing so, you will also be putting yourself at risk of other adverse reactions.

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What are the Side Effects of White Horn Kratom?

As with all other Kratom strains, White Horn Kratom also comes with its own share of adverse reactions. Being a natural stimulant, there are also concerns that it causes the same adverse reactions that are common among other regular stimulants. The bad news is that yes, such side effects are a possibility, but the good news is that it is a natural stimulant and the risk of these effects remains pretty low until you start abusing the strain. At that point, you risk experiencing:

  • Vision issues
  • Jittery
  • Sweating
  • Wobbles

Taking White Horn Kratom in excess can also have a euphoric effect. This could cause major problems, especially if you were taking the strain to supplement your energy levels only for you to end up feeling “high” while at work or in an exam room. You must, therefore, remain very cautious on how you are taking the strain.

White Horn Kratom Dosage

Just because it’s a natural stimulant doesn’t mean that you should underestimate it. You must always remain vigilant of how your body is reacting to the strain and making sure that you get the best benefits free from medical complications, you are advised to keep the doses low.

If you are a new Kratom user, you can start with around 2-4grams. This is usually enough to introduce Kratom to your system while keeping you safe. At these doses, you can expect a subtle increase in energy levels, mood enhancement, and a spike in your motivation. Bear in mind that sometimes the results noticed at these doses can be more than enough for some users, and hence there won’t be any point in increasing the doses further. However, if you are looking for a bigger impact, you can increase the dose gradually and go as high as 8 grams. At this point, all the effects will be hitting you at full force, and the risk of adverse reactions is also worryingly high. Experienced Kratom users usually have no issues consuming such high doses of White Horn Kratom, but for the beginner and intermediate users, doses of between 2-6grams are normally enough.

Final Thoughts

White Horn Kratom is an incredible natural stimulant with immense benefits. The truth, however, is that it is still a stimulant, which means that you need to be very careful about how you are taking it. If you feel like your body is not responding well, you can reduce the dose, and if you’re still worried, then you can stop taking it altogether.

The rarity of White Horn Kratom has also resulted in the introduction of other Kratom leaves as White Horn Kratom. This is an issue linked to a good number of online Kratom vendors. Therefore, make sure that you are sourcing your supply from a trusted vendor to avoid consuming some regular leaves in the name of White Horn Kratom.

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