White Borneo Kratom Review: Your ultimate answer to stimulation and focus?

White Borneo Kratom: The Complete Guide

Are you looking for a powerful energy boost or a way to increase your mental focus? Or are you feeling down and blue and in need to infuse some cheer into your spirit? Many people are talking about White Borneo Kratom as a great way to achieve these things.

This herb which thrives in South Asia where it is cultivated is now available in western markets as capsules or powder. It has now become highly popular as solutions to many physical and emotional conditions. Read on to find out more about this kratom strain, it’s benefits, side effects and how you can best use it.


Kratom is a coffee-related species whose use as herbal medicine can be traced back to thousands of years among the people of the tropical regions of Indonesia and other southeast Asian regions. Hardly known outside this region, the locals used it for many ailments such as for treating pain, stress, fatigue or combatting depression. To get at its properties, they chewed, smoked, boiled, or took it in their tea.

The beauty of kratom is that they come in a variety of strains, each of which holds special properties and benefits for you.


What are the benefits of White Borneo Kratom? The benefits of White Kratom are the following:

  • Heightened concentration and focus – it elevates your concentration and level of alertness
  • Energy boost – if you are looking for a stimulant that delivers clean energy, White Borneo ranks with the best of them as a solution. Most stimulants tend to offer effects similar to coffee. The caffeine in coffee can give you a tremendous boost of energy to take you through the day. Unfortunately, the aftermath of it is a headache and jitteriness. However, when used properly as recommended, White Borneo Kratom can deliver the same effect of daylong energy but without the downsides of the jitters.
  • Euphoria – its chemical makeup is also suited to give some euphoria.
  • Motivation – Perhaps you don’t have any specific illness troubling you, but you just feel low and unmotivated without enough drive. This can mean you failing to reach your potential. White Borneo can fire you up and ignite a desire to engage and push you towards your goals. It helps to keep your passions high so that you can do things that you otherwise would not have been able to do.
  • Tackling complex mental tasks – This drug has benefited many people among those involved in performing brain work. Students and skilled professionals may benefit because of the high levels of mental alertness and accuracy of execution, which is needed.
  • Your problem-solving abilities will also be enhanced, and it has also been linked to boosting memory. Though no scientific study has established this, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from users pointing to these benefits. Even though 
  • White Borneo falls short of the nootropics in empowering you mentally and cognitively; it’s an excellent choice when you consider that it is a natural and gentler solution that helps you avoid the harsh side effects.
  • Calming effect

If you are in a nervous wreck or feel somewhat jumpy, White Kratom can help you relax and calm down.

Side effects

White Borneo has far fewer side effects, especially when you take other strains into account.


White Borneo’s chemical composition consists of more than 25 alkaloids, each unique for the benefits they provide. Chief among them are the heavy hitters such as

  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Ajmalicine
  • Speciogynine

These components are what give White Borneo the potent stimulating effects on the body.

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Want to know what dosage is right across the board? That won’t be possible because the right dosage differs with each person. Individual vitals like your weight, tolerance, etc. each play a part in determining your dosage. Your specific goals are also additional factors. Are you looking to increase focus, increase your energy, or get into the euphoric element?  So here is my rough take on how your dosage should look at after taking account of all these factors.

  • New users should try going with between 1 gm to 2 gm of kratom. Stick with that level for a few days will help you probe what your body can take and be comfortable with.
  • Veterans with experience with kratom should go with between 3 gm and 6 gm to achieve an energy boost.
  • If you are looking for a high stimulation effect or lifting your mood, 3 gm to 6 gm is ideal for you.
  • To get a more relaxing effect; however, you need a higher White Borneo dose of about 9 gm. Along with mild pain relief, this gives you a potent sedative effect. Keep in mind that White Kratom is not your best choice if you are looking for a strong pain reliever. In general, the kratom reds are the Kratoms that excel in pain relief while among the whites, you may have to go for White Maeng Da as a compromise.

How do you take your white kratom?

This may seem like an incidental matter, but how you take your kratom can have advantages or disadvantages depending on how you choose to take it.

  • The number one option for most people taking oral drugs is simply to toss it to the back of your throat and wash it down with some water or other preferred drink. But kratom powder tastes so awful that you may not like this method!
  • However, there is also a capsule option that some suppliers have thoughtfully come up with to help you navigate this unpalatable dilemma.
  • Another option is to take kratom along with your food or mixed with yogurt.

Price and availability

You can get your purchase of White Borneo from quite a handful of online vendors. However, you want to settle for nothing but high-quality kratom, and this is not always a guarantee in a market that is not regulated.

Ensure your vendor is a trusted supplier who stocks a high purity product. Reviews from other users who have researched the product can give you some good clues. Some vendors also give you additional guarantees, such as third party testing.

Since white Borneo Kratom also comes in either powder or capsule format, you have a choice of selecting your supplier based on which of these options they offer.

Kratom is legal in the US, although local counties such as Saratoga County of Florida have passed laws against it.

Mixing White Kratom and other Kratom strains?

Is it possible to get the best of both worlds by blending white Borneo with other strains?

Some users have reported great and satisfying results from combining Red Krstom and White Borneo. Here is a look at some of them.

White Borneo excels in sedative effects, but if you also want to keep a strong mental focus to do energetic physical or mental tasks, you can combine with Red vein strains which are more stimulating.

How does White Borneo Kratom stack up against other white Kratoms?

Since they are from the same general family, White Borneo Kratom along with all the other White Kratom strains share the same properties. Yet White Borneo has some distinctions that make it stand out from its peers. Its effects tend to be more powerful as well as long-lasting. It also excels at stimulation and mood-boosting. It doesn’t do as well when it comes to pain relief or sedative effects. If you are seeking for relaxation but balanced with some stimulating effects, you may want another strain like the White Hulu Kapuas.

Popular white kratom strains VS White Vein Borneo

One of the most popular white kratoms strains other than white Borneo is White  Maeng Da. The two strains go toe-to-toe on many benefits, but they are also different in other ways.

White Maeng Da’s benefits are more comprehensive than White Borneo as it is more all-rounded. White Maeng Da beats White Borneo when it comes to pain relief. However, you may need to consider that White Borneo’s stimulation effects take longer to wear off, despite White Maeng Da being more potent.

Both of these strains boast great potencies making them very popular, but Maeng Da outweighs White Borneo in overall terms, making it a better preference among white kratom users.


  • Provides stimulation
  • No energy crash or jitters  as you would get from a coffee stimulation
  • Makes you cheerful and can combat depression


  • Leas pain-relieving ability than other kratom strains e.g., Maeng Da Kratom


White Borneo Kratom is one of the best kratom strains if you are seeking energy, better mental clarity, and mood enhancement. Even though these benefits can come from other White Kratom strains in general, White Borneo is nearly unmatched in this. It also excels above its peers in this white kratom family in fighting depression.

If you want powerful results that last longer, your answer may lie in White Borneo which gives effects that typically last for hours or even daylong.

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