The Best Kratom vendors to Buy from in 2019

An introduction to the Best Kratom vendors

You have heard all the fascinating news about Kratom. So you thought it was about time you got a piece of the action and enjoy some of those awesome benefits. When you step out to buy your Kratom, you are immediately faced with dozens of sites all gunning for your attention. The worst thing about all of this?

Most of them are peddlers of fake kratom products, including ones that won’t get you an ounce of good from or some which are plain toxic.

This is confusing, isn’t it? So you step back from all this to catch your breath again. Yes, there must be a better way of going about all this which you should have thought of before ever stepping out to look for your Kratom. Fortunately, I am about to tell you about it so that you will never have to regret it again when going next to shop your best kratom vendors.

Kratom origin determines its quality

Kratom is a special plant grown in South East Asia. It is a highly sought product valued for its range of benefits such as pain relief, energy, nootropic effects, and relaxation. However, it’s hard to grow or obtain high-quality Kratom from anywhere else. For this reason, the South East Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia are the world’s only source of high-quality Kratom. This is because of the region’s unique climatic conditions as well as the soil quality.

Over hundreds of years, Kratom farmers have also developed extensive knowledge of cultivating, harvesting, and processing Kratom. This adds to the quality of Kratom, and this is why good reputable Kratom vendors strive to work with the local farmers to reap from this ancient and valuable knowledge.

How I evaluated my top picks of best Kratom vendors

Product variety – what’s the variety of kratom strains the vendor is offering? A good vendor will strive to stock most, if not all, of the kratom strains, whether red, green, and white. Depending on your preference, you may also want powder, capsule, extract, or tincture Kratom so look into whether the vendor is providing these forms of Kratom.

Product quality – this is the first thing you want to know about your kratom vendor. If the vendor fails on this, it won’t matter how excellent everything else is. So you won’t have to look at anything else the vendor has to offer you. Specifically, you want to know from where your vendor sources its Kratom from.

Price – the price of your kratom product should not be insanely high. It should be affordable, and any price premium should be justified by superior value. On the other hand, watch out if the product is too cheap! It could reflect a substandard product the vendor is trying to get rid of at any price!

Deals and discounts – there is hardly anyone who doesn’t love deals or discounts. So if  the vendor is offering this, it’s a plus in considering buying from them

Shipping policy – this is important to know so that you, the buyer, can gauge how convenient your buying experience will be. Does the vendor ship to your location or not and under what terms?

Customer reviews – you can learn a lot about products from previous users. What are they saying about it in terms of quality and satisfaction? You will find customer reviews on social media and company websites.

Returns and money-back guarantee – does the company provide a money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the product? How do they handle damaged or defective products?

Customer service – how friendly and prompt is the company towards customer inquiries or complaints?

Given these qualities, here are my four picks of the best kratom vendors in the market.

#1. Coastline Kratom

This is one of the most recognizable vendors in the Kratom market. It also happens to be a very popular choice of many Kratom buyers. Based in Florida, USA, Purkratom has won respect as a supplier of high-quality Kratom.

Here is how Purkatom performs on certain benchmarks, earning it a top status.

Kratom variety – With this vendor, you don’t have to worry about getting your favorite Kratom strain as they stock all the highly demanded varieties. These include

  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Bali
  • Red Bali

The company also provides premium versions of Bali, Green Maeng Da, and Red Maeng Da.

Purkratom carries all these kratom strains in the following kratom forms

  • Kratom capsule
  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom capsule  variety pack
  • Kratom powder variety pack

More than 20 different types of Kratom capsules are available. Each standard pack containing the capsules hold 50 capsules. In all, the pack has 28 gm or 1 Oz.

One capsule is packed with about 500 mg of dry kratom powder. The customer can order anything up p to 9 packs at a go. The order can consist of just one strain or different ones.

Customer service – Purkratom also scores high in providing customer care. They are known to be swift and courteous in responding to customer concerns. You can put direct inquiries to them through an online contact form provided on their site.

Shipping – if you want your order to be shipped the same day, make sure to place the order before 3 pm EST. This is for all the days of the week, excluding the weekend. All orders can be shipped for free on First Class Mail. This is regardless of the size of your order. Other shipping options such as Priority or Priority Express are available at a charge.

Product quality -Purkratom gives a good account of itself when it comes to product quality.

They include lab testing for all of their product batches. The test results are displayed on their website so that prospective customers can see them. The test that is done checks for bacterial contamination, which assures that the user’s health is not endangered. This should be reassuring to users following reported incidents in the US where kratom buyers were exposed to salmonella poisoning.

Payment options – these  include

  • Master Visa
  • Discover Network

Customer service – the company has a great and responsive service to customers. There is an online care line dedicated to customers who are active for all days between 9 am and 5 pm except for the weekends. Their number is +1-(800) 985-7429, and you can email them through with your inquiries about price, returns, or orders.

Pricing – Purkratom prices are reasonable, given the high purity products they stock. Also, further reduction of prices is possible through their coupons and discount codes. If you want to save on your orders, all you need to do is grab your coupon code when you make your online order.

Go To Coastline' Website

#2 SNB (Super Natural Botanica)

This kratom vendor based in the New Jersey US is another well-reputed kratom supplier of high purity kratom. They run on 3 major maxims which sum up their business philosophy and approach. Termed as the 3 E’s, these are

  • Ethically sources Kratom
  • Ethically made Kratom
  • Ethically distributed Kratom.

These three core values are the customer’s assurance for product quality, and they have gone a long way to help SNP acquire high recognition among buyers for their quality products.

Product quality – SNP’s resilience in this fiercely competitive kratom market owes much to their insistence on providing quality products. The company has developed linkages for sourcing pure raw materials from South East Asian cultivation points where Kratom is grown under the best conditions. Under the hands of experts, the Kratom is carefully inspected, and every batch is tested before it is accepted for manufacturing. The techniques for converting the raw materials into the finished product of capsule, powder, or tincture is also a perfected process. As a result, customers get full assurance that no product leaving SBP’s factory escapes full testing for purity and quality

Product variety – SNP boasts the widest variety in kratom products. All kratom strains and colors are on offer to meet every need. This covers the range of managing pain, improving mood, or elevating your energy. Moreover, all kratom options are offered, including powder, capsule, extracts, or tincture.

Free coupons and rewards – SNP also provides incentives in terms of coupons and rewards for customers.

#3 Kratora

This kratom vendor makes it into my list of as the final best kratom vendor. The expertise and vast experience of this company are something not are ignored. They specialize in sourcing, manufacturing, and selling the best kratom products based on an organic theme.

Operating from Livermore, California US, the company has built a name as a quality kratom vendor since 2013 when it was established.

Product variety – Kratora makes it quite easy for you by offering Kratom in 25 different varieties. That makes it a single place for all your kratom needs and solutions.

Great Shipping and customer service – Kratora doesn’t just stop at offering you quality products but ensuring that your shopping experience is great and memorable. Their customer service meets high standards arising from their constant attention to customer issues.

Buy kratom from #1 US Supplier

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