At first I wasn’t sure whether I was an appropriate candidate for the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™. I have a very fast metabolism and I’m also slim. However I still wanted to make sure that I was practicing healthy eating habits. This was tough for me to do because I was always hungry and for the most part I was able to avoid gaining weight. Although this may sound like a blessing, I felt like I needed to be even more cautions of the types and amounts of food that I was eating. Because I tended not to pack on extra pounds, I had no way to know when I needed to make necessary changes in my diet. 

I read The Alternate Day Diet and was blown away by its claims to improve health, increase longevity, and prevent disease. I believe that nutrition has such an important effect on health, but I didn’t know exactly why. After reading about the power of the SIRT1 gene and how the UpDayDownDay Diet™ could turn it on, I felt like I had finally found a way to eat that would be beneficial and worthwhile even for someone like me.

Because I was interested in the diet primarily for its health benefits,  I only needed to stay on the restrictive phase of the diet for 2 weeks. The first day was the hardest, but very quickly I noticed a decrease in my appetite. I used to be ravenous all the time, but when I went on the diet I begin to feel that my body was telling me exactly what it needed. After the first 2 weeks you are allowed to eat up to  50 or 60% of what you normally would on Down Days if you are just trying to maintain your weight.  I’ve found it very easy to remain on the diet and I’ve noticed significant improvements in my health, energy levels, and appearance.

Since I have fewer calories to work with on Down Days, I’ve noticed that I want to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, and as many healthy foods as possible in order to make every calorie count. Also, I’ve noticed that my desire for unhealthy foods has decreased on Up Days as well.  But the key to the diet, as Dr. Johnson says, is in the quantity that you eat. By eating less than you normally would every other day, you keep your “rescue gene” turned on. It’s pretty powerful knowing that this gene is fighting against free radicals and inflammation and other harmful things like that. I feel that this is the way that nature intended us to eat, and that following this diet will help me live a long, healthy life.

-A.W., Georgia