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Resveratrol and SIRT1 Gene Activation – Why It Works

The benefits of resveratrol may sound too good to be true, but the source of the molecule's amazing power can be traced to an ancient survival mechanism in the DNA of our human ancestors. SIRT1, known as "the rescue gene," is still in our DNA today but often remains inactive. Resveratrol and calorie restriction are believed to be the two primary methods of activating the gene and unleashing its extraordinary anti-aging and anti-disease properties.

What is SIRT1?

When the SIRT1 gene is activated, it produces proteins that protect cells from inflammation and oxidative stress, two of the primary causes of premature aging and many degenerative diseases. Almost all organisms have a gene that is equivalent to SIRT1. The gene is a defense mechanism, activated by low calorie consumption, that gives cells an extra level of protection during periods of time when they need it the most. The gene is believed to have a profound affect on lifespan, as studies have shown that animals on calorie-restricted diets live, on average, as much as 40 percent longer than those whose calories are not limited.

Several studies since 2003 have shown that resveratrol can mimic many of the positive effects of calorie restriction. High SIRT1 levels appear to be the key to slowing the aging process and living a healthier life, and calorie restriction and resveratrol are the two primary SIRT1 activators.

The Power of eResveratrol™

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that are specifically targeted to prevent or treat specific illnesses and symptoms, resveratrol can offer protection on a cellular level from two of the primary, underlying causes of premature aging and many age-related diseases. Inflammation and oxidative stress result from two natural body processes, the immune response and oxygen metabolism, but nonetheless are harmful and disruptive to healthy cellular activity. SIRT1 protects cells from free radical damage, inhibits inflammatory substances such as NF-kappa B, and lowers nitrotyrosine, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and other measures of inflammation and oxidative stress. With its remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects, SIRT1 can slow the aging process, extend lifespan, and reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases.

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