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James Johnson M.D. – Research and Publications

The creator of the UpDayDownDay Diet™ and the maker of eResveratrol™, James Johnson M.D., has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Medical Hypothesis and Free Radical Biology & Medicine. He is one of the leading researches and proponents of alternate-day calorie restriction and SIRT1 gene activation. His diet and supplements are designed to activate SIRT1, "the rescue gene" that is responsible for protecting cells from free radical damage, inflammation, premature aging, and disease.

Recent Publications

The effect on health of alternate-day calorie restriction: Eating less and more than needed on alternate days prolongs life

By James B. Johnson, Donald R. Laub, and Sujit John, Medical Hypothesis, 2006.

In this article, Dr. Johnson and his colleagues analyze how results from a study in the Spanish medical literature support their hypothesis that alternate-day calorie restriction can promote health and longevity even without weight loss.

Alternate-day calorie restriction improves clinical findings and reduces markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in overweight adults with moderate asthma

By James B. Johnson, Warren Summer, Roy G. Cutler, Bronwen Martin, Dong-Hoon Hyun, Vishwa D. Dixit, Michelle Pearson, Matthew Nassar, Richard Tellejohan, Stuart Maudsley, Olga Carlson, Sujit John, Donald R. Laub, and Mark P. Mattson, Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 2007.

This study, conducted by James Johnson, M.D., and colleagues, shows that alternate-day calorie restriction reduced asthma symptoms in a group of overweight patients while also lowering their measures of inflammation and oxidative stress.

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