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As the creator of the UpDayDownDay Diet™ and the maker of eResveratrol™, Dr. James Johnson is committed to helping individuals improve their health and achieve their weight loss goals. Please fill out the form below to join Dr. Johnson’s mailing list and receive additional information about the UpDayDownDay Diet™ plan and eResveratrol™ via e-mail. To purchase Dr. Johnson’s book, The Alternate-Day Diet, or to order eResveratrol™ supplements, please visit our e-store.

Dr. Johnson developed the UpDayDownDay Diet™ based on scientific research into alternate-day calorie restriction. In addition to promoting weight loss, the diet activates the SIRT1 “rescue” gene that protects cells from inflammation and free radicals. Because the UpDayDownDay Diet™ plan requires you to diet only half the time, or every other day, the diet is easy to follow on a long-term basis. It is a practical, effective solution for those who have experienced diet fatigue on other plans and have found it difficult to adhere to them.

Dr. Johnson’s eResveratrol™ supplements also turn on the SIRT1 gene and are beneficial whether you are on the UpDayDownDay Diet™ plan or not. The anti-aging properties of resveratrol were first discovered in 2003, and ongoing research is being conducted to further identify its remarkable benefits.

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