Learn more about alternate-day calorie restriction and diet strategies by reading Dr. James Johnson's book on the subject, The Alternate-Day Diet.

The Story of The Alternate-Day Diet – the Book that Will Change the Way You Think About Dieting

Having struggled with his own weight throughout much of his adult life, Dr. James Johnson is keenly aware of the challenges involved in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. After witnessing many of his patients experience similar difficulties, Dr. Johnson became determined to find an easier, more effective solution to weight management. His idea for the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™, as described in The Alternate-Day Diet, originated from a study published in 2003 that showed when mice were fed every other day, they enjoyed noteworthy improvements to their health in addition to weight loss.

Dr. Johnson's Epiphany 

Although The Alternate-Day Diet book and the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ have now helped a vast number of people lose weight, the idea came from something as small as a mouse. Dr. Johnson's epiphany occurred as he read about a calorie restriction study at the National Institute on Aging that examined the effects of alternate-day feeding on mice. The results of this study were nothing short of remarkable. The researchers, led by Mark Mattson, discovered that even though the mice that were put on an alternate-day calorie-restricted diet were genetically engineered to gorge every other day, they lived longer, healthier lives than the mice whose calories were restricted every day.

Dr. Johnson quickly realized the profound importance of this discovery. Although daily calorie restriction has been widely recognized in the scientific community for more than 70 years as a legitimate means of losing weight, living longer, and improving one’s overall health, it remains an impractical, if not impossible, solution for people without the willpower to constantly go without their favorite foods. If alternate-day calorie restriction can impart the same benefits, if not greater benefits, than daily calorie restriction, Dr. Johnson realized that he might have found the basis for the solution he had been searching for. 

Further Research

To test the possibility of duplicating these results in humans, Dr. James Johnson conducted a study on the effects of the diet on overweight patients with asthma. Asthma was targeted because it has been linked to obesity and inflammation, and its symptoms are easily monitored. Dr. Johnson's findings, documented in The Alternate-Day Diet, showed that patients who followed the diet experienced a rapid improvement in their asthma symptoms while also losing weight. In addition, their levels of inflammation and oxidative stress –leading causes of age-related illnesses including heart disease­ – were greatly reduced.

The Alternate-Day Diet - Weight Loss is Just the Beginning 

In The Alternate-Day Diet, Dr. James Johnson describes how these dramatic health benefits are too significant to come from weight loss alone, and how he believes they result from the SIRT1 gene, or "rescue gene," as it is turned on during periods of alternate-day fasting. No other diet, including daily calorie restriction, has been shown to have such a profound effect on health. 

Consuming a normal intake on Up Days and a limited intake on Down Days can activate the SIRT1 gene in addition to promoting weight loss. The Alternate-Day Diet discusses what percentage of one’s daily intake should be consumed on Down Days in order to achieve the health and weight loss goals that are desired.

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