UEI kratom: The ultimate kratom experience?

uei kratom

UEI kratom: an introduction

If you have any experience with the kratom world, I would be surprised if you haven’t come across UEI kratom. UEI Kratom isn’t like most kratom products you will find out there because it plays in the top leagues. The truth, however, is that UEI kratom enjoys a status that only belongs to itself. It easily earns itself the label of the gold standard of the kratom strains.

What is this renowned kratom product all about and how good is it for you? Well, let’s just dive in and find out!

What is UEI kratom?

UEI stands for Ultra Enhanced Indonesian Kratom. So, is it Indonesian as the name seems to imply? This need not be.

The actual detailed process of making UEI kratom is a secret art that varies with each vendor. It’s somewhat like a proprietary process which most vendors are keen to keep that way. However, that does not mean we can’t have a pretty good guess of the general outline of the process used to make it. Here is how it looks like

  • First come up with a good soluble extract, which can be either water or alcohol-based. The specific kratom strain you use as the base for making this extract has to be chosen carefully. It can be a bit paradoxical because sometimes an otherwise good kratom can give you a poor quality extract. Likewise, a bad kratom can yield a fantastic extract. So this has to be an exhaustive trial and error process of identifying your ideal kratom.
  • The extract is then dissolved in a liquid which can be polar. If you want to produce an extract with a broader spectrum of effects, you can use a solvent liquid which is a  blend of polar and non-polar.
  • To this first liquid you have obtained, you then add your second kratom strain as the second base. The liquid is then thoroughly mixed and then left to stand for some time. This allows all the liquid to evaporate away. You know this has happened when you notice that the extract is evenly distributed through the second kratom base.
  • One thing to watch out for is the ratio between the extract and the UEI  kratom base. Too high or too low of the extract can affect the quality of the end product, in terms of its potency or spectrum.

Scientific studies show that by using this method, the Indo strains end up having their alkaloid content increased by up to 1500 mg. Optionally, the final product can be rendered even more potent by adding pure extract into the solution.

What you end up with is truly a monster which, while fascinating in its effects, is a no go zone for beginners or even intermediate users.


What are the benefits of UEI kratom? The benefits of UEI kratom can vary depending on the vendor. For example, what Indo strain was included to be the basic component of the extract? Depending on the strain used, whether more or less moderate, you can get varying sedative effects at high doses as well as varying stimulating effects at low doses.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to having from your typical UEI Kratom.

  • Elevates cognitive ability – Struggling with doing some of your brains work? Not surprising, given the many distractions that tend to come your way with the busy modern life. UEI kratom may be your answer for best concentration and cognitive performance. It is considered the next best thing to the nootropics drugs, and with this, you will soon be edging out our peers at work or school!
  • Enhances mood – this extract can be your perfect companion if you want to be in the best of moods. It’s a power to improve your mood can be overwhelming because it can tip over to making you reach euphoric heights. If that is not, you want, you will have to be careful with your doses. While having a buoyant mood can be helpful in the workplace or classroom to support productivity, euphoria will get in the way.
  • Pain reliever – the extract is also one of the most effective solutions for relieving pain. Its high potency is such that it comes second to almost nothing else in this role. UEI kratom deals effectively with all kinds of pain so you can rely on it as a natural solution for all your needs
  • Energy boost – if you want to overcome hurdles in performing hard labor, UEI kratom can make this easy and almost delightful. The extract mirrors caffeine in its energy-boosting power, except that it is more potent. There are various enhanced  UEI kratom strains to choose from, which can give even more dramatic results. This will comfortably provide you with adequate energy to support all your day time activities.
  • Sleep aid – having trouble with sleeping at night? Here is where UEI kratom with its potent relaxing effects can come to the rescue. This extract has enough power to make all your sleep problems go away including insomnia and irregular sleep patterns
  • Sedation – This is attainable at high doses. It’s much more potent at achieving when stacked up against standard Indo strains.

Side effects

UEI Kratom can give you certain side effects such as

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

It’s also important to note that UEI Kratom’s high potency makes it liable to produce many adverse results if it is used incorrectly.


UEI kratom has a unique formulation. The typical makeup of most kratom strains features the alkaloid, mitragynine, which is mainly behind the stimulating effect. UEI kratom, however, differs somewhat from this. It does share with other Kratoms by having more than 40 alkaloids, but the stimulating compound has a lower level. Instead, it is high in 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The effects of this have been compared to morphine which it surpasses in potency. UEI Kratom’s hallmark of delivering powerful sedative effects and cognition elevation is thought to be due to its high content of this compound.


UEI kratom typically combines alkaloids from at least two kratom strains. This can make for a very powerful blend which is estimated to be as much as 20 times stronger than most kratom products.

  • Starter dose 500 mg
  • Beginners 1 gm
  • Standard user 1 gm to 5 gm
  • Expert users 2 gm and above

UEI kratom usually comes in powder form if you buy it from a  vendor. However, you may want to enjoy the benefits of the capsule version since kratom can be excruciatingly bitter and unpalatable. In that case, you can invest a little of your time to make capsules at home for holding the powder.

Price and availability

UEI Kratom, especially the genuine one, isn’t easy to get. Nor is it cheap, if you chance to find it. Strangely the most popular vendors people get their UEI kratom from could be selling a bad quality product. So popularity isn’t necessarily a good indicator of quality. That goes too for which vendors rank high on Google search results.

Originally, reliable quality UEI kratom used to come by imports, but that source soon dried up when word got around that it was laced with opiates. Opiates are banned so they can get you in legal trouble.

Your best bet is to have your product checked for its alkaloid content and proportion. That requires suppliers who can vouch for its source as well as offer testing for the product. That too is a tall order as few suppliers will provide these. One vendor whom you can try however is Buykratom.us.


  • Quite strong compared to other kratom strains
  • Provides energy
  • Great for insomnia
  • Powerful pain reliever


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Using the non-capsule form can cause vomiting 
  • Can be expensive


UEI Kratom isn’t your average kratom product. It’s a very potent option and is best reserved for super veterans. Not even users in the intermediate level should touch it. With UEI kratom, you get a rich blend of some of the most powerful kratom alkaloids which are enhanced to a very high concentration. Even though the effects are similar to the standard kratom strains, they come at a much-enhanced level of potency. Whether it is stimulation, pain relief, or sedation, the effect is multiplied many times over.

Due to its unusually high potency, this is a product you will not want to mess with by abusing or misusing it. For example, it is not advised to use UEI kratom for long as you can quickly build a  tolerance to it. However, UEI kratom is safer than other kratom strains as long as you can get the pure version from a reliable vendor and follow the recommended dosages.

While UEI kratom can give great benefits, its high cost, as well as its tendency to produce tolerance, means you can’t use it too regularly.